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Kivin Method

Couple Try The Kivin Method.

As relationships age, couples must make a good effort to keep their relationship interesting and strengthen their bonds. As sexuality is a crucial part of a long-term relationship or marriage, it is crucial to pay attention to it. One of the ways to spice things up in the bedroom is by trying new things. From introducing sex toys and orals to trying diverse sex positions, there are numerous ways of building sexual excitement for couples.

As regards oral sex, there are several methods to give and receive pleasure between partners. One of the least utilized orals techniques is the Kivin method. It is a different way of performing a clitoral oral than the conventional styles. Eating someone out is not a new thing in this era. However, how you do it has a lot of effect on the pleasure the recipient feels.

If you are looking to spice things up a bit in your relationship, you may want to try the Kivin method. Words are it is one of the best ways to eat a girl out, and a different kind of pleasure is guaranteed. Ready to try it out? Find out what the Kivin technique entails and how to do it in this article.

Kivin Method Explained

The Kivin technique is an oral clitoral stimulation process that involves giving a clitoral oral from the sides. Instead of going in between the receiver's legs to stimulate the vagina, the giver goes from the side under a raised leg to access the vagina. The correct Kivin position should look like a T shape with the giver's body perpendicular to the receiver's.

The receiver may raise one or both knees to help the giver gain better access to their vagina. That position allows the giver access to the vagina from another angle, building a different sort of pleasure in the recipient. Since the giver is stimulating the clit from that position, the motion is usually side to side, which is one of the best tongue motions for eating out.

Note that responses to the Kivin technique may be different from person to person. While some enjoy a heightened pleasure, others feel it is no different from the conventional way of giving orals. Also, while some people would orgasm faster from using the Kivin position, others keep the same climax pace as they would with the normal method.

Kivin Method Tutorial

As you may already know, the Kivin position involves two people- The giver and the receiver. Once you have your partner's consent to try the side oral clitoral stimulation out, proceed to follow the steps below.

  • Assume your positions: Getting the position for Kivin right is as important as stimulating the vagina. Have the receiver lay flat on their back with one or both knees raised. Then, go under a knee to access the vagina.
  • Stimulate the vulva with your tongue: Once you are in a comfortable position, run your tongue over the clitoral hood slowly to build pleasure gradually. You may explore different tongue motions while stimulating the vulva area. Try moving your tongue up and down, then side to side too.
  • Introduce your fingers: While moving your tongue over the clit, slowly run your finger over the vagina entrance. If your partner consents to penetration, slide a finger into the vagina slowly. Slowly eject and insert one or two fingers while you are still licking the clitoris. Then increase the pace gradually to build up pleasure.

The position and the pleasure it gives are what sets the Kivin method apart from the regular methods. For people with a more sensitive vagina, the Kivin technique can land them an orgasm that is off the charts.

Bonus Tips on Eating a Woman Out

Whether you are using the Kivin method or trying out another oral clitoral stimulation technique, how it turns out depends on the way you use your mouth and tongue. The tips below will help you get a series of satisfactory moans from your partner.

  • Always start the stimulation slowly. That way, you allow the receiver to ease into the act. And then, build up pleasure in them.
  • Ask questions as you continue the vagina stimulation process. That will help you know whether you are hitting the spots correctly.
  • You can introduce sex toys like tongue vibrators and clit vibrators. You can also involve other relevant sex toys to spice up the oral process. Sex toys make sexual activities more pleasurable and exciting when you use them.
  • Sometimes, your partner may not speak while you are eating them out. In that case, listen to their moans. You will be able to tell what is really giving them pleasure from the pitch of their moans.
  • Ensure you pay the most attention to that clitoris while licking women. That is the most sensitive part of the vagina. Many people can orgasm from stimulating the vagina alone.
  • If you are going to involve your fingers, ensure your nails are not sharp. Then stimulate the walls of the vagina while fingering.
  • Pay attention to the red flags while eating your partner out. Sometimes you may be doing it wrongly and they don't want to continue. Even if your partner doesn't say it, watch out for their body language and sounds for any signs of discomfort.


No rule states that your sex life has to be boring just because the relationship is long-term. Keep exploring ways to heighten pleasure in the bedroom between you and your partner. Studies have shown that couples that engage in sexual activities last longer than those who don't. Ready to spice up your relationship? Try the Kivin method today! Did you enjoy reading our article on the Kivin method? Then do not pass by our best sex toys reviews. Here you will find a list of exciting sex toys that suits your budget and preference.

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