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There are no limitations when it comes to receiving maximum of kinky pleasures and orgasms. In this case, the more the better and the bigger the merrier. Hereby, some people go for big-size sex toys, like extra-large dildos and real big dildos. And with help of this article you will be able to learn all the necessary aspects required to get a proper huge sex toy.

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What is a large dildo?

There is no doubt that stakes may rise when it comes to reaching brightest orgasms ever. Hence, you need to understand what actually a realistic large dildo means. The answer is pretty simple – a large dildo is the same dildo that you usually can see in stores, but with an increased size. Basically, it has all the same features as the rest of sex toys, except for its size parameters. In case of very large dildo, the size, the circumference and the penetration length are bigger than normal. It may come with a suction cup, without any base, in a form of vibrator or other forms.

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Types and main characteristics

When it comes to super large dildos it is important to understand all the features and characteristics of those massive sex toys in order to ensure safe and pleasant sex games. The following features are listed to improve your general understanding about lardge dildos:

  • Extra-large dildo may come with testicles for extra satisfaction;
  • Suction cup base can be an option for safe hands-free games;
  • Testicles prevent you from unwanted travel, which makes this type of dildos totally safe for anal application;
  • Realistic large dildos may come with a pronounced head for extra stimulation;
  • The size may vary from 11 inches up to 15 inches and more;
  • Certain models may be provided with a lube sachet for an easy penetration;
  • The tip is generally tapered to make the insertion simpler.

large dildo by Nabini Big

Large dildo reviews list down the following types: conventional large dildos, extra-large shafts, huge dildos for anal games, vibrating anal dildos and others. Other characteristics may include the circumference and penetration length variations as well as other specific features for additional excitement. Be wise and don’t be too greedy when selecting the large dildo, because it will influence your dirty pleasures in a long run.

How to choose the best large dildo?

Same as with other sex toys, large dildos have similar factors that you need to consider in order to find the best large dildo for you. The main considerations are as follows:

  • Brand name – make sure you pick the trusted and widely-known brand, which has a clear record of good sales and clean reputation;
  • Size – the bigger, the better, but don’t overestimate your abilities in order to still enjoy your massive sex toy;
  • Material – a very crucial factor, which defines the overall level of your satisfaction;
  • Additional features – vibrating option, real-life texture, specific materials etc.

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Choosing the right size

It is very easy to get tempted by those impressive sizes and massive characteristics. But be careful and reasonable, when dealing with the size of your large dildo. For your reference, everything larger than 9 inches is already considered as really big. But even among large dildos there are specific groups, which you should definitely get familiar with. These are the general options of large dildos:

  • 9-10 in;
  • 10-12 in;
  • 13-15 in;
  • 15-17 in;
  • More than 17 in.

mega large dildo

In addition, those monstrous sex toys have huge circumferences as well, which you should also select according to your preferences:

  • 6-7 in;
  • 8-9 in;
  • 10 in and more.

The big size of the dildo can remain the same along the entire length of the toy or gradually increase from the tip all the way down to the base. It is you call, how big you sex toy is going to be. There are diversified size options both for vaginal and anal sex games. Don’t forget to prepare sufficient amount of lubricant upfront in order to ensure a smooth and joyful filling sensations as well as bright orgasms and unforgettable sensations.

huge dildo

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

When it comes to large toys, the proper material selection plays one of the most important roles. It is generally due to the fact that the large toy can be easily damaged due to bending etc., or else can be not firm enough, which will spoil the entire intimate games process.

The materials selection is very diverse in case of super large dildos and includes the following:

  • PVC;
  • Silicone;
  • Dual density cyber-skin;
  • Jelly;
  • Realistic feel materials;
  • Latex;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Standard Glass;
  • Cyber-glass and others.

pink large dildo

The shape of the super large dildo also matters a lot, because it will be responsible for enhancement of the excitement and overall satisfaction as well. The following shapes can generally be found in most of adult sex toys stores:

  • Conventional (straight shape);
  • Curved shape (for G-spot or prostate stimulation);
  • Shape of a hand (for those, who want to try out fisting);
  • Specific shapes for anal penetration (e.g. butt plugs etc.);
  • Multi-stage shape (for enhanced penetration) and many more.

Besides that, the texture should also be taken into consideration in order to ensure a totally unforgettable pleasure and ultimate satisfaction from the penetration process. The textures may be absolutely smooth, rippled, realistic feel (with veins and folds) and others.

mega black large dildo

How to use a large dildo?

When you are about to start using a large dildo, make sure that you properly prepare. Keep in mind that texture is a very important thing. The material type will define how often you need to clean and wash the dildo, because certain silicone or PVC types may have bigger pores, which tend to get dirty faster.

While using your large dildo, don’t forget to prepare a sufficient amount of lubrication upfront. With help of a properly selected lube even a real big dildo can become a breeze to play with.

In addition, don’t be intimidated, because there are plenty of games you can play with hep of massive sex toys – you can play with the tip only, enjoy rubbing it against your labia or clitoris, or whether you plan to spend a long night inserting the entire thing. Don’t forget to keep your big sex toy dry and clean at all times and store at a room temperature, away from direct rays of sun. In this case your large dildo will serve you for a long time.

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