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If you are an advanced sex toy user, you already know that the size of a dildo matters in most cases. If an average artificial phallus is not enough to achieve maximum please and climax, you need bigger variants. Purchase a large dildo, and it will provide you with overall satisfaction, reaching even the most hard-to-get zones of your body.
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What is Large Dildo?

This is a sex toy that mimics penis in its shape, form and sometimes texture, and is used to perform its functions. But in comparison with usual dildos, these ones are much longer: most items are from 8 to 16, and even 18 inches long! Moreover, they can be at least 1.5 inches wide, and some models are made in the form of a fist, which is challenging even for the most experienced users.
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Such a dildo can be used for anal and vaginal penetration, both solo and couple sex regardless of users’ sexuality. Large dildos online are created to penetrate as strongly as never.

Main Characteristics

There are different variants of large dildos for sale in the Net, and they may have different features and peculiarities.

The vast majority of models are produced from silicone and hard plastic. But you can find metal and glass variations on some sites.
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The best large dildos look very naturally, despite being enormous. They may have slightly curved corpus, balls, head and veins. Their smooth surface and elastic structure brings real-life sensations, imitating a big cock in all details.

Colors can be different: both natural (white and black skin) and exotic, for instance, purple, blue, pink, etc.

Large dildos are minimum 8 inches long, but this is not enough for experienced users in most cases, so you can buy large dildos 10, 12, and 18 inches long. Giant sizes for giant needs!

Want to order such sex toy? Find your ideal dildo in our partner’s site! It offers a huge variety of appliances for sex experiments, and does its best to satisfy all clients’ demands.
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How to Use

Since the sizes of these sex toys are quite big, you need to be careful when applying them. As a rule, huge dildos are more suitable for women after 30, or those who have already gone through childbirth. Why? Because vagina gets more spacious, and uterine tonus decreases, which is why a woman requires stronger penetration with bigger objects. According to large dildo reviews, claim that the more experienced in anal sex you are, the larger simulators can be put in rectum, which provides more satisfaction and richer sensations.
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Even if you are an advanced user, read these recommendations to learn how to use large dildo:

  1. Always apply lubricant on your dildo, especially when you use it for anal sex! Such a huge object can damage vagina and rectum walls, if injected too fiercely.
  2. Don’t inject the toy entirely, if you use it for the first time. Test how it works for you, pushing the dildo forward, if it does not cause pain and discomfort.
  3. Experience unpleasant sensations, skin irritation or pains? Probably, this model is too big for you. You may also try to change position or add more lube.

Remember: if it hurts for several days after the intercourse, you should visit a doctor. Large dildos are not suitable for everybody, and may be dangerous, if used inappropriately.
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How to Choose

Have no experience of buying such sex toys? Then keep in mind the following things when selecting a suitable item.

First and foremost, order large dildos in official stores. Thus, you will be sure in product authenticity and safety.

Don’t aim to choose the longest variant: it does not guarantee total satisfaction and positive sensations. Mind that you should select a dildo according to your own anatomical peculiarities and preferences. Base on your experience, and if you don’t know what exactly is your ideal length, buy an average 9-11 inches dildo.

Searching for a cheap large dildo? Simple straight silicone shafts are exactly what you need! And if you are going to use it for anal sex, select models with restrainers or balls.
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Where to buy Large Dildos?

There are so many online stores offering various sex toys! Where to buy large dildos that will suit your needs perfectly? Our partner’s store is among the best of its kind, because it offers everything what customers want:

  • Reasonable large dildo prices, special offers and sales;
  • Great choice of sex toys;
  • Convenient payment methods;
  • Fast shipping in discreet package;
  • A user-friendly site with simple navigation;
  • Total security of personal information.

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Don’t rush to the nearest sex shop to buy a big toy. There are lots of different giant dildos on the partner’s site, and you will definitely find something suitable. Be sure to get a 100% original, safe and satisfying item. Large dildos are created to please everybody, no matter how much your body needs.
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