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How To Give Lingam Massage?

Benefits Of Lingam Massage.

Lingam is a Sanskrit word meaning “wand of light”. And this translates to the male’s penis. So hence, Lingam massage refers to penis massage. It is also one of the many sacred practices within the world of tantric sex (sex that is aimed at the connection of two souls rather than the chase for orgasm). During penis massage, the penis, testicles, perineum, and prostate are massaged. And that’s why it is also usually referred to as genital massage. The goal of this massage technique is not to cum or reach orgasm, it is to allow your partner to reach ultimate, mind-blowing, toes-curling pleasure. To learn how to perform an out-of-this-world penile massage, keep reading.

Benefits of lingam massage

Before we dive into the sensual massage therapy technique for men, here are some benefits of lingam massage.

  1. Improves sexual experience.
  2. Enhanced ejaculation control.
  3. Reduced risk of chronic genital-related diseases.
  4. Improved sexual stamina.
  5. Curing of premature ejaculation.
  6. Relieves stress.
  7. Enhanced sensitivity of the penis.
  8. Better connection with your partner.
  9. Intense sexual pleasure.
  10. Allows for exploration of the penis and its pleasure points.
  11. Similar to other tantric sex practices, it also helps to heal the body of past trauma.
  12. Increase in sexual libido.

How to give lingam massage?

Finally, into the order of the day. Before you continue, you should know that cock massage is much more than rubbing the penis and the other areas. It is also more than the stimulation of the penile nerves. It is not only a technique or an art, it is also part of sex. So you should invite your creativity and sensuality into the picture before you begin. Don’t grab his dick like it's some wand for an experiment. Grab it like a god and worship its glory. So, with that in mind, let’s start with the things you’ll need.

Things you will need

To give your man an amazing, steamy, hot scrotum massage you’ll need a bunch of things like:

  • Towels. And not one — enough towels.
  • Natural oils for a smooth go. Coconut oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, and almond oil are great options. Tip: warm up the oil and see how things heat up fast.
  • Set the mood with music, candles, closed doors, dim room, and perfumes.
  • Pillows (you’ll need to be comfortable).
  • Optional: Blankets.


The first step is to set the mood by creating a positive, yet sensual environment. Don’t be fooled! It doesn’t have to be in the bedroom alone. Spice things up. You can do it in the kitchen, on the balcony, near or in the pool too. Next, prepare the dick massage oils. You can either mix different oils or use a single kind. And again, remember to warm things up.

Again, before you hit the wand of light, get him to relax. Then connect - talk, stare at each other, and gaze into his eyes. You also don’t have to begin with the penis, the best penis massage begins with the entire body - his head, back, feet, and of course, his thighs too.

Step-by-step guideline

Now it's time to touch the golden globe — his cock. Follow this guideline to the most tantric and sensual male genital massage.

  • Begin by rubbing enough oil on your palm and his penis.
  • Then move on to massaging his lower abdomen, upper thighs, and inner thighs. Move your hands slowly across his skin (emphasizes slowly).
  • Work your way up to his testicles and please be gentle. Touch and caress his perineum (that’s the area between his anus and his testicles).
  • To do step 2 of the lingam massage technique appropriately, use sex toys that can effectively massage and tickle the perineum from the outside. Sex toys generally are a blessing to us because they effortlessly enhance and diversify one’s sex life.
  • From the perineum, move to the bottom of the ever-soft penis shaft and use gentle stroking motions.
  • Next stop in tantra massage for men — the head of his penis.
  • And if your partner allows it, you can reach his P-spot through his anus by using your fingers or a sex toy.

Different stroke types for massaging penis

To give a great sex massage for men, you can use any of the following types of strokes.

  1. Screwdriver: Use one hand to hold the top of his penis and your second hand for the penis base. Then twist (gently) in opposite directions.
  2. Skiing Stroke: Hold the sides of his penis and use your thumb to rub up and down in opposite directions.
  3. Crossed Prayer: Fold in your fingers between each other like you want to pray then put his penis in-between. Use the free thumbs to rub up and down his penis.
  4. Lingam Shiatsu: This tantric massage technique involves our thumbs and index fingers alone. Press one part of his penis gently using these fingers, move up, and repeat the same thing till you get to the top.
  5. Frenulum greeting: Play around the frenulum using your thumb and index fingers.


You should know now how to give a great sensual massage for men. So, if this article was helpful for you, and you wish to spread out your sex life, check out some of our best sex toy reviews. You will most definitely find something that fits your budget and taste.

What is a Lingam Massage?
It is a tantric technique that involves massaging the penis and the other peripheral genital areas. These areas include the testicles, perineum, and prostate. The main goal for lingam massage is to experience pleasure and enjoy the connection between two people.
How to massage the penis?
The first thing to do is to set the mood. Then get the oil ready. After this, massage the other parts of his body to get him to relax. And when you finally grab his wand, be gentle and slow with every touch.
How to cum without touching your dick?
The science behind ejaculation is in the mind and not necessarily in the touch. You can also use the mouth (for blow job) or use sex toys (like fleshlights) to stimulate your penis without touching.
How to give a penis massage?
Rub your hands with enough oil. Use one of the five stroking techniques to massage his penis slowly and gently. Don’t forget to massage other parts of his body like his inner thighs and abdomen.

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