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Long Dildos

Realistic Long Dildo

Different strokes for different folks, right? Everyone has their preferences and personal tastes for almost everything, including sex toys. Dildos come in different sizes, and different people have various preferences about dildo length. For some, it is best at 5 to 7 inches, while others prefer 9 inches and above.

You have cravings for things you want to try in the bedroom, or shower, or on camera. Sometimes, these cravings involve longer dildos than usual, which is perfectly normal. We love fantasies that turn into reality. So, let’s talk a little about long dildos.

Top 10 best Long Dildos in 2022

Products Information Price
QKKQ 17.2 Inch Long Giant Flesh Big Horse Dildo
QKKQ Long Giant Dildo
Material: PVC
Flexibility: Flexible
Circumference: 6.8 cm
Length: 41.9 cm
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
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In-Depth Huge Soft Silicone Pull Bead Anal Dilator
Huge Soft Silicone Dilator
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Firm
Circumference: 8 cm
Insertable Length: 53 cm
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45cm Super Long Realistic Penis Strap On Dildos With Suction Cup
Super Long Realistic Dildo
Material: TPE
Flexibility: Flexible
Circumference: 4.5 cm
Length: 45 cm
Waterproof: Submersible
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Big Long Realistic Strapon Dildos with Strapon Harness Belt
Big Long Dildo with Harness Belt
Material: Silicone
Flexibility: Flexible
Circumference: 4.5-5 cm
Length: 30.5 cm
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big huge horse dildo realistic sex toys for woman
Big Huge Dildo
Material: PVC
Flexibility: Flexible
Circumference: 6.5 cm
Insertable Length: 39.5 cm
Length: 42 cm
Weight: 1100 g
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Super Long Huge Realistic Horse Dildo
Super Long Realistic Dildo
Material: PVC
Circumference: 5.3 cm
Insertable Length: 32 cm
Length: 35 cm
Waterproof: Submersible
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Man Nuo Adjustable Realistic Strap on Dildo
Man Nuo Realistic Strap on Dildo
Material: PVC
Flexibility: Flexibility
Circumference: 5 cm
Insertable Length: 29 cm
Weight: 636 g
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FAAK Large Soft Animal Dildo With Suction Cup
Large Soft Dildo
Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 20 cm
Waterproof: Submersible
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Big Dildo with Suction Cup Dildo Realistic
Big Dildo with Suction Cup
Material: PVC
Circumference: 2 cm
Length: 47 cm
Features: Suction Cup
Waterproof: Submersible
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What are long dildos?

Dildos are sex toys that can be inserted into bodily orifices such as the mouth, vagina, or anus for sexual gratification. This class of sex toy usually mimics the anatomy of a human penis and can look super realistic. They are usually wand-like, and people of all sexuality and genders use them for sexual acts and adventures. Now, dildos come in different lengths, shapes, and sizes. That’s where we have long dildos.

Long dildos typically have lengths that exceed the average of about 4 to 7 inches. Some extremely long dildos can be as long as 15 inches. In all, dildos are penetrative sexual toys that can spice up your sexual adventures.

Realistic Long Dildo With Balls Black.

Super long dildos come in various dimensions. The most apparent distinguishing features are usually girth, material, and extra features.

Based on features

Super long dildos come with enticing extra features that add marginal pleasure to your experience. A popular type among dildo enthusiasts for most are long, thin dildos with vibrators. Some extremely long dildos may come with balls to make it more realistic. You can also find an extra-long dildo with a suction cup; this is great for anyone who wants a hands-free pleasure ride. You can stick this to the wall while you focus on bouncing and thrusting away. You can also find double-headed long dildos that can work on both the anus and vagina simultaneously.

Large 10 Inch Long Pink Dildo Sex Toys.

Based on materials

The most common materials in long dildos are rubber, silicone, plastic, break-resistant glass, and metal. You can choose your preferred super long dildo based on the type of material that makes you feel good.

Other types of long dildos

Other types of extremely long dildos include both representational and non-representational dildos. In the case of the former, the dildo looks realistic, just like a penis. They might even come with testicles. The non-representational super long dildos are not designed like a human penis. They usually appear rounded or look like other kinds of sex toys.

Realistic Dick Long Anal Dildo.

How to Pick the best long dildo?

Before you decide to drop your dime for an extra-long dildo, check out reviews. It gives you an insight into the features, pros, and cons of your long dildo. It would also help if you also went through the following tips before you make your final pick:

  1. Check versatility: It is essential to know what a long dildo does before you pay for it. For example, a long dildo that you want to use for your butt should have a base. Why? Unlike the vagina, the butt does not have a point of no return. Hence, a base that is considerably wider than the thickest part of your super long dildo will save you from causing discomfort to yourself at best and a surprise visit to the ER at worst.
  2. Know your realism preferences: Many love their long dildos looking indistinguishable from a real-life penis. The anatomy of the real thing makes it a favorite among different genders and sexual orientations. Hence, the popularity of hyper-realistic dildos. It is also a safe bet for first-timers who don’t know their preferences yet but have already acquired a taste for the real stuff. You can be sure that it will hit the right spots during vaginal penetration. With experience, you can go for more adventurous and imaginative dildos.
  3. Know your audience: If you are buying the dildo for yourself or your partner, you should always know your personal preference. Bigger is not always better; you might want a long dildo, not a wide dildo. So, a long dildo with a generous girth will cause more discomfort than pleasure.
Terminator Penis Long Dildo. Choose Long Dildo

How to use?

Congrats on purchasing your new fun buddy. Before starting on your joy ride, it’s essential to know how to use your super long dildo. A logical starting point is to read the manufacturer's manual that came with your sex toy. Also, never forget to lubricate.

Your long dildo can transmit sexually transmitted diseases. It would help if you always wash your dildo between use for yourself or your partner. It also reduces the risk of bacterial and yeast infections.

You don’t have to do too much to clean your dildo. Simply use warm water and mild or fragrance-free soap to clean your stainless, glass, rubber, or long silicone dildo. Then dry before storage to keep mildew away.

Long Dildo Handle Tantus.

Pros and cons of using long dildos

Using long dildos is a pleasurable experience. It can spice up your sex life and help fulfill your sexual fantasies. It’s also great for a nice time with your partner. Long thin dildos are great at finding the g-spot and hitting it consistently. In short, if you need something more than your present dildo, get something longer. Another benefit of using long dildos is that they can come in handy for partners who want to try out double penetration. Long dildos are great for people with partners who are unavailable or partners with erectile dysfunction. On the flip side, long dildos with wide girths might not be great for anal penetration. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not adjust easily to foreign objects.


If you are an adventurous pleasure seeker, a super long dildo should prove a worthy match for your appetite. Extra features such as balls and vibrations can also give you the marginal utility you need to maintain a healthy sex life.

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How long is the average dildo?
The length of many dildos is between size 4 to size 6. But due to increasing demand for longer ones, manufacturers make dildos that go as long as 15 inches or even longer.
How to insert a long dildo?
Inserting a dildo is very much like inserting a penis. However, since it is not quite the same material as a penis, it takes extra caution. And don’t forget to relax your muscles.
How to insert a long dildo in anal?
Anal penetration requires extra measures compared to vaginal penetration. The anus is not self-lubricant, so don’t push it too hard too fast. Also, go for a long thin dildo to minimize discomfort and tear risks. It is because the butt is not as stretchy and accommodating as the vagina. A long thin dildo can fit comfortably and still deliver the pleasure you desire.

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