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Long-Distance Sex

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Every day on this site, we are grateful for tech. If not, how would couples in long-distance relationships maintain sexual intimacy over the distance? Whether you’re romantically involved with a person or just have the mutual hots for each other, long-distance sex is what you need to spice up that relationship.

Honestly, it adds a bit of thrill and helps you desire each other more. Join us as we share the best long-distance relationship sex ideas to keep the sparks flying regardless of distance.

What Exactly is Long-Distance Sex?

Long-distance sex is simply any form of sexual activity involving two (or more) people who are not physically present with each other. With the constant pursuit for better careers and greener pastures, more and more couples are forced to travel more or live miles away from each other.

In a situation like this, there’s only so much regular texts, and facetime can do for long-distance intimacy. It can get boring, real quick. Your best be to keep things fresh between you and your partner, incorporate long-distance sex in your relationship.

Five Ways to Enjoy

  • Go Old School. Despite your modern ways of life, you might want to return to the pre-internet days, every now and then. Slip little erotic notes in your partner’s suitcase while they pack for a trip and have them read the notes upon arrival. Time and again, you can also send your erotic thoughts via mail. This could be part of foreplay to an intense masturbation session later.
  • Start Sexting. If you’re new to long-distance sex, sexting is the best place to start. It helps you eliminate the initial awkwardness and provides a foundation for exploring other forms of sex across distances. A little dirty talk never hurt anyone. Go heavy on the words while you reminisce on your past sexual escapades. Describe the chemistry between you both, and let them know how they make you feel in bed. If you want to go the extra mile, fantasize about future sexual encounters and how you’d like to handle them the next time you meet. The words you say during long-distance relationship sexting will have your partner dripping (or getting hard) for you. Then you can get off together during phone sex or facetime.
  • Phone Sex. In the words of Carol Queen, PhD., ‘mastering erotic talk is a useful skill in long-distance relationships.’ Set the mood for a sexy ambiance when it’s convenient for you and your partner. Then, speak in low sultry tones describing in vivid detail how your fantasy plays out. You’ll feel better after a round of steamy phone sex.
  • Visuals are important! Tease each other with sexy nudes if you’re comfortable sharing such over the phone. Exchange porn clips and describe your favorite scenes. Memes that express your sexual longing are not barred either. Exchanging sexy images/clips via email or social media will undoubtedly have them yearning for you and may lead to a crazy round of hot phone/facetime sex.
  • Schedule Sexy Facetime Sessions. The only way to enjoy facetime sex is by watching each other masturbate in real-time. Pick a time, preferably when you’re both alone and the mood is right. If you need to go hands-free, balance your phone on a tripod and touch yourself exactly how your partner would. To make facetime sex more intense, fuck yourself with sex toys while they watch.

Benefits of Long-Distance Sex

It’s not enough to give you all the long-distance sex tips. Do you understand how long-distance sex may impact the dynamics of your relationship? If you don’t, here are the top benefits of incorporating modified sex into your long-distance relationship.

  • Long-distance sex helps maintain intimacy in a relationship.
  • It provides a level of sexual satisfaction to both parties.
  • It could be a form of stress relief for involved partners.
  • Facetime sex is an exciting way to improve a couple’s sex life.
  • Finally, long-distance sex builds up anticipation/desire between a couple.

Ideal Sex Toys

Who knew that sex toys would be instrumental in keeping sparks alive over long distances? Well, hello, remote control vibrators!

Send your partner a package with the remote control and keep the vibrator or vice versa. Fix a time when you can both be available for long-distance sex and have them control the vibrator as they please. If remote control vibrators don’t work for you, other sex toys can come in handy during facetime sex.

Stop by our sex toy review section to get exciting yet affordable sex toys for your pleasure.

Maintaining intimacy in a long-distance relationship certainly requires a lot of creativity, and long-distance sex might just be what you need to bridge the gap. We hope you loved this article. And if you did, browse through our awesome collection of remote-control vibrators to make long-distance sex even more exciting for you and your partner.

How to please a man over the phone?
Pleasing a man over the phone shouldn’t be challenging, especially if there’s a prior connection between you both. First, get comfortable with saying all the dirty words. Ask him what he likes and let him know what you’d like to do to him. Be heavy on the details.
How to make love in a long-distance relationship?
Thanks to technology, long-distance sex is part of our reality. You can make love in a long-distance relationship through phone sex, facetime sex where you watch each other masturbate, or even play out your erotic fantasies via text.
How to satisfy a woman sexually long distance?
You can satisfy a woman over distances by giving her a mental picture of what would be if you were with her. Send her erotic photos, exchange porn clips, and watch her finger herself or ride a vibrator while you whisper dirty words during facetime sex.
How to turn him on long-distance?
You can turn a man across long-distance by doing things that with a sexy undertone. Send him a raunchy text, speak in seductive tones to him on the phone or enjoy some long-distance relationship sexting.

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