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Ideas for Long Term Relationships

Couple In Long-term Relationships.

Like it or not, sexual desire decreases as your relationship continues to age. Initially, you and your partner would experience that stage where you cannot take your hands off each other. However, as time goes on, that sexual desire depletes, and you are inclined to get so used to your partner that you feel there is nothing new to explore. Sex may seem tedious, doing the regular old talks may feel like a waste of time too, and you may even start to question the future of your relationship. This stage is perfectly normal, and it is happening in the lives of over 50% of other couples. This is why we have presented you with a ton of couples' sex ideas in this article.

Why do long-term relationships become boring?

  • Sticking to the same old routine: The reason for the seemingly never-ending stagnant fate of most relationships is that couples stop trying after securing their spouses. In the beginning, you were deliberate about everything; the dates, the sex, and the talks. Now, you go on and on with the same sexual routines every day.
  • Inactions: Unfortunately, many relationships have failed because the partners concluded that their feelings for each other years ago are gone. However, we are here to help rekindle the fire, even in long term relationship sex and show you those feelings are yet to fade. You have only lost touch in expressing them.

This stage of your relationship should not be the end for you and your partner. You can introduce new things into your sex life for improvement. To help out, we have compiled a list of sex ideas for long term relationships that you may find handy. Enjoy reading.

5 best sex tips for married couples

For the marriage sex advice below to be effective, your partner has to agree with you. They also need to acknowledge the need to keep sex interesting in the relationship and get actively involved.

Looking for how to spice up a long-term relationship? Below are tips to improving sexuality in a relationship;

  • Let go of the old sex routine: When you go through the same sexual procedures with your partner every day, sex gets boring. You want to rush through the regular sex and sleep. If you need to experience a turn in your boring couple's life, do something different. You may want to engage the Kama sutra now. You will find various sex positions that you and your partner can explore. Also, you may introduce sex toys in your bedroom. Sex toys help in spicing things up between you both and rekindling your sex life.
  • Be confident about yourself: One of the reasons why you may seem to be uninterested in sex with your partner is your body. As you age, your body changes. Feeling self-conscious of that postpartum belly or shrinking testicles may affect your sex life. It is not strange that the body changes due to aging. Love yourself and embrace the older person you are becoming. That way, you will be comfortable to undress in front of your partner and allow them access to your body.
  • Be deliberate, put sex on your schedule: No time for sex? That is because you are not serious about it. Scheduling a sex date is similar to regular dates. During regular dates, you are together at the movies, park, or restaurant. Sex date requires both of you to be prepared to have sex. The deliberate timing makes sure nothing stands in your way of connecting physically and sexually with your partner. Ensure that you and your partner make the most of the session. Do not rush through it and switch your phones off to avoid disturbances.
  • Watch pornography videos together: Exploring how to keep your sex life exciting? Try viewing some porno with your partner. If you both do not mind, you can watch porn videos together and get new ideas on sex activity for couples. The porn videos will help you relax and then build sexual desires between you two. As long as your partner agrees to the videos, there will most likely be a sexual spark. What to do after? Go wild! Just kidding, create your tempo and enjoy the sex.
  • Communicate with your partner: How often do you express your sexual desires to your partner? Sex should not be about penetration only. Also, do not just assume they know how to pleasure you already. You have to guide your partner to satisfy you the way you want. Do not be so hasty to finish, as sex is not just about orgasm. Give and receive pleasurable moments in between with your partner. Have fun all the way.

Is sex that important in long-term relationships?

Sex helps a lot when it comes to long term relationships. It allows the couples to build intimacy and enhance the bond between them. Another thing sex does to help long term relationships is that it contributes to the physical and emotional well-being of the couples both individually and as partners. Good sex will always be stress and tension relieving, which is suitable for your mental and everyday life.

Studies have shown that the relationships where the couples are low on intimacy tend to end in separation.


Whether you are a couple of 5, 10, or 20 years, it does not matter. The above marriage sex tips can work for any couple as long as they agree and go through the process together.

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How to get turned on in a long-term relationship?
If your partner agrees, you can both watch some pornography videos together. It will most likely cause you to be turned on. You can also engage in foreplay with your partner before sex. Playing dress-up helps too. Wear nice lingerie and pantyhose before going into your partner. That may help get the mood right.
How important is sex in a long-term relationship?
Sex plays an instrumental role in rebuilding intimacy between couples. That is why there are so many materials on rejuvenating the sexual life of people in a long-term relationship. Rekindling the sex life of partners may reduce the rate of divorce by a significant amount.
How to keep a relationship sexually exciting?
  • Introduce new sex ideas regularly.
  • Try different sex positions with your partner.
  • Let your partner know what excites you.
  • Dress up once in a while before sex.
  • Watch pornography videos together.
  • Share 5 to 10 seconds kiss as often as you can.
  • See a sex therapist together.
How to reignite passion?
You can do as little as sharing longer kisses every morning. Schedule dates (both sex dates and normal ones), enjoy pillow talks with your partner, engage in foreplay, and communicate more often about what you want.

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