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Have you heard about the incident when a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan married his doll in a public ceremony? Creepy enough, isn’t it so! Well, there are peculiar desires of human beings that often become difficult to visualize. The funny part is sex dolls were popular in the past and remain a popular one to date. Although female sex dolls used to rule the market, their male counterparts are not lagging. The demand for life like male sex dolls has grown beyond imagination. With the pandemic hitting every corner of the world and people are bound to stay locked in the house, the demand for sex dolls has increased. These toys come with a realistic appearance and assure safe sex without the risk of spreading any germs or viruses.

There are different types of male sex toys and dolls available presently in the market. Refer to the table below for a better understanding:

Top 10 Best Male Sex Dolls in 2023

Products Information Price
Kelvin Big Male Doll
Material: TPE
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (175 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50kg)
Chest size: 36 inches (92cm)
Waist: 28 inches (76cm)
Hips: 39 inches (99cm)
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Tanner: Tall Male Sex Doll
Height: 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56kg)
Chest: 34 inches
Waist: 30 inches
Hips: 38 inches
Anus: 7 inches
Penis: 8 inches
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Nick: Asian Male Sex Doll
Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (68kg)
Chest: 37 inches
Waist: 31 inches
Hips: 37 inches
Anus: 7 inches
Penis: 6.7 inches
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Horny James Male Doll
Horny James
Height: 5ft 8 inches (175cm)
Chest size: 36 inches (92cm)
Waist size: 28 inches (76cm)
Hips: 39 inches (99cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50kg)
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Matias Premium Male Sex Doll
Height: 5ft 8 inches (175cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50kg)
Hips: 39 inches (99cm)
Chest size: 36 inches (92cm)
Waist size: 28 inches (76cm)
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Nicholas Male Doll
Height: 5ft 3 inches(162cm)
Chest size: 35.5 inches (90cm)
Waist size: 28 inches (72cm)
Hips: 37.5 inches (95cm)
Weight: 84 lbs (38kg)
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Warrior Charles Male Doll - Iron Tech Doll
Warrior Charles
Height: 5ft 3 inches (162cm)
Chest size: 35.5 inches (90cm)
Waist size: 28 inches (72cm)
Hips: 37.5 inches (95cm)
Weight: 84 lbs (38kg)
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Björn Premium Male Sex Doll
Height: 5ft 8 inches (175cm)
Waist size: 28 inches (76cm)
Chest size: 36 inches (92cm)
Hips: 39 inches (99cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50kg)
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Ron Muscular Male
Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight: 45kg
Chest: 83 cm
Waist: 95 cm
Anus: 19 cm
Oral: 13 cm
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What is a male sex doll?

Also known as male love doll, these toys are similar in concept to female sex dolls. However, these male counterparts are designed in a manner to provide a masculine appearance with all the male features needed to make it productive. Most of the realistic male sex dolls are designed keeping in mind the Greek male structures. They have a muscular appearance with prominent testicles and elongated penis. A nicely shaped buttock and well-chiseled chest make these dolls even more attractive.

People are well versed with female love dolls. However, the presence of the opposite gender in the form of sex dolls has taken the market by storm. Be it the regular dolls, life-size options, or the very modern AI-based robotic dolls, the male sex dolls are making a huge impression in the industry. A male doll sex toy is a perfect companion for lonely women to enjoy safe sex during this pandemic. Also, these dolls assure the perfect real-time sexual excitement without the risk of getting pregnant. Similarly, these dolls can prove to be the perfect companion for gay people. With perfectly shaped anus and thick penis, these dolls can be used for deep penetration, ensuring real like copulation feel.

Best Male Sex Doll.

Types of male sex dolls

When shopping for a male sex doll, you will witness a wide range of options crowding the market. There are dolls based on shape, size, height, material used, quality, and definitely, features. You need to have a closer look at the requirements before considering a pick. See, the budget will also be an area of concern. If there is no problem in investing any amount of money, you can simply go for anything, be it the most expensive male robot sex doll or the least expensive inflatable options. It all depends on your requirement and affordability. See, the more you spend, the better options will come lurking before your eyes. But also, it is all about individual preferences. Options are vast; make the choice accordingly. Here is a look at the different types of male sex dolls available presently:

Real-life size sex dolls

These are the most common options and preferred by both genders. An instant favorite among gay worshippers, these sex dolls are large and can have a height between 170-180 cm. They weigh heavier, say 70-90 kg, and hence, can be difficult to move from one place to another. However, most of these life-like male sex dolls feature detachable parts and hence can be dismantled when planning to move or store in small spaces. The assembling part is easier than expected with the help of the manual provided with the toy.

Male torso sex dolls

Also known as half male dolls, these are relatively cheaper and are mostly used for photography purposes. They can be seen as a mannequin in beauty parlors, eyewear stores, and clothing shops. But then again, a male torso sex doll can be used for excellent oral sex, mostly blowjob. If purchased for sexual pleasure, these dolls are more common among gay people. Yes, those who are gay prefer using the male torso dolls for hugging and putting the penis on the mouth. Yes, these dolls have mouth openings that can be used for perfect blowjob pleasure. The silicon-based torso dolls create a realistic blowjob experience.

Male Torso Sex Doll.

Male blow up doll

These are inflatable human toys that can be pumped to create the shape. The dolls are available in smaller variants as well but the features remain intact. Male sex blow-up dolls are a lot more affordable than other options but then again, the air pressure process can be tiresome at times. A special pumper is provided with these dolls. They are excellent playing toys and can be used for hugging purposes as well. Some of these inflatable toys come as sitting options, with a penis design in a way that it will touch the vagina or anus once the user sits on it. This can be real intimating and fun while arousing sexual libido.

Color-based sex dolls

Whether you are looking for a black male sex doll or a fair complexion one, there are options available. You can find them in sex toy stores or may place an order based on customized requirements. Asian, European, Latin, Hispanic, Indian, or African, male sex dolls are available in different colors. A lot of women love black male dolls with a huge penis. The elongated and erected black penis attracts a lot of white women of the modern generation. It arouses tremendous eroticism in them and hence, the demand for full life-size black sex dolls is higher than usual.

Teenage male dolls

This is an instant favorite among women seeking love from realistic male dolls. The teenage male dolls look exactly like male teenagers with different body types, be they slim, lean, skinny, athletic, or flabby. Also, these are very cute in appearance and can be used for companionship as well. There are beautiful hairstyles available for these dolls. Dresses, shoes, goggles, or watches, every type of accessory is available for these super-hot yet cute realistic male dolls.

Male Sex Doll 175cm hyper realistic.

Celebrity male silicone doll

There are sex dolls available that represent the facial structures of your favorite male celebrities. Well, some manufacturers take custom orders from clients to design and manufacture specific celebrity replica dolls. The fact is, facial replicas of any person can be done using modern technological innovations. These custom dolls can cost higher than the regular silicon ones. However, if you fantasize about a male, be it your friend, boss, colleague, or celebrity, silicon lookalike sex dolls can be designed and created accordingly. The cost depends on the material used, height, features, and reputation of the manufacturer.

Choose Male Sex Dolls

Male robot sex doll

Male sex robots are the new sensation in the industry. They have emerged as a new technological wonder in the world of eroticism and pleasure-seeking services since 2018. These sex toys are expensive bets but probably the best male sex dolls available in the market. They move on their own, talk, operate, and perform actions based on AI functionality. This is what makes the entire process so fascinating. These dolls are truly masterpieces of technological innovations and promise the best of sexual experience without the fear of transmitting any diseases or infections. Robot AI sex dolls are the new technological wonders that have found buyers in the riches.

What materials are used in manufacturing?

The most commonly available option in the market is a male silicone sex doll. Well, made from silica gel, these dolls are most convenient and flexible to use. They are made from high-quality silicone and rubber. Then, there are also inflatable male sex dolls available made purely of elastomer and rubber. The rubberized inflatable dolls stand a risk of getting punctured if came in contact with some sharp objects. However, the silica gel dolls also have inflatable regions but usually safer bets compared to pure rubber substitutes.

Korean Realistic Gay Sex Doll.

How to choose the best male sex doll?

Choosing the best dolls depend on several factors. First and foremost, the budget preference comes into the scenario. How much can one afford for the doll? Once the budget is determined, other factors will take precedence accordingly. Next, it is the material of the toy that will take the front seat. The material used for manufacturing the sex toy will define the user experience largely. The most common and preferred option is silica gel. These are soft yet comfortable and promise a great feel while hugging or thrusting. The inflatable rubberized options are also not bad but if there happen to be leakages, the sudden bursting can prove to have a damaging impact on the user.

The artificial intelligence-based robotic sex toys feature different substances to create the interface and hence, are considered the most expensive of all the variants available. Next, it comes down to the size and shape of the toy. A lifelike male sex doll will probably have a height of around 165-180cm. So, such options may not be ideal for those having space constraints. Although these dolls can be dismantled and then assembled without much of an issue, many users don't want to take the hassles. Once assembled, they will keep them like that only. In case of shifting them, they will prefer moving the entire thing as a single unit. But if the unit is heavy enough, it may just become difficult to move. There are smaller sex toys available with all the features but just the height and weight that differ. Such options are not bad at all for areas with space constraints.

How to use male sex dolls?

There is no rocket science involved in the use of realistic male sex dolls. However, if you are considering robot AI variants, some type of functional jargon needs to be understood. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the sex dolls are well maintained and properly taken care of. The penetrable orifices are mostly easy to manage and clean. Yes, these areas must be cleaned properly after every use.

These dolls are washable and hence, can be cleaned using regular temperature water. Next, it comes to inflatable ones. They require to blow up using a pump or piston. Whatever, these dolls require some kind of extra cautious approach to handle. Keep these dolls away from sharp objects, fire, and extreme heat. The inflatable dolls are easy to clean using water or mild detergent. The penetrable orifices in male sex dolls for women are mostly the mouth, buttock, and penis. These areas need to be properly cleaned after usage. Also, the bigger sex dolls usually can be dismantled, especially the orifices. So, it doesn’t create problems when managing the cleanliness part of these units.

Finally, there is a serious concern with the storage of these dolls. As I already mentioned, dismantling is an option that offers a lot more convenient storage for these dolls. But if the doll cannot be dismantled, then it must be light in weight. Usually, smaller-sized, lightweight dolls come in a compact fixed structure without the option to dismantle. For robot sex dolls, there is the option to dismantle but as per the instruction manuals. The micro parts need careful handling or else misplacing any of these parts can result in malfunctioning of the toy.

Male Sex Doll Realistic.

Benefits and demerits of Male Sex Dolls

  • They are great for people who want to get the most out of their sex life.
  • Male Sex Dolls provide an intense and realistic sexual experience that will leave you feeling satisfied.
  • They are also great for people who want to experiment with different sexual positions and techniques.
  • Male Sex Dolls are also very durable, meaning they will last a long time if you take care of them properly.
  • They are very easy to clean and store.
  • Male sex dolls are often expensive.
  • They require a significant amount of care and maintenance.
  • They also tend to be very heavy, making them difficult to move around.


Male dolls are becoming popular sex toys these days. Women love the idea that they can enjoy penetration without interacting with actual boring males. Rather, life like male sex dolls can act as their obedient slaves to fulfill their sexual fantasies. These are easier to handle and the female clients will never have to face any tantrums from disobedient men. These dolls are obedient partners to fulfill their sexual desires and bring colors to those lonely nights. Additionally, the gay community is also appreciating the concept of male sex dolls that ensures better privacy and a much more enjoyable experience in terms of sexual penetration during leisure times.

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What is a male sex doll?
Male sex dolls are sex dolls designed to be masculine. Most of the male sex dolls are fashioned after Greek sculptures. They are usually very chiseled, with well-defined muscles from their shoulders right down to the calves. They also possess an elongated penis for maximum pleasure.
How to use a male sex doll?
It is very easy to use a male sex doll. Before you begin your pleasure ride, make sure to set a romantic mood, then apply water-based lubricant if some vaginal or anal penetration would be happening. Get into the most comfortable position and enjoy! Clean after use.
How to clean a male sex doll?
Use water and mild detergent to clean your male sex doll, but be careful not to use any harsh chemicals and not to do too much scrubbing. You can use a douche to wash the orifices. Dry after washing, and apply powder to keep your male sex doll fresh.
How much is a male sex doll?
This depends on a couple of factors. The brand, the height, size, and type of male sex doll. Where you purchase the male sex doll also matters. However, you can buy one online from $1,500 to $2,500.
What are the benefits of Male Sex Dolls?
Male sex dolls offer a number of advantages over real partners. They can be used without the risk of STDs, they're always available when you want them, and they never say no to anything. Additionally, male sex dolls can be customized to look and feel exactly the way you want them to.
What are the drawbacks of Male Sex Dolls?
The main drawback of male sex dolls is the cost. They can be quite expensive, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

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20.09.2021, 00:21
Brianna Jobson
As a shy person, there are many actions I would want to take but the timid side of me always keeps me in check. This time I’m glad it didn’t win with my sex doll. Since I started using it my orgasm are more intense and more pleasurable. I’m glad I didn’t hold back on getting this male sex doll. What a boring sexual life I would have.
user avatar
26.09.2021, 08:13
Rebecca Meyer
I love the product already but I have a question can it be adjusted into different positions? Or are there specific positions it can take?
user avatar
27.09.2021, 15:40
These sex dolls are male in gender and are made to satisfy the user, they can take certain positions but not all. It is advisable for users to experiment carefully in order not to damage the doll. Also, the dolls can be held in upright, sitting, and lying positions.
user avatar
02.10.2021, 05:06
Katie Martin
Hi there, this is undoubtedly the best male sex doll I have seen or used. The manufacturers made it such a way that in ordering for it you can choose the skin tone, head, hairstyle and many more. Before buying this doll, I made sure I created the perfect picture of my ideal man and ordered for this. My partner is almost jealous that this sex doll is taking his place. This doll right here is a beautiful work of art, when my partner isn’t around, I place in my bed and cuddle it while I sleep.
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08.10.2021, 06:12
Iris Heldt
Thank you for sharing how to clean the doll after use. This information is so helpful because I don’t want a personalized instrument to be dirty.
user avatar
14.10.2021, 08:43
Susan Gilbert
I don’t know if anyone here is having this issue, but I have not gotten a sex toy for myself, I have used one at a friend’s place a few times. I am just wondering where is the best place to keep this piece without causing any damage to it. I stay in a one-bedroom apartment. Can someone here give me an advice?
user avatar
19.10.2021, 14:46
Dennie Sharp
I have been using different sex dolls of various sizes for a while now so I think I can help you with a solution. I have a room in my house where I keep my toys. But here is what you can do, if you have a wardrobe, you can cover your toys and keep them there and if it can’t be contained there just keep it at a part of the house you don’t pass by all the time to avoid obstruction.
user avatar
24.10.2021, 16:28
Penny Conner
These male sex dolls are the best that has happened to my sexual life in a long time. I can go out energetic knowing that I can go home and have some relaxing moment pleasuring myself just the way I want it. It was as if this male sex doll is made for me. I love it…
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29.10.2021, 17:17
Thanks for the information I have learnt how to maximize the time I spend with my dolls. I would like to suggest that you discuss music playlist that can boost sexual moods.
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03.11.2021, 17:25
Pamela Bradford
I really like it, it is the perfect image of my ideal man, but is quite heavy to carry around. Or is it just me?
user avatar
07.11.2021, 00:39
Mary Lavergne
A friend of mine has been asking to borrow my doll, and I’m not sure how I feel about lending it out. Can anyone help?
user avatar
08.11.2021, 14:24
Lending of a personalized item is your choice, yes it can. But for the sake of hygiene or damage it is better not to lend it out. Here is why, the person might not take care of your doll as you would in terms of hygiene or being careful with it.
user avatar
16.10.2021, 06:18
Mariah Brasch
I want one of these male sex dolls so bad the only problem is they are so expensive I wish they were way cheaper especially the one I really want I would be able to afford one if they were in the range of like $500 or maybe $800 but the majority of the ones that are good looking and attractive especially the one I particularly like is like $1000 to like $2000 dollars its kinda a bummer I wish I knew someone who could help me get one so I guess my question is there anyway there's a store that sells cheaper dolls or a way to get the price a little bit cheaper cause I really want one
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