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How to Masturbate?

Masturbation techniques

At the mention of masturbation, what comes to mind? An intense jerk-off session. However, we’re here to let you know that there is more to masturbation than quickly using your hands or fingers to get off. It’s an art- one that involves exploring, feeling, relaxing, and an unlimited amount of passion.

According to Lisa Lister, creator of ‘The Sassy,’ ‘getting to know your body is the best approach to masturbation’. If you’re willing to learn more about masturbation and how it’s beneficial to you as an individual, then come with us on this fun ride. Let’s go!

What is it?

Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s genitals for sexual arousal, pleasure, and eventual orgasm. It’s done by softly touching, massaging, or stroking one’s genitals (mostly the penis, nipples, anus, and clit). The initial strokes and slow touches cause a buildup of arousal in your core, which gets more intense due to consistent pressure, and as orgasm happens, your body is forced to let go of that buildup.

There is about zero percent partner involvement in masturbation; therefore, you’re in charge of your own pleasure. You can go fast or slow- everything is at your own pace. Believe it or not, masturbation is a great way to relax, take control, explore and pleasure one’s own body.

If you’ve got exhibitionist tendencies, then you may want an audience when you’re basking in the throes of your pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with this, and more pleasure for you, if we’re honest.

Why is Masturbation Stigmatized?

In other words, we’re asking why do you think the topic of masturbation is treated ‘hush-hush’ like a sort of taboo? As liberal as we like to think the globe is, most of us still live in conservative societies where the purity culture is imbibed at a young age.

Men and women are taught early on that their bodies are sacred and should not be touched sexually. But look at you, all interested in learning more about your anatomy and having fun while at it. Medically speaking, masturbation is considered natural and harmless, so you have nothing to worry about.

Who Masturbates?

Most people do. Statistics from a survey by Superdrug Online Doctor show that 88% of women and 96% of men masturbate. Masturbation is a common behavior, natural even. Whether you’re single or coupled up in a hetero or homosexual relationship, masturbation is normal. Anybody can masturbate.

Step-by-Step Guide for Intense Masturbation

The journey to masturbation is not linear. There are no rules set in stone. However, we want to go more in-depth on what process works. At this point, you already know that male and female masturbation does not follow the same masturbation techniques. Sure, the end goal is the same, but the methods vary from one gender to another.

  1. Foreplay: Yes, your body needs some sweet loving. Feel yourself up, and try stroking and massaging yourself to increase blood circulation, arousal, and hardening of certain parts. You alone know when you’re ready to take things to the next step. Let your body dictate for you.
  2. Insert: Insert your tool (yes, please) into the orifice you want to stimulate. You need adequate lubrication for this step. When stimulating the anus, lube it up properly before inserting a finger/anal toy. The same goes for the vagina and clit. If you’re jerking off with your penis, gently place it in your hands, the cock ring, or a pocket pussy.
  3. Experimentation: Go crazy and enjoy yourself! At this point, whatever feels good is right. Switch up the speed of your toy/hands/fingers, move in different directions and feel free. If you want to take things up a notch, try the reflection. This is done by taking sitting before a mirror to see what you’re doing to yourself, how much pleasure you can give your own body.
  4. Orgasm/Satisfaction: There’s more to masturbation than scoring a quick orgasm (which is why we have placed satisfaction beside it). This is the point where all the sexual tension is released, and you’re sort of coming back to land. Having this sexual relief is one huge benefit of masturbation. To make masturbation feel better, you have to do more than ‘the usual.’ You must learn new techniques that will prove more effective in giving you that extreme pleasure you deserve.

The Place of Sex Toys in Masturbation Techniques

Before we dive into this, let’s just state that your masturbation techniques are 100% valid. Men and women worldwide use sex toys to take their jerk off game from good to great. How so? Sex toys, especially vibrators, come with this extra buzz that just makes you explode in the right way.

Let’s talk about which sex toys are suitable for each type of stimulation.

  • Anal: for anal stimulation, you can use anal toys such as butt plugs, anal pumps, and anal beads.
  • Vaginal: for vaginal stimulation, look up dildos, wands, and rabbit vibrators.
  • Clitoral: for stimulating the clit, invest in a bullet, egg, butterfly vibrators, and even vibrating panties.
  • Penile: male masturbators suitable for penile stimulation are cock rings and fleshlights.

Of all the sex toys you can use to make masturbation feel better, hands-free toys are best because they give you the freedom to use your hands elsewhere instead of focusing on one spot. We regularly bring you updates about the best and most affordable sex toys that can take your sex life to the next level, and there’s much in store for you.

Masturbation Positions

Would this article be complete if we did not mention the best masturbation positions? You be the judge. For women masturbation, there are different positions, depending on the area you want to stimulate. For clitoral stimulation, you can lie facing up; for vaginal/anal, take a doggy position or squat. If you have an automatic hands-free masturbator, you can go all cowgirl style. The best way to masturbate for guys is to stay in a sitting position. However, you can switch things up by leaning against a counter, lying on all fours, or standing.

In a 2016 survey by TENGA, we found that 78% of adults in the world masturbate; and that’s saying something. Can such a large population of the world be wrong about their bodies? We hope that you have enjoyed reading our masturbation tips as much as we have enjoyed creating this article for you.

If you’re looking to change the dynamics of your sex life, do well to stop by our sex toy review section, where you’ll find the best toys to fit your budget and preferences. Let’s all orgasm together.

How to jerk off?
You can jerk off however you like, using fingers, hands, or sex toys. The first step is to get into a sort of foreplay with yourself, gently stroking different parts of your body. When you’re aroused, get into action by lubricating your vagina/clit/penis. Use your hands/fingers to rub on the area consistently till you come. If a sex toy is involved, turn on your machine and place it in the right spot. Keep touching yourself until you’re too overcome with sensations to continue.
Is masturbation wrong?
There is nothing wrong with masturbation. Medically speaking, female and male masturbation is harmless, and in fact, may affect your mental and physical health positively. As far as you’re not using dirty sex toys/dirty fingers, you’re on the right track.
How to finger yourself?
Wash your hands. Arouse yourself. Then make sure you’re well lubricated. Rub the labia in a circular motion until you get to the clit. Gently stroke the clit and insert your finger(s) in the vagina when you’re ready. If you're fingering your anus, follow the same steps but go heavier on the lube and push the finger into your butthole gently.
How often should you masturbate?
The answer should be, ‘as often as you like.’ But after considering other factors, we’ll say, masturbate whenever you have the time and privacy to engage in your pleasure.
Is masturbation healthy for women?
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, yes? Female masturbation is healthy and has been known to improve the mental and sexual health of women. It also reduces the risk of STDs.
How do girls masturbate?
Girls have different ways to masturbate using either their fingers or sex toys. Fingers are a favorite because a girl can control her range of motion; others prefer vibrators and anal toys to help them feel more and come harder.

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