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Medical Fetish

Woman Pretend Medical Professional.

In the vast pool of BDSM and roleplaying, medical fetishism is one of the most popular kinks out there. Not only does it give a rush to the participants, but it also provides an opportunity for them to stretch their sexual boundaries.

Join us to explore different medical fetishes and even find one that suits you.

What is a medical fetish?

A medical fetish (also called medfet) is a kink that makes one find medical procedures, tools or professionals, sexually appealing. It’s almost like you want to be in a situation where you get to interact with medics or feel the touch of medical equipment on your body.

Thus, medical fetishism is a BDSM subculture that attracts people with medical kinks. It is a dominant-submissive relationship between a pretend medical professional and a fake patient.

There’s no putting the medical fetishists in a box. A medical kink could range from as little as being aroused at the thought of medical uniforms, being called the title “Doctor”; to wanting your body manhandled by the nurse on duty.

Any form of erotic thought you have which is related to the medical field is a medical fetish. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

As earlier stated, medical fetishism is rooted in BDSM, so for you to fully explore your medical kink, you either have to play the patient (submissive) or the nurse/doctor/surgeon (dom).

For the sub, the mere thought of being prodded, sexually humiliated, and called sick by the dom is arousing enough, while the doctor gets a high from all the power dynamics involved when the sub is at their mercy.

It’s really about trust, reverence, and submission.

Forms of medical fetish

Someone with a medical fetish cannot explore all the facets of medical fetishism all at once. That’s why we have grouped the medical fetishes into various categories so that you can know what particular kink you have or where to begin (if you are interested, that is.)

Physical examination fetish

A physical examination scene is characterized by a doctor/nurse conducting a quasi-medical examination on the patient, who is almost always restrained. This physical examination fetish includes an inspection and intrusion of various body organs which are likely to turn the sub on, including the nipples, testes, anus, vagina, mouth, etc.

If you have this particular fetish, you either want to roleplay as the medical professional in the dominant role or play a more passive role as the patient.

Nurse fetish

The nurse fetish is more prevalent among men. It often manifests through unusual attraction to a female nurse, wanting to be in their company, and being touched by them, most of the time. In this BDSM scene, the domme plays the role of a nurse, while the sub plays the patient.

Equipment Fetish

Some people just get turned on by the sight or feel of some medical equipment. Many people in this group have a latex medical fetish which is evident in arousal stemming from contact with a latex material. The dom who plays doctor may also love the feel of gloves which signifies their authority in the examination room. Other medical equipment to try out are a medical posture collar, anal hook, penis plug, sperm stopper, dilator, etc.

Step-by-step guide to enjoying BDSM medical play

By now, you already know what category of medical fetishism turns you on, right? Then you’re ready to have some insane medic sex! We have curated a step-by-step guide you can follow to make your medical fantasy a reality.


Tons and tons of research are needed for medfet to go as planned. You don’t want to risk using the wrong equipment for the wrong purposes, do you? Read, consult with sex experts and medical professionals to help you navigate your way through this kink of yours.


What is BDSM roleplay without communication? Talk to your significant other to know if they’re on board with your medical kink. If they are amenable to the idea, decide what form of BDSM medical play you both are comfortable with, and agree on what tools to use in the scene. Don’t forget to establish safewords.

Sterilize your tools

No doctor uses medical equipment without sterilizing them beforehand. So, get your tools ready, clean them with methylated spirit, warm water, or whatever your professional has recommended.

Ranging from gloves to penis dilators, our sex toy reviews offer a variety of medical fetish toys, including sensual restraints that promise to make your BDSM scene more intense than ever. Check them out now.

Get clean

After getting the tools clean, it’s time for you (and your partner) to get clean. Most medical kinks involve playing with the anus, so you want to have an enema beforehand, to avoid surprises on the way. Take a bath and just be clean.


Even the least intense of medical fetishes require foreplay. The dom can start by inviting the patient into their consultation room to discuss symptoms, take a seat, or lie down for a quick checkup. Also, watching medfet porn together is a great way to build up sexual tension between dom and sub.


During BDSM medical play, stay communicative. The dom should watch for signs of extreme discomfort in their partner; the sub should use safe words when necessary. After the scene, discuss how intense the roleplaying was and if there are any things you particularly love or hate. Feedback after BDSM is part of aftercare.

If you’re new to BDSM, you can start with a light doctor and patient roleplay and stretch your boundaries as you gain more experience. We hope this article was helpful to you. Don’t forget to visit our sex toy reviews for the greatest medical sex toys that will enable you to live out your medical kink to the fullest!

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