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Small Vibrators

The most discreet and personal solution to soft pussy or anal masturbation for both men and women. A specially designed toy to easy stimulate the desires area by simply turning it on. Highly reliable and most suitable for discreet moments of self stimulation.

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What is a small vibrator?

Just like their bigger relatives, the small vibrators or mini vibrators are specially designed to stimulate and offer pleasure in many types of sexual activity. Either you use it for solo stimulation or in couple foreplay, a mini vibrator is always handy. It’s a penis shaped sex toy with one or many features, suitable for both men and women in sexual stimulation and sex games. Unlike the bigger versions, small vibrators for women are discreet and very easy to carry in a purse or even in the pocket.

rechargeable usb small vibrator

Types and main features

There are many types of top rated mini vibrators and each comes with a set of unique features which can provide various stimulation from soft to intense.

  • The classic mini vibrator – personal sex toy suitable for beginners, with penis shaped form and soft vibrations to simulate the real feel of the penis. Excellent for women but can be used by men as well.
  • white rechargeable usb small vibrator

  • The bullet mini vibrator – shaped in the form of a bullet, with sharp head and straight lines, perfect for experienced users in need for something different. Perfect for anal stimulation but suitable for vaginal masturbation as well.
  • Magic wand mini vibrator – specially designed for clitoral stimulation and highly powerful. Suitable for all types of users with little to no lubrication required. Main feature is to provide strokes with the tip and stimulate the desires area.

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How to choose the best mini vibrator?

When faced with choosing the most popular small vibrator or the most powerful mini vibrator, making the right choice is a thing of taste and personal desire. Some users prefer the types of mini vibrators which offer the fastest vibrating speed while others are seeking to find the ones with the most easy to maintain material and so on…either way, choosing the best mini vibrator is not a really hard task to achieve and it requires minimum information about the product. You must keep in mind that if you are a beginner, small sized ones with classic shape are more suitable. On the other hand, experienced users tend to choose bigger ones that resemble other forms rather than the penis shaped ones.

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How to choose the right size?

Choosing the right size is easy and logical. If you are inexperienced in using sexual toys, a small size will fit better than a bigger size. Most small vibrators have 4-5 inches so choosing the right one for you will be a fun task with lots of models to choose from. For more experienced users, bigger sizes are recommended but keep in mind that mini vibrators are available with a maximum size of 6 inches, that’s because they are mini versions of the real vibrators.

pink rechargeable small vibrator by Bodywand

How to choose the best material, shape and texture?

Top rated mini vibrators are made out of several materials such as:

  • Rubber – soft and delicate material, perfect for beginners, it offers real feel and stimulation with lubrication required;
  • Silicone – life like sensations, imitates the real penis feel. Lubrication required;
  • Plastic – stiff and rigid, suitable for experienced users. Perfect material for anal stimulation, easy to clean and maintain. Requires intense lubrication.

When it comes to shape, you can find small vibrating toys in many forms, penis shaped, magic wand, egg and bullet. Each provides a different feel and various types of stimulation.

purple rechargeable small vibrator by Lovehoney

How to use small vibrators for women?

It’s easy to use and highly reliable thanks to it’s reduced size and simple function. Simply turn it on and apply it inside or over the desired area. Powerful mini vibrators are to be used with care hence their strong vibrations which in some cases might affect the user. Read the mini vibrator reviews in order to better understand how they work and always keep them clean and safe dry. Maintain hygiene and proper storage to expand the life of the toy and enjoy the maximum of pleasure without any risks.

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