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If you like masturbation and different sex toys, but ordinary vibrators and dildos are too huge and noisy, there are suitable versions for you. Order mini vibrator, and you will be able to take it anywhere you want and climax anytime without people around even noticing that.
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What is a Mini Vibrator?

This is a small vibrator that can be stored in drawer, purse, bag or pocket. The best mini vibrator provides vaginal, clitoral or anal penetration and can be used for many other types of sexual activity. There are different shapes and forms, and in many cases the gadget is so discreet that people may mistake it for some other object. For instance, mini lipstick vibrators are popular among ladies – nobody would even suspect that such a thing may be an adult toy.
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Besides, tiny devices can be used right in public – being held within vagina, a vibrator contributes to muscle exercise, strong sexual arousal and satisfaction. Silent models are designed especially for that.

A mini vibrator is a perfect adult toy for both solo and partner sex. Compact but powerful, it is not out-grossed by its bigger analogues, and may contribute to stronger and longer orgasms, greatly helping users.
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Main Characteristics

The vast majority of mini vibrators online are up to 5-6 inches long and can be 1-2 inches wide. There are lots of various types of devices:

  • mini finger vibrator;
  • Bullets;
  • Eggs;
  • Butterflies and rabbits;
  • Massagers;
  • Discreet models like a toy duck, lip balm or lipstick.

mini vibrator by Gold Digger
Items can be produced from silicone, jelly, elastomer, rubber vinyl, metal, hard plastic and many other materials. It depends on the type of the device and its features.

Customers may find both wire and remote control models. Many of them are waterproof (especially, bullet and finger vibrators) and can be used in bathtub, shower and Jacuzzi. You can also buy mini vibrator of original form, but smaller sizes. The choice is very wide!

If you want to find a perfect toy, visit our partner’s site. If provides a great variety of sex toys for reasonable prices. Enjoy both shopping and the items bought!
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How to Use

One great advantage of these sex toys is that even starters can handle them easily. If you don’t know how to use a mini vibrator, you will learn during the first use.

As far as there are tens of different shapes and variations, you can read instruction to understand what a toy is designed for. In general, the rules of safe and satisfying sex with mini vibrators are the following:
mini vibrator by Fun Toys Gring

  1. If you lack natural lubricant, apply some on a vibrator. Water-based works well with all materials, while oil and silicone-based lubes are not recommended to be used with rubber and silicone toys, but are irreplaceable during underwater penetration.
  2. Mini vibrators can be either used to stimulate clitoris and nipples during couple sex, or put inside vagina for discreet penetration and masturbation. Some models are designed for prostate massage and anal sex. The spheres of application are not limited. It’s all in your hands! Just use your fantasy and dream up new variants.
  3. Do not insert bullet or egg, or any other vibrator inside rectum entirely, especially if it does not feature a handle or a wire to put the thing out. An object may become stuck, and you will have to ask doctor to extract it.

You are absolutely free to experiment, change speeds of vibration, positions and body parts penetrated. Relax and enjoy! This toy is absolutely safe in use, so even a beginner will find masturbation with it a real breeze.
bullet shaped mini vibrator

How to Choose

Want to find the most pleasurable and the most powerful mini vibrator? Every woman has her own physical peculiarities and preferences, which is why there is no versatile model that is perfect for everyone. Select a gadget according to your needs.

If you need something compact and cheap, mini vibrators in the form of fingers and eggs would be the most appropriate. Plastic and silicone models are non-expensive ones.

Make purchases in well-known stores and avoid fake production! The issue concerns your health, so you need to be sure you buy a skin-friendly and safe item.

Read mini vibrator reviews: users discuss product features, pros and cons. Probably, they will help you to understand better which models you need.
mini vibrator by Libo

Where to Buy Mini Vibrators?

Tens of different mini vibrators for sale are present on our partner’s site! If you need fast shipping, easy site navigation and low mini vibrator prices, this is the right place for you. This store does its best to satisfy customers.

Masturbation is a natural process that improves general well-being and helps to understand your body better. Don’t deny yourself pleasures, purchase mini vibrator and you will be able to climax anywhere you want without people noticing that.
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