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Missionary Sex Positions

Wrap around missionary sex position.

Missionary sex positions are traditional, but that doesn't mean you should take them off the table or leave them for lazy days. There are numerous reasons you should make missionary sex position your everyday style. The skin-to-skin contact, direct eye contact with someone you deeply love and their smell bring so much sexual intensity and pleasure. Also, it can be arousing to see your lover’s facial expressions during intimacy.

In addition, missionary sexual positions don’t require much effort or flexibility. You won't pull your muscle trying out a complicated sex move with them. All that being said, any sexual position gets boring if it's done repeatedly without spicing it up, missionary included. The following are some missionary sex positions that you can try.

Classic or Standard Missionary

Most couples love standard missionary. As the woman, you lie back with your eyes closed or gaze at your partner and experience pleasure. You can whisper words of love and tell him how amazing he is in bed. Go slow and create anticipation.

Do you know that feeling of waiting for the next season of your favorite series? When ready for penetration, slide in slowly, gently, and intentionally. Begin with slow thrusts as you increase your speed. The insertive partner can wear a vibrating cock ring to enhance the strength and erection length. The vibrations also bring a good feeling to the receiver's clit.

Wrap Around

By the woman crossing the legs around the man's waist, she pushes the man deeper into the woman. Wrap-around style doubles penetration and enhances the pleasure.

Grinding the Corn

It is also referred to as the coital alignment technique. Grinding the corn is your style if you have ever desired to handle your lover like a medieval mill worker. While over your body, let your lover move their hips up above yours.

When inside you, let them elevate their hips, grinding your clit against their pubic bone and thighs. The penetrator should concentrate on grinding instead of thrusting to stimulate the clitoris. You can move your hips in circular motions, side to side, or rub them up and down.

Besides, the friction is great for clitoral stimulation. You will definitely love it. Aligning your bodies against each other positions your vagina and clitoris at the best angle for stimulation. Hence you will achieve a hand's-free orgasm.

Lock and Load

By squeezing your legs together, every stroke is enhanced. If your partner has a small penis, this is the style. He will feel like he is stuffing you up, and he won't slip out. Additionally, the lock and load position is ideal for lazy or tired people because you can be in charge without moving.

Squeeze your partner’s legs together and slowly roll your hips rather than thrusting. For more pleasure, you can add a tiny bullet-like vibrator between you. Get hold of it with the pressure from your pelvic areas. The tension created makes the sex experience intense and pleasurable with minimal effort and lots of skin-to-skin contacts.

I Want You I Need You

In this position, you put your legs on your lover's shoulders. Nothing is more romantic than seeing your partner hotly desiring to be inside you, like right now! With your legs up, the “I want you; I need you”, position makes the clit easily accessible and enables super deeper penetration.

Besides, they can grab your hips to increase the leverage for even more deeper penetration. If your guy is well-endowed, let them go slow at first.

Impaled or One Leg Up

Lying down, like in all other missionary sex positions, raise one leg and place it on your lover's shoulder. If you are not flexible enough to do the “both legs in the air” style this is a good option. You can move your legs back and forth for increased sexual pleasure.

Raised Missionary

The person on bottom should put a pillow below their butt. The one on top should grind their pelvic bones against the clit in circular or side-to-side hip moves.

Pull their butt closer using your feet. The penetrating partner should kneel and alternate between grinding and thrusting. If it's not working for you, use a toy or hand. Resting on a pillow aligns your body in a pleasurable way and makes it comfier.


Just like all other missionary sexual positions, lie down on your back. Spread your legs and arms to form an X. Your partner should penetrate you and slip their legs and chest from your body, aligning their pelvis with yours.

Their limbs should create an X like yours. This position enables you to grab their ass as they thrust. Bonus?


Some things in life are sweet when on repeat mode. Holidays, sunny beach days, ice cream dates, pretty manicure treats, etc. but sexcapades? Not one of them. Missionary sex positions can be extremely romantic and intimate.

Besides, it's one of the most loved sexual positions. Nevertheless, don't just lie there woman! Use the above modifications to ensure you will never get bored of missionary sex positions.

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