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If you like experimenting in bed, why not trying something new, very creative and unordinary? Order Mouth Gag, and let your imagination go wild. This is a perfect variant for role playing or Slave and Master games. It has always been a symbol of harsh, wild sex, and now you can try it, too.
black 22 inches faux leather mouth gag
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What is Mouth Gag?

This is a sex toy that has been used for many years in BDSM, sexual bondage and role playing. It shuts person’s mouth, not letting him or her scream or shout. But the whole thing is not about functionality, it’s about its symbolism. It has always been considered as a sign of obeying, so you can let your partner feel dominating, feeling power and total control. That truly turns many people on!

Historically, this device was used for silencing punished people. But now this is a sex toy for sexual bondage or BDSM. It makes one person (wearing it) perform submissive role, while the other is dominant. Such device looks very appealing and sexually arousing for some people, while some may like muffled sounds or roaring of a person wearing it.
black 21 inches faux leather mouth gag
It is hard to say what is the best mouth gag. There are many variations and types:

  • Ball gag;
  • Bit gag;
  • Butterfly;
  • forniphilic gag;
  • cleave;
  • funnel;
  • harness;
  • knotted;
  • muzzle;
  • pacifier and many others.

There are hundreds of different mouth gags for sale, so you can always find something unusual and intriguing!
black snaffle faux leather mouth gag

Main characteristics

No matter what form devices have, they all have many features in common:

  1. Each gag has straps attaching it to a person’s head. They are adjustable, and may be intricately made to look more aesthetic.
  2. Mostly rubber, plastic and leather are used as the main materials, but there are also many other variations of Mouth gags online.
  3. A conventional size of ball is 44 mm, while sizes of straps may vary.
  4. Some mouth gags come in set with many other equipment and attachments for sexual bondage.

black faux leather mouth gag
If you want to purchase Mouth gag, visit our partner’s site and select the most intricate models. Be sure that you get only original and safe production.

How to use

Well, everything seems to be clear. The device closes one’s mouth, not letting person talk and sometimes breathe through the lips. But this toy can be rather dangerous, if applied incorrectly. So you should know some rules of Mouth gag using:
red faux leather mouth gag

  1. Remember that this device obstructs breathing, sometimes making it impossible (especially, ball gags). So you shouldn’t wear it if Ill or have running and stuffy nose.
  2. Be careful when putting the gag in. If it’s too big, it may cause asphyxia and other negative consequences. According to Mouth gag reviews, there are some cases when the item is so big that people can’t take it out the mouth.
  3. Ensure safety of your partner. This is the most important thing that shouldn’t be ignored. Don’t use an item if you see it is too much for you.
  4. Don’t keep a gag in mouth after the end of sexual intercourse. Such position is not natural for jaws, and may cause jamming or traumas.

Now you are ready to apply a mouth gag the way it should be. Just keep an eye on the partner who is wearing this device, and you both will be okay.
Choose Mouth Gag

How to choose

If you want to order Mouth gag, read the following recommendations concerning the right choice.
black 23 inches faux leather mouth gag

  1. Search for the items that will be most suitable for you. The whole idea of gag is not to shut a person up completely, but to make your partner look submissive.
  2. A cheap mouth gag and an expensive model will be produced from the same safe, non-allergic materials. If you see an item is made of something that is simply not safe for you, select some alternative.
  3. Pay attention to the straps: they must be easily adjustable and comfortable.
  4. Where to buy Mouth gags? Make purchases on official sites only. Thus, you will know that you get original items only that will be safe for you.

Following these simple pieces of advice, you will by a sex toy of your dream.

Where to buy Mouth gag?

Searching for a good mouth gag online? We advise visiting our partner’s site. It provides great conditions for online shopping:

  1. You may order fast and secure shipping. The parcel in discreet package will be delivered right to your house, which will ensure your privacy and save your time.
  2. Seller gives 100% warranty of quality and safety of products. You may be sure that originals only will arrive to you.
  3. A user-friendly interface makes online shopping easy and fast. Catalogue is surfed flawlessly.
  4. Order arrangement takes several minutes as well as registration.
  5. Low Mouth Gag price allows purchasing any item you like without spending your whole budget.
  6. You are free to choose any suitable payment type (debit/credit cards, electronic wallets, online banking and others).

black inflatable faux leather mouth gag
If you like BDSM, role playing and non-traditional types of sex, it’s high time to try something new. Buy mouth gag, and turn usual lovemaking into real fun and unforgettable joy.
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