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Natural Lubricant

Sexual intercourse must not only be pleasant, but safe as well. One of “side effects” is slight damage or skin sensitiveness of genitals caused by excessive friction. Lack of pussy juice spoils the whole pleasure and makes it difficult to make smooth motions. How to solve this problem forever, if your partner or you cannot get wet enough, or you like sex toys, and have quite sensitive skin? Purchase Natural Lubricant, and sexual experience will be flawless and trouble-free.

8.5 fl organics  natural lubricant by Sliquid
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What is Natural lubricant?

This is a type of goods for sex, and one of the most demanded item in this sphere. A gel-like substance is applied on genitals or sex toys and serves to reduce friction during sexual intercourse. It ia produced from pure, organic ingredients and has no animal origin ingredients. The best natural lubricant also protects against bacteria and infections.

Besides, some variations have cooling or slightly numbing effect, which allows slowing partners down and prolonging sexual intercourse. This is a valuable thing for healthy and easy sexual acts.

4.5 fl natural lubricant by Doc Johnson

Main characteristics

Why is this item so popular? This is a must-have for all people who have constant sexual relationships and adore using sex toys. All natural lubricants have the following features:

  1. They are made of organic components that do not cause allergy or skin sensitiveness. As a rule, they are water-based and easily soluble.
  2. Do not contain glycerin, parabens. They are hypoallergenic and non-toxic.
  3. Most Natural Lubricants sold online have no fragrance and flavor.
  4. 0.17 fl natural lubricant by ON

  5. They create a thin layer on the tissues that greatly reduces friction and build up a barrier against bacteria.
  6. Lubricant may have heating or, vice versa, cooling effect to alter the intensity of penetration.

3.4 fl mango natural lubricant by ID Frutopia

Water-based versions are made from water and contain a unique blend that lasts long and promotes natural lubrication. They are the safest ones and can be easily washed away. But this advantage makes them inappropriate for using in the bath, swimming pool or shower because it quickly gets dissolved. This variant is perfect for all types of sex toys and for all people regardless of skin sensitivity.

Oil-based lubricants are made with organic plant oils. It is the most suitable variant for underwater sexual intercourse. However, some people claim it may promote yeast spread and destroys latex.

4.7 fl natural lubricant by Astroglide

And if you read some Natural Lubricant reviews, you will discover that some people prefer it because it is a vegan-friendly product that is not tested on animals!

Want to try one? Order Natural Lubricant on our partner’s site. Wide choice of products and high quality are guaranteed!

4.2 fl natural lubricant by Sliquid
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How to use Personal Lubricant?

The process of Natural Lubricant using is simple. All you need is to choose the right variant and apply some quantity on a sex toy or genitals before using it. Make sure you get a sufficient amount of gel. After the end of sexual intercourse wash the lubricant with water. If you use oil-based lubricants, you will also need some soap or washing gel to get rid of its residues.

If you buy a cheap Natural Lubricant, make sure it is safe for your skin: apply some amount on the skin of wrist and see whether any allergic reaction will be caused. If you experience skin sensitiveness, irritation, and severe allergy after using it, visit your doctor and try some other type of lubricant. But you are unlikely to experience these side effects because the contents are safe.

5 fl natural lubricant by Doc Johnson

How to choose

If you want to make a purchase of your dream, you should take into account the following:

  1. Buy Natural Lubricant in official stores only. Fake production may be made of unsafe ingredients that are dangerous for health.
  2. Read the contents properly to make sure that all components are organic and harmless.
  3. If you have sensitive skin, select water-based versions without flavor and aroma.
  4. Mind that Natural Lubricant price depends mostly on the brand because the contents are very much alike in all cases.
  5. If you use condoms, the water-based lubricant will be okay, while oil-based versions are perfect for people with normal skin sensitiveness.

These recommendations will help you to understand which type of lubricant is more suitable, and how smart purchases should be organized.

3.4 fl natural lubricant by Fifty Shades of Grey

Where to buy Natural Lubricant?

Welcome to our partner’s site! If you are searching where to buy natural lubricant, there is no better option for you! Why? Just check what the seller provides:

  • Reasonable prices, constant sales and special offers;
  • Quick shipping in discreet packages saves your time and allows staying anonymous;
  • Wide choice of sex toys and goods for sex in an easy-to-navigate catalogue.

Natural Lubricant is a must-have for all people with sensitive skin.

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