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Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps.

The magical and mystical erogenous zone offers great fun and intense pleasure when stimulated. Nipples are women’s most prized possession. Women tease their partners to boost energy during sex by tickling and showing off their little angels. Nipples are so sensitive that it gets instantly stimulated with some love, affection, and a tender touch. Some women even get their intense internal orgasm just with the right tickle on the nipples.

For everyone who wants a little extra other than sucking, pulling, biting, and licking the nipples for them, nipples clamps can be that little slice of the action. Nipple clamps are not much talked about sex toys. They are underrated and often being ignored by couples and individuals who love to experiment with sex and self-pleasure.

Top 10 best Nipple Clamps in 2021

Products Information Price
Lovehoney Tease Me Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Lovehoney Tease Me Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Material: Silicone
Contains latex: No
Fastening: Clip
Length: 3 inches
Hypoallergenic: Yes
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BASICS Collar with Nipple Clamps
Material: Metal
Length: 23 inches
Fastening: Clip
Сollar: Adjustable
Check price
Bondage Boutique Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps
Bondage Boutique Adjustable Tweezer Nipple Clamps
Material: Metal
Material tip: PVC
Length: 20 inches
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Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps
Fifty Shades Darker
Material: Silicone
Contains latex: No
Length: 19 inches
Total Weight: 0.95oz
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Bad Kitty Butterfly Nipple Clamps
Bad Kitty Butterfly
Material: Metal
Length: 20 inches
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Entice Tiered Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps
Intimate Rose Gold Nipple Clamps
Material: Metal
Allergens: Latex-Free
Length: 16 inches
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Entice Triple Nipple and Clit Clamps with Chain
Entice Triple Nipple and Clit Clamps
Material: Metal
Length: 25 inches
Set: 3 nips, chain and O-ring
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DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Labia and Nipple Clamps
Material: Metal
Material clamp: PVC
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: Yes
Length: 24 inches
Set: adjustable clamps, connecting chain, Mini O-rings
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DOMINIX Deluxe Large Breathable Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps
Ball Gag with Nipple Clamps
Material: Silicone
Fastening: Buckle
Length: 24.5 inches
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Everything You Need to Know About Nipple Clamps

After breaking this term, you get the precise meaning of this exotic toy, clamps meeting the nipples. Simple, right? But this cute little thing can do wonder for a woman when used at the right time and in the right way. Talking about the application, nipple clamps are easy to use as they get attached to your nipples that provide a tinkling and pinching sensation in the body. The intense pinching pain stimulates pleasure and a feeling of love to a greater extent. Those who are into BDSM play love this blessing as it adds the extra wow factor in their unusual sex routine. The sleek and chic shape and kinds of BDSM nipple clamps attract many people and often force them to give it a try. Mainly nipple clamps are characterized into three broad categories which are as follows:

  • Separated – They are just nipple clamps that you can use without connecting them to a chain, or they come along with chains that can be detached as per choice and mood. It is perfect for those who aren’t the biggest fans of strings and wires.
  • Connected – Great to add the little fun factor in during sex and self-love. These bondage nipple clamps are perfect during role play as they look super sexy. The chains offer additional control over the nipples, which many people use to create that orgasmic sensation.
  • Weighted – If you’re all about adding that oomph factor in your sex life, then this type of nipple clamps is your thing. They are sexy and quickly turn on sex toys that you want in your bedroom. They are heavy and puts an uncanny weight on the nipples, which is painful but offers great pleasure.
Red plush nipple clip.

Some Best Types of Nipple Clamps to Try-On

  • Tweezer Nipple Clamps. For beginners, tweezer nipple clips are perfect to start experimenting with. In most of these clamps on each end, there is a cover made of rubber or silicone to offer comfort without pinching the nipples too hard. You can adjust the tightness of these tweezer clamp with the help of a slider available on each side.
  • Alligator Nipple Clamps. With alligator clamps, you can adjust and change the amount of pressure on the nipples. They often come along with an adjustable screw and a chain that spice up the things with some pain and pleasure.
  • Clover Nipple Clamps. These clover clamps are used by individuals involved in BDSM play to torture the nipples exotically. They’re not recommended for beginners as they are a little risky to use. These have a pull-down chain that holds the nipple clips together. You can be playful with the chain by exerting pressure on the clamps for extra fun.
  • Vibrating Nipple Clamps. If pinching the nipples is not enough fun for you, then these vibrator clamps work the best for you. Imagine a whole different level of sensation in your body with vibrations and tickling. The vibrating clamps are just the right choice for those who are into self-pleasure as it stimulates the process even more.
  • Magnetic Nipple Clamps. The more the magnets attract each other, the more pain you will have. It is super fancy and exciting while using it to feel that intense pleasure. The magnets offer high pressure on the nipples, and the pinching sensation is so strong that you would want to stimulate all your senses.
Nipple and clitoral clamps.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Getting yourself a nipple clamp demands great research work and a list of all your requirements. Please don’t go in to buy something that looks fancy or erotic, give it a thought and consider the following things:

  • It is essential to consider the intensity of pressure of the nipple clips you’re going to buy. Check whether you can adjust the clamps and pressure or not. Consider all the options available to maintain the intensity of the force exerting on the nipples that work for you.
  • Always remember that one size will not fit everyone. Choose the perfect clamp that fits your body and needs. The nipple clamp you’ve bought doesn’t need to give the pleasure you expect because it may not be as pinching as it should be. The type and features of a nipple clamp vary from person to person.
  • A good nipple clamp can be your best friend in bed. They are great for multitasking, meaning you can clip them on to experience a hands-free play while doing a little business below while having oral sex or G-spot hunting.
  • Don’t think that nipple clamps are restricted only for BDSM play. They are a great addition to all your roleplays, and even you can surprise your partner by putting it on for an outing or weekend getaway to turn them on.
  • Choose Nipple Clamps
  • Try to choose the best type of clamp that is pleasurable and safe for you. There are plenty of options available in the market that you can explore before choosing the perfect one for you.
  • Well, safety and pleasure need to go hand in hand. Make sure you don’t experiment to the extent that it can harm you. Open cuts and wounds on nipples are not going to make it look sexy unless you’re into some erotic and painful play mood.
  • The material is another important factor that you should consider before buying a nipple clamp. Go for rubber and silicone material as they are soft and gentle on skin. If you have sensitive skin, then look for options that best suits you.
  • Make sure you don’t put it on for a longer time. The work of the nipple clamp is to stop the blood circulation from settling the nipples in a tighter shape. Responsible use it to make sure that the natural flow of blood.
  • Though nipples clamps are associated only with women but men too can use it. Anything kinky would make the sex time great fun. If you’re into experimenting a lot with your partner, then put it on and enjoy the fun.
  • Nipple clamps can be used for versatile purposes also. Spice up the thing by using a nipple clamp on a clit to stimulate the intense pleasure. Don’t clip it on the clit for longer, but it can use to heat the thing real quick.
  • Other than size, choosing the right shape and texture is also important while picking a nipple clamp. For example, metal clamps cannot bend or adjust, but they provide a strong sensation. There is not much to do in metal clamps, while on the other hand, tweezers are flexible and can be used to unleash various fun sides.
Bad Kitty Butterfly nipple clamps.

The Perfect Way to Use a Nipple Clamp

Are nipple clamps sexy? Yes. Do they hurt? Hell, yes!

It is all fancy and fun to try a nipple clamp while having sex or during self-love, but it is essential to know the best technique to use them. The whole idea of nipple clamps is to feel pain and pinching sensation on and around the nipples. If you clip them right on your nipples, that will be painful, and you won’t be able to enjoy it for a more extended period. Try to put them on the areola or the base of the breast with this, you will have more pleasure, and you can tolerate the pain for more time.

Nipple clamps with neck collar.

It is also important to gently rub, lick and orbit around the nipples and play with them to stimulate the energy before putting on the clamps. Grab the nipples and press them with your thumb and index finger and slowly put the nipple clamp on. Give it some time to adjust to your body naturally. Don’t expect an instant result, put them for a while before you started to feel intense pleasure and pinching sensation. There are high chances of your nipples getting darker because of the hindered blood circulation. You can play with the chain to tease your partner and to take control of the pressure to intensify pleasure and mood.

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