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Nipple Jewelry

Today, sex market offers a lot of appliances and items for sexual experiments. If you want to look good and appealing, being totally naked, buy nipple jewelry. These accessories switch men’s fantasy and turn them on. Why else should you order a set? There are lots of reasons for that.

silver metal nipple jewelry by Lovehoney
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What is Nipple Jewelry?

These are various items that are fixed on nipples and can serve both as sex toys and just body adornment. As a rule a set comprises nipple clamps that have chains attached to them, and sometimes are connected with clitoral ring. There are also many rings for pierced nipples: these can be worn permanently.

Both men and women purchase nipple jewelry because it looks equally appealing to people regardless of gender. Such an item contributes to the stronger sexual arousal of both wearer and his partner, it looks aesthetically and sexy. Besides, this jewelry can enhance the sensitiveness of nipples and breast, improving the effect of penetration.

silver metal nipple jewelry by Fifty Shades of Grey

Main Characteristics

There are thousands of different variants of nipple jewelry online: semi-circle rings and straight barbells rings with chains or pendants, clips, cuffs, etc.

Various materials are used for items: you can find bioplast, plastic, brass or stainless steel nipple rings with gems and cubic zirconia. Of course, the best nipple jewelry is made of silver and gold and can be worn for years.

Typically, the length of bar injected through a nipple is ½ inch. However, there are special variations of other sizes.

1.6 inch silver metal nipple jewelry by Lovehoney
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How to Use

If you have just pierced your nipples, or ordered nipple accessory in the form of clips, you should learn to use them safely. Nipples and breasts are very sensitive and can be easily damaged, which is why you should treat them cautiously. Here are some recommendations for you:

  1. Recently pierced nipples are very sensitive and can be irritated by most metals and materials. As a rule, surgical steel nipple rings are advised for the beginners: it is skin-friendly, and round shape of items prevents clinging.
  2. When wounds are healed, and nipples don’t ache anymore, you are ready to use rings with chains and pendants. Start with lighter ones, for instance, bioplast accessories: their weight is almost zero, so you won’t even feel them inside.
  3. 2 inch silver metal nipple jewelry

  4. Use only nipple jewelry for sale. Mind that hand-made item and other chains and accessories may appear to be too heavy, which will stretch nipples and drag them down. Besides, inappropriate using of other accessories may expose risk to your health.
  5. Jewelry is created for aesthetic purposes mainly. Do not pull chains and rings too harshly – it may be quite unpleasant for the user.
  6. If you order nipple jewelry with different attachments, use underwear or clothes that won’t cling to them. Otherwise, it can be a harrowing experience, and you will be irritated by having your nipples constantly pulled.

2 inch pink vibrating nipple jewelry

How to Choose

Wonder where to buy nipple jewelry, and what a good model looks like? You are guaranteed to have successful online shopping if you follow several rules.

When selecting items, keep in mind that the nipple jewelry price is defined by the material used. If you need both safety and low cost combined together, bioplast is the ideal solution. Don’t mind to pay a hundred bucks for a high-quality set? Then you may order silver and golden rings, and wear them for as long as you want. But if you have sensitive skin, stainless and surgical steel will be the most suitable.

Chains and pendants are not designed for everyday use; these are variations for sex games. You can find different special editions: Christmas, items for Valentine’s day, Halloween, etc.

Don’t know which model will be more convenient for your nipples? Read some nipple jewelry reviews: people share experience and describe product drawbacks and advantages. It will help you to make the right choice.

16 inch gold metal nipple jewelry

Also note that:

  1. Official stores give warranty of authenticity and product safety. Items purchased in popular stores are of better quality and tend to be more long-lasting. On the contrary, cheap nipple jewelry of unknown manufacturers may cause skin irritation and break down quite quickly.
  2. Beginners are advised to start from clips and rings. More advanced users can apply chains and other devices.
  3. An average weight of each ring is 10-15 g – it is optimal for nipples and does not cause discomfort.

4 inch black nipple jewelry by Fifty Shades of Grey

Where to Buy Nipple Jewelry?

Our partner’s site offers a wide range of sex toys, appliances, and body jewelry. All customers enjoy:

  • Fast shipping in discreet package;
  • Low prices, discounts, special offers and sales;
  • Various payment methods;
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24 inch black clamp nipple jewelry

Nipple jewelry is one of the most appealing things ever invented. Find a suitable set, turn your partner on from the first glance at your sexy breast!

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