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No Fap Benefits

NoFap Male Productivity.

There is more to NoFap than just quitting masturbation. However, the misconceptions about NoFap paint a twisted picture of the practice in all ramifications. We may even conclude that many who follow the movement do not even understand the real reason it started.

NoFap, otherwise known as Fapstinence has evolved from just a practice to a movement. There are several reasons why people subscribe to the NoFap challenge. While some are in it just to follow a trend, others are just out to combat the effects of consistent fapping in their lives generally. However, the science behind this practice is what is of utmost importance to us.

Want to do it right? Find out the true intent of NoFap and the claimed and proven benefits of NoFap.

What is Nofap?

Wondering what the NoFap movement entails? One day, a random guy named Alexandre Rhodes proclaimed that staying off masturbation helped to improve his life generally and encouraged others to join in for the benefits. Little by little, people joined in the practice and a movement began to lecture people on the benefits of no masturbation and help them abstain. Now, NoFap has a community that supports porn addicts who want out of addiction and have an improved life quality.

NoFap started as a movement to quit masturbation to curb porn addiction. The practice suggests that abstaining from masturbation is a means to quitting pornography viewing, managing one's sexual behavior, and curbing addiction. They even engage equipment like male chastity belts and chastity cages to help their quest. While some immediately agreed to the belief, others simply waved it off as gibberish because most of the benefits seem like a sham.

Shortly after the NoFap movement began, scientists did their research, and results show that there are indeed benefits of not masturbating. The other claims by NoFap followers however are yet to be proven to this day.

Benefits of Nofap

Given the many proven perks of self-pleasure mentally and physically, there must be some sort of benefits that NoFap offers people who are intent on quitting masturbation. Below are some of the scientific benefits of quitting masturbation.

  • Boosts testosterone and improves sperm motility in men: According to science experts, you start to experience these benefits a week after. Their research shows that the main health benefits of not masturbating are the improvement of sperm quality and increased testosterone production in men. When you abstain from self-pleasure for some days, sperm motility in your body may improve significantly.
  • Manages Addiction: Since NoFap involves staying off pornography too, the practice can help reduce addiction. When you watch porn, your brain produces dopamine which regulates pleasure, thoughts, emotions, arousal, and others in the human body. Frequent viewing of porn will make your brain produce excess dopamine. That means, at some point, your brain becomes used to a certain level of dopamine and has to get there before you feel pleasure or get aroused. However, when you stay off porn and masturbation, dopamine production starts to decrease and go back to a healthy amount. When that happens, you can achieve pleasure without engaging in extreme or complex practices.

There are other benefits of not jerking off which followers of the NoFap movement claim to enjoy since they started the practice. However, most of the purported advantages are not proven yet. Some of the claimed perks of NoFap include:

  • Increment in energy level and productivity in men.
  • Better election as dopamine production levels.
  • NoFap improves sleep quality.
  • Those who try not to fap gain a higher sense of discipline.
  • NoFap improves life quality, generally helping people who practice it to focus more on important things.
  • It regulates the level of dopamine the brain produces and promotes normal humane functions.
  • It helps you attain your sexual health goals.

Is Nofap saying that masturbation is bad?

There are several misconceptions about the NoFap movement. A quick scan through Nofap's official site annuls most of the false beliefs of many. It turns out that the NoFap movement is mainly about porn addiction management and not masturbation itself. When it comes to Faspstinence, no masturbation is simply one of the means to help porn addicts ease the addiction. Studies show that excessive porn viewing is responsible for improper sexual behavior in many. Most porn addicts watch porn when they want to engage in self-pleasure. That indirectly means less masturbation will help reduce the number of times they view porn.

That said, there is absolutely no shame in self-pleasuring from time to time. The people who understand the science behind NoFap are there to combat porn addiction and not masturbation. Self-pleasuring has several proven advantages. You can engage in masturbation solo or with your partner using your fingers, hands, or sex toys. Self-pleasure sex toys like male masturbators and dildos make sexual activities more exciting and can open doors to heightened pleasure for you and your partner.


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What is no fap?
NoFap is an anti-porn addiction movement. They have a community that supports anybody addicted to porn and wishes to curb it. The practice suggests that staying off self-pleasure can help prevent frequent porn viewing and manage one's sexual behavior.
What are the benefits of not masturbating?
Studies show that not jerking off improves the quality of sperm and boosts testosterone production in men. Another proven benefit of not masturbating is that it helps to reduce the level of the production of dopamine which curbs addiction.
Is NoFap healthy?
Porn addiction causes strain in people's relationships and sexual behavior. What NoFap aims to do, is counter the excessive viewing of porn and help reduce its effect. NoFap is healthy for those practicing it the right way. A plus is that there are no adverse effects of not masturbating which means it is a harmless practice.
Is NoFap worth it?
Based on the testimonies of people who practice fapstinence, they enjoy great benefits from cubbing the effects of fapping. Apart from that, scientists assert that NoFap boosts testosterone production and improves sperm motility in men.

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