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How to Take Nudes

Pose For Taking Good Nudes.

Taking nudes is something more than taking naked pictures. Left to me, you should not call it nudes if it is not sexy. However, today it’s common to find an ugly picture of boobs taken under the nudes category – and this should not be.

Taking nudes should not be a problem if you know how to go about it. Are you ready to take good nudes? In this article, we have put together tips on taking creative nudes, best poses for nudes, and how to take sexual selfies. Enjoy reading!

Tips to take better nudes

  • Background: Before taking nudes, ensure that your setting is clear of any distractions. You don't want to use an ugly background either. It is advisable to use a plain background void of any drama. The focus of the shot is supposed to be you or the body part you would like to take. If you cannot find any clear background to use in your home, use a backdrop. Don't feel restricted, your backdrop can be anything from one of your beautiful bed covers to curtains. If you also cannot find a good background, clear a part of the room. Your drawer side, for example, is a nice place to use for your sexy picture.
  • Lighting: lighting can be the difference between a good and a bad nude. You may get the poses and undies color right and still take really bad shots. The problem may be your lighting. During the day, using a white background can help to improve your pictures. Your lighting problem may be solved too if you have a ring light. Ensure that you have adequate lighting before taking your nudes.
  • Clean up good: When your shots involve your pubic areas, make sure you are clean-shaven. Unless the person you are sending the pictures to likes bushy parts, shave it all. You can ask before taking the hairs off so you can be clear about what to do. As a lady, you can touch your face a bit to enhance the look. There is no rule against using makeup before taking a sexy picture.
  • Clean mirrors for selfies: Before taking that sexy mirror picture, wipe the mirror clean. You don't want patches showing on the mirror or not to achieve a clear picture.

How to take sexy nudes?

The following are the best way to take nudes:

  • Pick a struggle: Are you showing your face or a part of your body? It is better to focus on one of those two. It takes less effort to capture either a body part or your face. If you must take a full-body pose, try a mirror selfie instead.
  • Strike sexy poses: Don't just stand there, do some poses that will show off your favorite features. Tilt forward or chest out in a sexy way if you want to take boobs pictures. Bend on a side a bit to show your curves. You are free to enhance those favorite features of yours even. Explore good angles for nudes before taking them.
  • Let your face speak it: from fierce to puppy eyes, your face can make your nudes sexier. Make use of your eyes and mouth of the shot involving your face. Before taking the nudes, practice a little bit in front of your mirror. Try pouting and see if it looks good on you. If you have issues achieving a straight face, I have a tip for you. First, smile without your eyes. Raise your brows then stop smiling. That simple procedure can help you achieve a model's fierce look. You're welcome!
  • Enhance your features: There are many poses for nudes. However, It is hard to achieve good nudes with flabby stomachs and saggy breasts. If you have any of those, don't worry. Try to suck in your stomach if your shot involves it. And if you have sagging boobs, there is absolutely no crime in packing them in your hands or wearing a bra. You do not have to be completely naked to take nudes. You can be half-naked when taking nudes too as long as the clothing pieces you have on are sexy. Also, you do not have to take full-body pictures for nudes. You can take half pictures or secluded parts of your body. Pick a good angle that enhances your features.
  • Pick a sexy color and undies: if you are going for half nude, make sure you pick something sexy. If you are wearing a shirt, part it slightly to show your chest or boobs in a sexy way.

Extra nude tips

Sometimes, what stops people from taking nudes is not the background or the poses. Some people are not confident with their bodies for some reason. If you fall in this category, do not let it restrict you. It is time to let go of the fear, there are a lot of good nude angles that will not show your flaws. Also, learn to love your body. You can practice self intimacy to make it easier for you.

Explore things that give you pleasure. You can also introduce new sexual activities like sex toys to improve. Sex toys are instrumental when practicing self intimacy too.


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How to send nudes?
Set your background, pick a nice posture, show off your curves and take the shot at a nice angle. Also, ensure that the lighting is good around the area you picked for the shot.
How to take boob pics?
It is always nicer when your boobs are packed up either with a bra or your hands. However, if the recipient likes to see the boobs out, you can take it like that if you are comfortable.
How to pose for sexy pictures?
Any pose that displays or enhances your sexy parts properly, is good for nudes. If your boobs are the focus of the shot, you can tilt forward and chest out a bit to get a nice picture.
How to take cute nudes?
Cute nudes usually involve your face. Make sure your face gives off a sexy vibe. You can show your shoulder line a bit. You can open your mouth just a little too.

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