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Open Relationship Rules

Successful  Open Relationship In Marriage.

Love is beautiful but at the same time, it is a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to take responsibility for your actions in a relationship but you are also responsible to your partner. You can’t make certain decisions without cordially informing your significant other. But if you'd like your relationship to be more relaxed without a need to explain where you are or who you are with or if you sometimes want to flirt, then you crave an open relationship. In this article, we'll discuss what it is, how to tell your partner and some rules of being in an open relationship.

Open relationship: meaning

When asked: what is an open relationship? Many people would say that it is when two people in a relationship can do whatever they like outside of the relationship including having sex with other people. However, this is not the true open relationship meaning.

It is when a couple allows themselves to be happy by feeling free to do whatever while respecting the relationship. In simple words, an open relationship is to be bound but respectfully free.

Rules of an open relationship

If you don't want to make a mess of things or ruin your relationship, you need to take things slowly. Some open relationship rules will help you maintain your relationship while you practice freedom. When you know them, you can guarantee that things will remain intact even while you both play outside. So without further ado, this is the list of open marriage rules:

  1. Remain very transparent with what you want and why you want it. Don’t be afraid to say how far you want to go but make sure that your reasons are not destructive.
  2. Set some boundaries (open marriage ground rules) that would keep your relationship intact. For example: if you don’t want your partner to tell you about every new guy, speak up.
  3. The benefits of an open relationship do not include fixing broken marriages and relationships. If your union is already going downhill, sex with other people will not help matters. Do well, and end the relationship.
  4. If your partner does not agree to an open sex relationship, don’t cheat.
  5. One of the best open relationship advice you can receive is to take things slow. Try to connect with the third person. Communicate with both your partner and the new guy. Make sure that the third person knows that he is dating someone in an open relationship.
  6. The fastest way to enter into open relationship problems is to connect with a person you both know. Do not do this. Find someone completely new.
  7. Again we are telling you, COMMUNICATE with your partner.
  8. Make sure that you and your partner are aware of the open marriage pro and cons including the risk of falling for someone else.
  9. Step back when you know you are crossing the line.
  10. Jealousy in open relationships is risky. Don’t act based on jealousy not let it take control of your thoughts.
  11. Your relationship shouldn’t change. If it does, then something is wrong somewhere. Having sex with another person should not make you spend less time with your partner.
  12. Practice safe sex outside. STI and STD are real and you should stay clear of them. It can significantly affect your relationship negatively. Use condoms at all times to prevent complications.
  13. Keep open relationships outside of the home. Rent a hotel, Travel, Use their house – just keep it away from your home. It’s the utmost respect you can have for your significant other.
  14. Ensure that your partner still has the no 1 position in your heart. Though we have mentioned this before, it is very important. Don’t let your partner at any point feel undermined.
  15. Again, discuss with your partner how long the openness would last. Is it going to be a long-term thing or it’s just for the main time?
  16. Can open relationships work? Some will tell you no but we say yes. Remember that an open relationship requires you to be open about the relationship. Don’t keep things secret.
  17. For those being the third person in an open relationship, have fun. Don’t think too much about how your partner has another person. Enjoy the ride and guard your heart.
  18. You don’t need to announce that you are in an open relationship. There are different types of open relationships and one might not understand your way of handling things. So, keep it to yourself and a few trusted persons. It’s personal business.

Now that you are familiar with polyamorous relationship rules, you and your partner should discuss them. But if after seeing the list, you are convinced that an open relationship would solve things, you can work on your relationship instead.

How to spice up your relationship?

There are five ways to turn things around in a relationship that’s going downhill.

  • The first is to get the foundation right. Agree that you want you both to want to fix things in the relationship.
  • Next, learn how to communicate with your partner. Both of you should talk about where the problem is and how you can fix it.
  • Spend time together doing things you love. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other victories together. And don't forget to exchange gifts.
  • Spice up your bedroom. Change the way you have sex. Add sex toys too. Sex toys enhance and diversify sex life which is exactly what you need. You both need to start making yourselves happier even in bed. Experiment with different positions, locations, and help yourself experience your sexual fantasies.

It’s only when your relationship is healthy that you can practice openness in your relationship. It is the simple answer for how to have a successful open relationship.


We hope we have been able to show you how open relationships work successfully. If this article has been helpful to you, kindly check through our best sex toy reviews. We are certain that you'll find all that fits your taste and budget.

What is an open relationship?
It is when a person who is in a relationship connects with another person outside on an emotional and most times, sexual level. It is freedom in a relationship.
What is an open marriage?
This is when a married man or woman seeks sexual and emotional closure with another man or woman outside of marriage while still being married. It is like an open relationship except that the partners are married.
Do open relationships work?
Open relationships, if done correctly are very efficient. They are also helpful for couples who want to enjoy a level of freedom while being in a relationship. It also works very well if the rules are being followed.
How to have an open relationship?
Talk to your partner about having one, set boundaries, flirt with other people (preferably someone you both don’t know), and stay safe. Remain to be transparent about the situation to the third party too.
How to ask for an open relationship?
Call your partner in for a talk while you both are in a good mood. Explain to him or her what you want and why you want it. Be clear, straightforward, concise, and avoid destructive reasons.

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