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Oral Sex Positions and Tips

Oral Sex Positions to Try.

There's no limit in getting freaky, and this is one of the easiest ways to get turned on, so far as you do it right. There are tons of ways that you can get off, make love, achieve throbbing orgasms, and sleep off with a smile. One of these ways is by giving or receiving oral sex with a consenting partner, and it could be the most soothing thing ever. I mean, this is an act that has been in existence for centuries, holding a high level of significance over the years, and it's not looking like changing anytime soon.

Here, we will be telling you what oral sex is, the benefits of good oral sex, and the different types of positions that you and your partner can assume. What's more, we will give you a host of top-notch tips on how you can achieve euphoria during the process of oral stimulation. There are so many ways that you can get your partner's toes to curl, and we will be running through them in a wee bit. So without further ado, let's get down to the business of oral pleasure and perfection.

How to boost your intimacy with oral sex?

Oral sex is the act of stimulating a sexual partner by using your mouth on their sex organs. That is significantly different from penetrative sex, as, in this scenario, you aren't using a penis, sex toy, or any other similar device. Oral sex is when a man or woman uses his or her mouth to stimulate the vagina, ass, or penis during sexual intercourse.

Oral sex could occur as part of foreplay (the action before the main sex course), or it could be a solo sexual act in itself. The important thing is that your partner is entirely comfortable with either going down on you or the other way round, as that's the only way you can achieve an orgasm. There are several benefits of oral sex when done expertly, and we will show you them in just a little bit.

Why are Oral Sex Positions Worth Trying?

Oral sex is a gem when appropriately done, and it could significantly enhance and diversify the sex life of all the parties involved. Let's show you some of the top pros.

  1. It works a charm. It isn't an effortless feel to make your lover quiver in your arms, but you could promptly discard that if you can make them melt using your mouth. There are many videos, pictures, and books that teach people how to make that mouth work magic—as such, unlocking this code might be all that you'll need to bring your lover to an earth-shattering orgasm. P.S, don't tell your partner that we told you, it's better to keep some sources a secret, but you could tell your friends.
  2. It could be a favorite pastime. You might have heard the quip that "once you get a taste, you'll never want to look back." Well, that quip is accurate for oral sex, and we are sure that your partner is on that table. Make sure that you watch enough clips, read our articles, and you'd be a pro in no time. Before you know it, your partner would beg you for some tender loving and pleasure every other day, and that's a fact!
  3. It is incredibly versatile. You can discover many facets of oral sex once both partners are down for the joy ride. And you would be shocked at the number of positions that you can assume during intercourse. Oral sex has existed for ages, and people are finding more ways to keep it fresh. Also, there are many ways to incorporate sophisticated sex toys into the fold, and that's guaranteed to set your (and your partner's) pulses racing. Who said that oral sex was limited (well, no one!)?

There are several oral sex positions and blow job tips that you could try, and here are our top picks.

The 69

What's better than being given oral sex? Well, it's going down on your partner, of course. That's why we love the fact that the 69 allows you to get the best of both worlds, and we bet that your partner shares the sentiment too. Sixty-nine can be performed by any two partners, no matter the body shapes, the lengths, and other factors. All that's needed is that the partners are on the same page. The 69 is a massive asset for partners, as it works on both partners' stimulation zones, makes for sensual work, and has the key to unlocking wild sides.

How to perform

The 69 is relatively easy to explain, but it requires some practice to perfect and a whole lot of sacrifice. First off, one partner lies on their back, and the other lies atop them with their knees straddling the other person's head. Then, both partners can alternate, try new tricks, and work with the flow. You and your partners will soon discover what gets you going, which will work magic with time. It isn't a perfect oral sex position, but there's a lot to look forward to with practice and restraint.

The Orthodox

It is the classic oral sex position that comes to mind when you think about the covert act. It involves your partner laying back and letting you have complete creative control on their lower region. This particular act works wonders on the zones of stimulation, they make for assured work, and you will know if you're doing a good job (or not). What's more, you will feel the legs trembling, which is a significant turn-on once you achieve it.

How to perform

The Orthodox is relatively easy to master, and the main thing is that there has to be a high level of trust during this activity. Let your partner lay back; then it's time to go in between the legs with your tongue and get to work. The position is excellent because it provides comfort for the giver and the receiver, and both partners could take turns after reaching the climax.


This oral sex position is a favorite for partners that love to dominate during sex, and it has earned a reputation in the BDSM stratosphere. This position might not be as famous as the two already discussed, but it's still an asset when done correctly. That's because it is a significant turn-on; it works on stimulating your partner's genitals and makes for assured work. What's more, this oral sex position requires a lot of trust, perseverance, and it is usually rewarded with soothing juices.

How to perform

This oral sex position works with men and women, but it's preferable when the woman does the sitting rather than the other way round. Here, one partner straddles the other person's face, who can then lick, suck, or kiss their partner's genitals. That is a soothing position for partners looking to try new tricks, and it won't be an excellent proposition for conservatives, but who knows?

Great Advice for Best Oral Intercourse

Here are some candid tips:

  • Explore the rest: Remember that your mouth is busy does not mean that the other parts of your body will be idle. That's the whole point of multitasking, and it does not take anything out of your tongue game. As such, when performing oral sex, proceed to run your hands around your partner's body and explore all the curves. Take your time examining the most responsive zones, and keep trying new tricks, as there's so much to gain.
  • Maintain eye contact: There are few things as sexy as the person going down on you maintaining eye contact, and that's almost enough to drive a partner mad. That is a secret trick, and you should use it every time you are trying to blow your partner's mind (literally). Plus, you could try the following tip too.
  • Use Sex Toys: Sex toys for extreme sexual satisfaction are great tools for the perfect oral sex experience. These devices might not be everyone's cup of tea, so you must carry your partner along before getting down to business. However, once you do so, you are bound to have a lot of fun with these fascinating tools. There are a host of gadgets to choose from. You can utilize devices such as dildos, BDSM spreaders, whips, anal plugs, beads, and so much more. What's more, the more you practice, the better you and your partner will be in the art form. Oral sex shouldn't be boring, and sex toys are as attractive as they come.


It's such a pity that so many people live under a rock or are too conservative to know the beauties of oral sex. However, luckily you aren't one of the unlucky bunch, and you know a thing or two about oral stimulation. We've given you all the sex tips for women that you need, and now it's time for you to make a mark (on your partner). Remember, practice makes perfect, and it's essential to try as many new tricks as you can. You'll master the art form in the long run, and soon your partner will be begging for more, and more, and more head. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you want to spread out your sex life, do not pass by our best sex toys reviews. Here you will find everything that fits your budget and taste.

What is oral sex?
Oral sex can be defined as the act of pleasing your sexual partner sexually by using the mouth and anything resident in the mouth. It entails going under and stimulating the said partner's penis, vagina, or ass. You can assume several positions, with the most famous ones being orthodox, face sitting, and 69.
How to give a blow job?
You can give a blow job by getting on your knees and taking your partner's dick into your mouth. Do this, twirl your tongue around the tip, and take it in and out. It would help if you did it with the right amount of saliva, and it requires quite some practice over time.
How to give oral sex?
You'll have to ask your partner how they like it done, and then you can take it from there. Proceed to study their moves when you go under, and with time you'll master the art form.
How to perform oral sex on a woman?
It is slightly different from performing it on men, but it's super interesting if you play your cards right. It involves you letting her lay back, spreading her thighs, then you can have a savory time between those legs. Try to take note of her responses, and you'll perfect that act with time too.
What are oral sexually transmitted diseases?
Oral sexually transmitted diseases are diseases transmitted due to performing oral sex on an infected partner or the other way round. They could be potentially deadly if not treated as soon as possible.
How to have safe oral sex?
You could use an oral condom that can be purchased either online or in a pharmacy store. You could also ensure that you and your partner are tested for all forms of oral STDs, and the negatives will paint the picture for what's to follow.
How to use oral sex toys?
It depends on the toy that you will use, but you should follow the instructions on the box. Also, make sure that you clean them before and after use to prevent infections.

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