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How To Orgasm Easier?

Easy fast orgasm for couple

Do you ever feel like it takes an insane amount of time before you climax? You’re not alone. A lot of people like you, despite enjoying sex actually struggle to orgasm.

Here, we strongly believe that love-making and masturbation shouldn’t be a chore, and that’s why we’re teaching you how to come faster and enjoy sex more. Stay with us.

What is an Easy Orgasm?

An easy orgasm is the type of climax that doesn’t require endless stimulation. Studies show that only 40% of women orgasm easily, but the percentage on the male side is way higher. And why is that?

According to Dr. Becky Spelman of Private Therapy Clinic, ‘an insensitive partner, inadequate lubrication or bad love-making techniques’ are some of the reasons women have difficulty reaching orgasm.

Some other reasons that may inhibit a fast orgasm are hormonal fluctuations, substance abuse, low sex drive, pregnancy, etc. Regardless of your gender, ‘orgasmic’ struggles happen to the best of us. We are going to solve that problem here and now.

How to Achieve Orgasms Easily?

Having a fast orgasm is not impossible, regardless of your sexual history. However, you need to get armed with the right information and techniques in order to come harder and faster.

  • Relax: Dr. Laurie Mintz, PhD maintains that ‘stress can inhibit orgasm because having an orgasm requires turning off one’s brain and simply feeling.’ Do whatever you can to let off steam, and decompress prior to intercourse. When your mind and body are relaxed, it’s easy to let go and feel all the good stuff.
  • Masturbate: Many people have reported that the easiest way to orgasm for them is through masturbation. With masturbation, you’re able to understand how your body responds to various stimuli, and afterwards relay to your partner what you like and don’t.
  • Foreplay: The more foreplay you engage in, the faster your orgasm. That’s because, during foreplay, your genitals experience a surge in blood circulation, thus increasing their sensitivity. When you draw the foreplay out a little longer, penetration becomes a bonus.
  • Go Heavy on the Lube: Lube generally makes sex feel better by reducing friction to minimal levels. The best thing about having a personal lubricant is that you can use it in your partner’s absence. Squirt some onto your coochie/butthole, and enjoy the slickness of a penis/dildo gliding inside you.
  • Talk Dirty: Wanna know how to make a girl orgasm fast? Talk dirty to her. Tell your partner how sexy (s)he is, how hot they are for you, and how they make you feel. A combination of dirty talk and steady stimulation will have them moaning their climax in no time.
  • Oral Sex: A 2016 study showed that the more often a woman received oral sex, the faster she climaxed. As penetration doesn’t do much for most women, oral sex might just be the fastest way to make a woman come. The same goes for men because the warmth and texture of the mouth’s interior can trigger a fast orgasm.
  • Cut Down on the Drugs: Several performance-enhancing drugs such as Viagra and stimulants like cocaine/meth may improve your sexual stamina to an unrealistic extent. Even while having prolonged sex, you’re unable to fully enjoy the goodness of sex because you’re ‘high.’ If you want an easy orgasm, then you must let the drugs go.
  • Act Out Your Fantasies: Fantasies are often more intense than real-life sexual experiences. To get the best of both worlds, make your darkest fantasies a reality. Engage in roleplay, experiment with other sexual partners, try BDSM, etc. whatever mental scenes have been playing in your head might show you how to orgasm quicker.
  • Play With Toys: Sex toys can enhance your sex life in more ways than one. Some of them offer double, even triple stimulation for your pleasure. Vibrating butt plugs can be a man’s easiest way to cum. While women can use clitoral vibrators or vibrating panties for fast female orgasm.
  • Positions: If you have a routine for sex (no matter how great), then it’s time to switch things up! Routines get boring. Learning how to come faster involves a lot of experiments that may interfere with your routine. Switch up the order of your sex, from foreplay to penetration, and change positions as often as your gut leads.

Best Positions for a Fast Orgasm

A good sex position will have you feeling things you’ve never felt- exciting sensations that will lead to a fast orgasm. Some great positions are;

  1. Missionary Magician Position: this is a variation of the basic missionary you know. Have your partner lying face up, place a pillow beneath their butt to create an incline, then place one or both of their legs on your shoulders.
  2. Downward Doggy: this works great for males and females who want the fastest orgasm. Lie flat on your belly, with a pillow propping up your pelvis. The angle makes it easy to reach the G Spot/P-spot through a downward thrust.
  3. Spooning: In this position, you and your partner lie facing one direction, with your butt to his. Spooning allows for easy access to different erogenous zones and deep penetration.

If you’re masturbating, the ideal position would be to lie face up and adjust your range of motion. But with a hands-free sex toy, you can let go and ride yourself into pleasure paradise.

Orgasms are undoubtedly incredible. However, getting one after much difficulty just takes the thrill out of it. With the techniques in this article, you’ll get your orgasm hard and fast- as you like it. If you enjoyed this article, head over to our sex toy review section to find sex toys that will turn your life around- for good, we promise.

How to make a girl come faster?
To make a girl come faster, thrust in and upwards because the G spot and other toe-curling spots are on the upward side of her vagina (if she lies facing upwards). You can also use a clitoral vibrator to stimulate her clit while you enjoy foreplay for longer periods.
How to reach an orgasm during intercourse?
One way to achieve an orgasm during intercourse is to forget the orgasm. Instead of making orgasm your only goal, focus on exploring your (partner’s) body, giving and receiving pleasure.
How to orgasm easier while masturbating?
The easiest way to cum during masturbation would be using a hands-free sex toy to stimulate your clit/anus while stroking your nipples at once. Try a rabbit vibrator (it can stimulate two spots simultaneously) and alternate between speeds to take things up a notch.
How to relax your mind during intercourse?
Relaxing your mind during intercourse means letting go of all the negative thoughts and getting lost in the moment. To have a relaxed mind, focus on your partner, maintain eye contact and practice mindful breathing.

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