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Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps.

Many men worry about the size of their penis, some others challenge the intensity of their penetrative sex. Sadly, both conditions can affect your sex life quite negatively. If you feel your penis size is small or you could use a little help with your penetrating strength, then you are not alone in this. Adding a few extra inches to your penis size might be a dream come true. A penis enlargement pump, short for a penis pump is probably what you are looking for. To get started on your new adventure, check our table below to see the best types of penis pumps that you could use to enjoy better penetration during sex.

Top 10 Best Penis Pumps in 2023

Products Information Price
Bathmate HYDRO7 Penis Pump Blue
Bathmate Penis Pump 7 inch
Material: Plastic
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Submersible
Canal diameter: 2.25 inches
Length: 7 inches
Girth of up: 6.5 inches
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Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump.
Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Waterproof: Submersible
Canal diameter: 1.25 inches
Internal Length: 8.5 inches
Opening: Neutral
Material: Silicone
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Pipedream Pump Worx Max Precision Power Penis Pump
Pipedream Pump Worx Max Precision Power
Material: PVC
Contains latex: No
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Submersible
Canal diameter: 2.25 inches
Set Includes: silicone pleasure ring, lubricant, toy cleaner and thickening cream
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Lovehoney Ultimate Performance Male Sex Toy Kit
Lovehoney Ultimate Performance Male Sex Toy Kit
Material: TPE
Waterproof: Submersible
Canal diameter: 1 inches
Set Includes: vibrating penis pump, butt plug, cock ring and stroker
Vibration speed/patterns: 3/4
Power type: Batteries (included)
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BASICS Textured Penis Pump 7.5 Inches.
BASICS Textured Penis Pump
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Waterproof: Splashproof
Canal diameter: 1.75 inches
Internal Length: 7.5 inches
Opening: Neutral
Material: Hard Plastic
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Optimum Series Rechargeable Automatic Smart Penis Pump
Optimum Series Penis Pump
Material: Soft Plastic
Flexibility: Rigid
Canal diameter: 0.25 inches
Internal Length: 9 inches
Opening: Neutral
Length: 13.5 inches
Power Type: Rechargeable
Waterproof: No
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Optimum Series Automatic Advanced Smart Penis Pump
Optimum Series Smart Penis Pump
Material: Soft Plastic
Flexibility: Rigid
Canal diameter: 0.25 inches
Circumference: 8 inches
Length: 12.5 inches
Allergens: Phthalate-Free
Features: Rechargeable
Waterproof: No
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Doc Johnson Mega Cock Penis Pump
Doc Johnson Mega Cock
Material: PVC
Contains latex: No
Contains phthalates: No
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Submersible
Canal diameter: 1.5 inches
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Lovehoney Pumped Up 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump
Lovehoney Pumped Up 7 Function Vibrating Penis Pump 8.5 inch
Material: Soft Plastic
Contains phthalates: No
Power Type: Batteries (not included)
Length: 8.5 inches
Internal Length: 7.5 inches
Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
Waterproof: Submersible
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What is a Penis Pump?

If you have been searching for a better solution to increasing your penis size, then you might have read a ton of materials on what this pump is all about. A penis pump could also be known as a Vacuum Erection Device (VED) or an erection pump. It has a chamber and a pump that is expertly built using quality plastic materials, making it conducive for your usage. The Plastic Chamber is basically a vacuum in which you insert your penis. To use this tool, you have to stand in a position that seems as you are about to masturbate. Then, the pump – which could either be controlled by your hand or battery – generates pressure. Meanwhile, the suction from the pressure accelerates blood flow into your penis, causing you to have an erection. Once the Erection of your penis has been achieved, you might need another device called a “Constriction Ring”, otherwise known as a ‘cock ring’ to maintain the erection. However, if you are not suffering from erectile dysfunction, you can skip this.

  Optimum Series Maximum Results Pump Set.

The increasing demand for a penis pumping device that can help men to enlarge penis size has been on for years. This need has led to the creation of many types of penis vacuum pumps for you to choose from. They are four major types and they include:

  1. Manual Penis Pump
  2. Hydro Penis Pump
  3. Electric Penis Pump

Let’s take a deep dive into all of them, Shall we?

Manual Penis Pump

As the name implies, it makes use of air as a primary source for generating pressure within the chamber. It does this by extracting the air within the chamber, this causes a vacuum that goes on to accelerate the blood flowing into your penis. And an erection happens, talk about penis pumps immediate results! Although they are widely regarded as the cock pumps one-true pairing (OTPs), they are also easy to use by anyone and are usually affordable. They are built using plastic and they have a Tube-like shape which is called the chamber with a pump attached to it. It is manually powered using the pump that pulls out the air in the Chamber. It also has no remote control.

Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pumps.

Electric Penis Pump

Electric Pumps have been a huge relief for men who don’t know how to operate a manual one. With the introduction of a simple switch (on/off), it is super easy to use. When it is switched on, the device automatically sucks out the air and when you have gotten your desired erection, you simply switch it off. It is as simple as that! It is especially helpful for folks or men who can’t operate the manual version, and for those who due to health issues (like cerebral palsy amongst others), can’t comfortably operate the manual type. These versions are built using plastic and they have a tube-like shape which is called the chamber with a penile pump attached to it. The Electrical sex pump is powered using Electricity with a power switch that triggers the device's operation. And yes, it has a remote control.

Hydro Penis Pump

As the name implies, it means Water Penis Pump, and it primarily works with the use of water. This type of pump contains a Plastic Chamber and a valve that controls the water inside the Chamber. The Water variation comes with a seal that looks just like a Harmonica – this seal primarily creates the vacuum pressure within the chamber by sticking out to your pelvic area. When it comes to this type of vacuum erection device, warm water is usually preferred because it stimulates the skin, the penis muscles, and the blood vessels within your penis. This also helps increase your penis growth – that’s one thing you would appreciate! They are built using plastic and they have a Tube-like shape which is called the chamber and a seal that looks like a Harmonica.

Textured Balloon Penis Pump. Choose Penis Pump

How to Choose the Best Penis Pump?

If you search through the web for reviews, you will likely be overwhelmed by the number of options that you will come across. This makes it difficult to choose the best budget penis pump, especially if it’s still a new terrain. Selecting the ideal penile pump could pose a challenge, so, we don’t want you to muddle yourself up on the challenges that could arise from getting the right products. This is why we have taken time to list some of the things you should watch out for when making your purchase.

  • Vacuum Limiter. Be sure that it has a Vacuum Limiter; this is an important part of any Cock Pumping Device that you come across. The primary role of the Vacuum Limiter is that it ensures there is a limit to the amount of pressure within the chamber. In an event where you keep adding pressure to the vacuum created, the vacuum Limiter ensures no further pressure is added when it gets to the limit. Besides, it also protects your penis from any damage or injuries.
  • Pressure Range Gauge. Just like The Vacuum Limiter, the Pressure Range Gauge is also an important part of any dick pump. It gives you a clear reading of the amount of pressure within the pump so you can easily decide when to stop. Both the Vacuum Limiter and Pressure Range Gauge are important and can be used together to ensure that you have that ideal erection that you seek.
  • Cock Ring Size. Before you buy or choose any vacuum erection device as your preferred choice, ensure the size of the cock ring fits perfectly around your penis. Getting the right size could be a dilemma. But understand this range, the ring has to be tight enough fit well and not fall off. It also has to be comfortable for you. So, it shouldn’t be too tight that it ends up causing discomfort to you.
  • Erection Device. Before you acquire a new penis pump sleeve, ensure that the description clearly states that it is an erection device. As much as you want to increase your penis Size, a cock pump cannot effectively give you that. Yes, you may gain a few inches, but not outright enlargement. And this is why you need to be careful and be sure that the device you choose clearly states that it is an erection device before buying.
Vacuum Penis Pump Enlarger Erection Enhancer.

How to Clean and Use

If this is your first time, you may feel awkward, but don't worry, it's a normal experience. Try not to overthink it or begin watching tons of YouTube videos on how to use one - because it's simple to use! We will give a step-by-step illustration of how to use penis enlargement pump. But first, let’s touch on a few things:

Safety and Regulations

Though it has some technical parts to its operation, and it might be painful if you overuse it. It is generally safe to use. However, when using the penis pump sex toy, restrain yourself from over-using it. Because over-use and misuse could lead to worse events.

Where to store

Concerning where to store this sort of adult play device, it is not too much of a case. To make sure that your sex toy is safely tucked away from where it can injure others, keep it in your bedroom or your wardrobe. But make sure that it is in a cool place where moisture and heat can’t damage your investment.

Step-by-step instructions of using cock pumps

Just follow the following steps and you should be fine.

  1. First, insert your Penis into the Tube or Chamber. Due to Friction issues, you may want to use a lubricant, so you can avoid any possible irritation.
  3. Turn the Pump on - this is if it is an electric type. If not, you would need to use the hand pump attached to the tube. For the electric one, you simply switch it on. But the manual type will require you to start pressing the pump to remove the air from the chamber before erection can take place.
  4. Ensure the seal is fitted properly to ensure air doesn't enter back into the chamber.
  6. Remove the chamber and then apply a Ring to ensure you maintain your erection.
Vibrating Penis Pump.

Advantages and disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Pump

Without any doubt, using a penis pump offer several benefits, these include:

  • Helps you generate the erection satisfaction that you seek.
  • An erectile dysfunction pump offers fewer risks, and it’s cost-effective to treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Penetrative sex becomes more enjoyable.
  • The penis becomes more sensitive, making orgasms easier to reach.
  • A medical penis pump is a fun sex toy with several health benefits.
  • It is super easy to use and clean.

Just like any other thing, there are a few disadvantages and penis pump side effects that are not all that fun. These include:

  • The erection might not feel natural because it is not spontaneous.
  • Harmless blood dots could occur under the surface of the penis skin.
  • There could be an occurrence of pain if it is misused or abused.
Automatic Precision Electric Penis Pump with LCD Gauge.


Without any doubt, a Penile Pump is a great erection device that can help you stimulate your penis and achieve great penetration during sex. It comes with a few drawbacks that you can live with but overall, it's a device that you should get your hands on to enjoy the satisfaction that you seek. To begin this new adventure, you can go through our top options for the top-rated penis pumps.

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What are penis pumps, and how do they work?
Penis pumps, also known as vacuum erection devices or cock pumps, are cylindrical devices that fit over the penis and create a vacuum around it. This vacuum action draws blood into the penis, resulting in an erection. Penis pumps are often used to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve and maintain an erection, but they are also used by some men for temporary penis enlargement or as a masturbation aid.
How do I choose the best penis pump for my needs?
To choose the best penis pump, consider factors such as the type of pump (manual, electric, or hydro), the size of the cylinder, the quality of materials, and any additional features like pressure gauges or vibration. Read product reviews and ask for recommendations from experienced users or medical professionals. Always prioritize safety and choose a penis pump from a reputable brand with a solid track record of customer satisfaction.
Are penis pumps safe to use?
Penis pumps are generally safe when used correctly and according to the manufacturer's instructions. However, using a penis pump improperly or for extended periods can cause injury, such as bruising, tissue damage, or temporary erectile problems. It's essential to follow the guidelines provided with your penis pump and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about its use.
Can penis pumps help with erectile dysfunction?
Yes, penis pumps can help men with erectile dysfunction achieve and maintain an erection. The vacuum created by the pump draws blood into the penis, resulting in an erection. Many men with erectile dysfunction find penis pumps to be a helpful, non-invasive solution to their condition. However, it's important to consult a healthcare professional to discuss your specific situation and determine the best course of action for treating your erectile dysfunction.
Can penis pumps provide permanent penis enlargement?
Penis pumps can provide temporary enlargement due to the increased blood flow to the penis during use. However, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that penis pumps can provide permanent penis enlargement. The effects of using a penis pump are typically short-lived, and the penis will return to its normal size once the pump is removed.
How do I use a penis pump correctly?
To use a penis pump correctly, follow these general steps: 1) Apply a water-based lubricant to your penis and the opening of the pump's cylinder. 2) Insert your penis into the cylinder and create a secure seal against your body. 3) Begin pumping, either manually or using an electric pump, to create a vacuum around your penis. 4) Continue pumping until you achieve a comfortable erection. 5) Maintain the erection using a constriction ring, if necessary. 6) Remove the pump and enjoy the erection for a limited time. Always follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions.
How long should I use a penis pump in one session?
The duration of a penis pump session varies depending on individual preferences and comfort levels. Generally, it is recommended to limit penis pump use to no more than 15-20 minutes per session to avoid injury or discomfort. Overusing a penis pump can cause bruising, tissue damage, or temporary erectile problems, so it's crucial to use caution and listen to your body.
Can I use a penis pump with a partner during sexual activities?
Yes, you can use a penis pump with a partner during sexual activities. Some couples incorporate penis pump use into their foreplay or as part of a sexual fantasy. However, it's essential to communicate openly with your partner about your desires and intentions, as well as your comfort levels and boundaries. Always prioritize safety, consent, and mutual enjoyment during any sexual activity involving a penis pump.
Are there any side effects or risks associated with using penis pumps?
While penis pumps are generally safe when used correctly, there are potential side effects and risks associated with their use. Some users may experience bruising, discomfort, or temporary erectile problems. Overusing a penis pump or using it improperly can lead to more serious complications, such as tissue damage or permanent erectile dysfunction. To minimize the risk of side effects, follow the manufacturer's instructions, use caution, and consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns.
Can I use a penis pump if I have a penile implant?
It's not recommended to use a penis pump if you have a penile implant, as the vacuum pressure created by the pump may cause damage to the implant or interfere with its function. If you have a penile implant and are experiencing difficulties with erections or sexual satisfaction, consult your healthcare provider for guidance on the best course of action.
What is the difference between a manual, electric, and hydro penis pump?
A manual penis pump requires the user to create a vacuum around the penis by pumping a handle or squeezing a bulb. An electric penis pump automates this process with a motor, providing more consistent pressure and often a more comfortable experience. A hydro penis pump, on the other hand, uses water instead of air to create a vacuum, which can provide a more even pressure distribution and a more comfortable experience. Each type of penis pump has its advantages and disadvantages, so it's essential to research and consider your personal preferences and needs when choosing a pump.

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