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Not so much as a sex toy, a penis pump is a device that can help men overcome the issues of erectile dysfunction. Vacuum penis pump has helped males all over the world to bring their sex game to a satisfying level since their partners can feel the benefits of a device as well. In this penis pump guide, we will talk about the different types, sizes, and methods of using penis pumps.

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What is a penis pump?

A penis pump, or a penis enlargement pump, is a device that can help you with erectile dysfunction and make your penis appear larger for a certain amount of time. Your penis will be rock solid, and your bedroom issues will be much easier to handle with. This can all be achieved with Viagra as well so you might wonder why you would need a pump in the first place when you can just take a simple pill. The reason for this is that Viagra pills can sometimes have nasty side effects, so if you are not so keen on that, a penis pump can provide a more natural, or let’s say, a more mechanical option with the same results.

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Types and main characteristics

The technology of penis pumps has reached the limit where there are multiple mechanics and designs that you can choose from. These go from simple pumps with a pumping part that you can handle manually, to electric and vibrating pumps that are a little more advanced.

  • Regular (simple) penis pump – These have two parts: a part that you put your penis in, usually called the vacuum tube, and a bulb or a handheld part that you handle manually to a level you are most comfortable with.
  • Electric penis pump – These come with batteries, and they have no gaiter system attached to them so you can let the device do the work for you. You can pre-program the pump to a certain power level and just enjoy.
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  • Vibrating penis pump – Some men like the feeling of vibration when it comes to these devices and although rare, vibrating penis pumps do exist. The pumping system is the part that will get you erected, and the vibrating option is just there for sensation purposes.

Whichever type of a penis pump you choose, it’s basically going to do the same thing. It will help you drive the blood directly to your penis, ensuring that you have a strong erection and that you are ready for sexual intercourse.

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How to choose the best penis pump?

Although the mechanics of penis pumps is simple, and you can hardly choose the wrong one, some top rated penis pumps brands are praised by most men who tried them. These include names such as:

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  • REVO Automatic Electric Penis Enlargement Pump – Easy to operate with multiple pumping speeds.
  • Canwin – Cheap, yet effective, comfortable, and also water resistant.
  • Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme – Manufacturers of this one provide 2-year warranty and money back guarantee.
  • Bathmate Hydro Pump X – Comfortable and more powerful than the previous versions.
  • Penomet – Fast results and a 3 year warranty.

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Choosing the right size

When it comes to penis sizes we are all different. Some have bigger girth, others are blessed with the sizable length, but other might have what’s considered a small penis. Whichever your penis size is, it is most likely that any pump for penis will fit nevertheless. Most penis pumps are over ten inches long, so even the large penises can fit in there nicely. The most effective penis pump does not necessarily have to be big or small, as the mechanic of it is what’s important. However, to have the best comfort, you might consider measuring your penis girth and start from there. If your base girth is fairly small, let’s say 4 inches, you might want to start with a pump with a smaller diameter of up to 1.5 inches. If you have an average size girth at around 5 or 6 inches, you can start with a cylinder diameter of 2 inches. For wider penis sizes that measure 7 inches in circumference or higher, there are pumps with fairly large diameters that reach up to 2.75 inches. Make sure that you find the right size because if you buy a pump that’s too big or too small, you might not feel the benefits of using a penis pump at all.

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Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Most penis pumps are made from plastic with the rubber part on the bottom. These are not the most durable materials, but some manufacturers make the devices from stronger plastic than others. If you are on a budget and wish to not spend more than a $100 on a pump, you must be ready for it to be worn out rather quickly. High-quality penis pump reviews always suggest that you spend a few extra bucks on the ting if you wish to use for more than several years. When it comes to shape, they are all pretty much the same – flat, see-through cylinders that are perfectly round and textureless. It is not meant for your penis to touch the cylinder walls, so there’s no point for the device to have any shapes other than a plain and simple one. On the penis, there is usually a measuring table with which you can easily notice that your penis does, in fact, get larger and wider. The rubber part is usually ribbed so it can easily bend during pumping. Color is basically your own choice, and there are plenty of them to choose from, though some designers make different colors for different sizes and power levels, so make sure to understand which color represents which feature of a penis pump you are planning to buy.

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How to use a penis pump?

A vacuum penis pump usually comes with the simple instruction guide on how to use it correctly. If there isn’t one, you might consider returning the device back. However, most pumps follow pretty much the same instructions for use. First, you would want to clean the device properly. After that, fill the pump with warm of hot water if you are using a water-based device. If not, just slowly put the pump over your penis. Press the pump against your pelvis to create a seal. Keep pressing the pump to create pressure and then stay still and keep the pump on your penis for about 15 minutes. After that, release the valve to decrease the pressure and just remove the pump from your penis. You might wonder are penis pumps safe in the first place. They are if you use them correctly, although around 30% of men experience pain when using them for the first time. In extreme cases, you can notice some bruising, but these side effects are rare.

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