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Period Sex

Benefits Of Period Sex

Once every month or so, your body punishes you for not conceiving during the last window it opened to you – your period. However, your period should not rule your life and sexual activities. While period sex comes with its unique set of challenges, it is entirely safe, enjoyable and offers a couple of benefits you could never have imagined.

Yes, you read that right. You can have the best sex of your life even during your monthly cycle. This article will be debunking major period sex myths and discussing tips to maximize your sexual experience. Once you realize how good sex can be during your time of the month, it might even be a period that you look forward to.

Benefits of period sex

Believe it or not, there are some great benefits of having sex while you're on your period. Once you can look beyond the mess, you open yourself up to a world of delectation in your sex life.

  • Relief from menstrual cramps: Cramps are among the most challenging symptoms that come with your period. Every lady detests the sharp poking pain that gives a very realistic impression of your stomach getting tied in knots. Rather than popping a few Midol whenever it's that time of the month, period sex has been proven to be a natural remedy for menstrual pain. An orgasm during your period makes the muscles contract, then they release, bringing you great relief from the cramps.
  • Shorter periods: Menstruating can be pretty nasty and messy. As soon as it comes, you're counting days till you can walk around freely without a tampon. The intense orgasm from intercourse may be the solution you need. The muscle contractions during orgasms help push out the contents of the uterus faster, resulting in a shorter menstrual period.
  • Get extra lubrication: Who needs lube when you can get natural lubrication. Thankfully, this is just what period sex offers. Experts have cited menstrual fluids as a natural substitute for lubricants. The next time your partner gets over, behind, or under you and is about to slide it in during your period, you have one less thing to worry about, thanks to this organic lube.

Beginners tips

If you're new to this sort of sexual experience, you may be wondering how to have sex on your period while avoiding the mess that accompanies.

  • Use towels. Your most significant concern about period sex is the bloodstains that might ruin your sheets. Lucky for you, a hack to avoid this plight is using a towel. Simply lay a towel on your bed to collect any fluid that may be expelled during love-making and throw it in the washer after.
  • Sex in the shower. Do you want to know what's better than period sex? Period sex in the shower. Unlike regular shower sex, where the vagina's natural lube is washed away in the flowing water, the menstrual fluid will provide steady lubrication to ensure that you don't run out. Enjoy bawdy sensual penetration without having to stop every few minutes to apply more lube.
  • Get creative and use your sex toys. Just because you're on your period doesn't mean that you should issue a cease and desist on all sexual activity. Feel free to explore as you would on any other day. If your partner is open to it, you can make light of the messiness through oral stimulation in the shower. Another great idea will be to incorporate sex toys while making love. Your dildos and vibrators will come in handy in these erotic sessions, and the best part is that they can easily be washed after.

Safety precautions for period sex

Before having sex during your period, you need to ensure that your safety and your partner come first. Follow these precautions for safe sex when next it's your time of the month.

  • If you use a tampon, ensure that you take it out before penetration. You don't want to have to drive down to the doctor telling the awkward story of how you tampon in six inches deep inside you.
  • Beware of STIs. The risk of contracting a nasty infection is much higher during your period due to the excess bloody fluid expelled. To be on the safe side, ensure that both parties are tested or wear a condom.
  • Being on your period doesn't stop you from getting pregnant. Before kickstarting this moment of smooth pleasure, ensure that you use a form of contraception.


Our bodies can get messy for good reasons, and so can sex. However, we can control these situations with a bit of foresight and proactiveness. Don't put your sex life on hold just because of a few days of flow. Instead, use it to your advantage and enjoy a sensual experience that will have you wanting more. If you found our article helpful, you're welcome to check out our best sex toy reviews. Here, you'll find everything that suits your budget and taste.

Does sex help with cramps?
Period sex can significantly reduce the pain that you experience during menstrual cramps. The orgasm has been proven to cause contractions and releases that offer relief from cramps.
Can you have sex on your period?
You can have sex on your period as long as you and your partner are comfortable doing so. Your only problem will be coping with the mess, which can be handled by laying a towel or having sex in the shower.
Does having sex on your period make you bleed more?
Having sex during your period is not going to make you bleed more than usual. However, it might make it easier for available fluids to flow out of the body.
Is period sex bad?
Contrary to popular beliefs, period sex is not bad; rather, it is beneficial. Having sex during your time of the month offers relief from pain and can help shorten your menstrual period.
Can a man get an infection from period blood?
Period blood directly doesn't cause any infection to men. The only way that you may be at risk of disease is if your partner already has an STI that can be passed to you through the fluids.
Can having sex during your period get you pregnant?
While you can get pregnant during your period, the chances are significantly reduced. However, to be on the safe side, ensure that you use some form of protection rather than banking on luck.

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