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Love masturbating when out of home, but can’t take your favorite sex toys with you, because they are too big? Modern sex toy market offers a wide range of different devices with pocket rocket vibrator among the most compact ones. Although small and light, it provides quite powerful vibrations and unforgettable pleasure.

pocket party 10 function clitoral vibrator
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What is Pocket Rocket?

This is a sex toy made in the form of a usual vibrator, but having quite small sizes, as the name suggests it. If you search for a Pocket Rocket online, you will see that they are short, and can be taken almost anywhere, easily fitting a small pocket. You may store it in your desk, under the pillow, or carry in a bag – no one will notice this discreet object!

Although being tiny, the device generates quite strong vibrations and serves as a good teaser for both men and women. It’s a perfect choice for masturbation or sex playing, and can be used to penetrate any body part. The best Pocket Rockets come with various heads, which allows stimulating people internally and externally.

pocket party 4 function clitoral vibrator

Main characteristics

Practically all devices have the same features and characteristics:

  • They are made of hard plastic and go in set with various heads with dots and ribs, which makes them perfect for the penetration of different body parts (genitals, nipples, vagina).
  • Pocket rockets are usually no longer than five inches, being small and compact.
  • You can buy Pocket Rocket with remote control, but these versions are not so much popular.
  • Most variants work on batteries and are switched on and off manually.
  • Purple and pink colors are the most popular.

purple pocket party 4 function clitoral vibrator

The device is quite simple, and usually features one mode of vibration. But there are specific variations like rabbit-style small vibrators with additional heads, or rocket pockets made in the form of a lipstick. Waterproof versions are also available.

Want to order Pocket Rocket? Visit our partner’s site and choose the most suitable variant for you and your partner. Great choice and low prices are guaranteed!

purple pocket party 5 function clitoral vibrator
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How to use

Since this sex toy is a usual vibrator, Rocket Pocket using is very simple, and if you have had some experience of applying a dildo or vibrator, you won’t face any problems.

But before starting playing with your partner, or using the toy on your own, don’t forget about several things. First, apply some lube on it. If it is a plastic toy, any type (silicone, oil or water based) will do. Using a waterproof device? Then silicone-based lubricant should be chosen.

white pocket party 5 function clitoral vibrator

According to Pocket Rocket reviews, they are perfect for genital penetration, while when being injected, may not supply enough stimulation for some women. Note that if you use the item internally, don’t push it too deep (not deeper than two inches). Otherwise, it may let lost inside!

Before application, check all the seams and joints: they should be properly closed and sealed to avoid getting electric shock and mechanism damage.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Even a simple, cheap pocket rocket can do wonders when being in right hands. The item is versatile: try pushing and rubbing it against pelvis zone, clitoris and nipples. It is also quite good for anal sex, especially, for the starters.

blue pocket party 3 function clitoral vibrator

How to choose

Decided to check for some Pocket Rockets for sale? If you have no experience of trying such a sex toy, pay attention to the following aspects when buying one:

  1. Make sure you order a 100% original product. Avoid fake production, because counterfeit devices may be produced of unsafe materials and be non-productive.
  2. Mind that Pocket Rocket price is not the most important thing. Check the item’s quality, what functions and features it has, and whether it performs the way you like.
  3. black pocket party clitoral vibrator

  4. Want to use it for anal penetration? Plastic variants would be the most suitable, because they reduce friction.
  5. Afraid of the item being found? Purchase Pocket Rocket made in the form of lipstick or some other object – they are hard to differ!
  6. If you need a remote control device, note that some of them are controlled via smartphone applications, so you should have an Android or Apple computing device (other platforms may not support the software).

With these pieces of advice, you will be able to choose the right item and make a perfect purchase!

purple pocket party clitoral vibrator

Where to buy Pocket Rocket?

Although such sex toy is not new, it is still quite hard to find in usual sex shops. Use the Net! Where to buy Pocket Rocket online? Consider our partner’s site. This marketplace has a lot to offer for customers.

You will be pleasantly surprised by rich choice of products and unique items. Pocket Rocket price and other items cost is moderate, and there are constant sales and special offers.

Plus, you will enjoy fast anonymous shipping, easy site navigation and excellent quality of the toys.

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