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Positive Effects of Watching Pornography

Watching Porn With A Partner

So many arguments have gone, and like it or not, will still come up about pornography, and they are always about the good or evil of it.

Most of us are already aware of the side effects of watching hot videos but not the advantages. I bet you are wondering if there were really any benefits of watching porn. However, just as with every other thing, there are positive effects of watching pornography videos as there are disadvantages.

You are about to find out in this article the positive effects of watching pornography.

5 Amazing porn benefits

It is time for you to forget about the disadvantages of watching hot videos and focus on these benefits:

  • Pornography encourages masturbation: There is a closely-knit relationship between watching porn and masturbation. Many sex therapists have tried to promote self-intimacy. And that is because of the benefits it offers. Some of the advantages of masturbation include stress reduction, enhancement of self-esteem, better relaxation, and quality sleep. Porn prompts viewers to masturbate, thereby helping them gain all the health benefits of self-intimacy.
  • Porn helps build sexual confidence: With the various plots used in porn, people get to see that they are not alone or weird for liking certain sexual activities. You see plus-size porn stars, long and short penis lengths, piercings in different places you would ordinarily classify as weird, and so on. Some people can relate to those acts better. That helps them feel better about themselves and embrace their sexuality and body.
  • Increases sexual knowledge: Many have learned to diversify their sex lives by watching porn before sex. You get to see the use of a wide range of sex toys like fleshlight girls, dildos, vibrating pants, butt plugs, and so on in porn videos. Do not forget that sex toys are one of the things that make sex great for most couples. While pornography might have a few misleading thoughts on sex, it has also been a great teacher to a good number of people.
  • Reduction in sexual tension and stress: One of the psychological effects of porn is the ability to be more productive after watching it. Several studies have been done and have proven that the mind relaxes while viewing. That, I must say, is one of the most significant positive effects of watching pornography.
  • Reduces risk of sexually transmitted diseases: Watching pornography and masturbation work together like hands and gloves. Most of the time, viewers of porn videos end up masturbating and releasing their sexual tensions, after which they may not need to have sex with somebody. That reduces the number of times they have coital sex and therefore lowers the risk of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases.


While there are a few cons to watching porn, we can also conclude that it has so many unexpected benefits packed in it. Raise your head high; you may be doing the right thing for yourself by watching porn after all! Do not overdo it; there is danger in viewing too much porn.

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Is watching porn bad?
Watching porn is not bad. However, too much viewing of porn can cause sexual dysfunction in you. It may lead to destructive sexual addictions and affect your relationship with people. If you have to view it, do it with discretion to avoid nasty side effects.
What does porn do to your brain?
Viewing porn prompts your brain to release dopamine which spikes when you are experiencing pleasure. That process is similar to how drugs work. The brain produces dopamine at an increased rate every time. That is because, once you are used to a certain level of pleasure, your brain would require more content to reach that particular high as time passes. Similar to how a drug user would require a higher dose of drugs to get to a certain level of high.
Is watching porn bad for your health?
Watching porn itself is not harmful; it is the overdoing that kills. Frequent porn viewing primarily affects mental health. It may expose you to sexual risks behaviors and gender-based violence. However, that may also not be the case for you if you have access to good sex education and sex itself.
Why do people watch porn?
Most people watch porn for pleasure. The sight arouses them and encourages masturbation. Another reason why some people watch hot videos is to release tension. They have increased productivity once orgasm happens.
How often should you watch porn?
Based on sex therapists’ advice, four hours a week is okay to view spornography videos. That is not to say you should use the four hours at once. You are supposed to spread the hours across the week.

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