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How to prepare for sex?

Woman Prepare Her Body For Sex

Preparation before sex helps a lot to improve one’s sex life. It entails preparing both your mind and body for sex, making the experience a deliciously different one. How do you prepare for sex?

In this article, we have prepared a list of what to do before having sex for you. If you are planning to have sex for the first time, we also have some tips on how you can prepare yourself for sex. Have fun reading!

How to prepare yourself for sex?

Going straight into sex seems to be the conventional way of intimacy for most couples. However, sex therapists have proven that preparing for sex has a lot to do with what you get out of it. When you make prior plans, you are more relaxed and ready for sex physically and mentally. You get to give and respond more when you engage in pre-sex activities before getting intimate with your partner.

Apart from the enhanced pleasure you get from preparing, it also helps to spice up the relationship with your partner outside the bedroom. How do you prepare for sex?

The following tips are things to do before you have sex, whether this is your first time or experienced;

  • Prepare your mind: The best thing to do before sex is prepare your mind. Sex has a lot to do with the senses. Do not put so high expectations on the sex, but do not lack enthusiasm either. That is because your partner might not meet that standard you have conjured in your mind or the experience you have already. So, hope for great sex, but also do not expect too much. It is better to be surprised than be disappointed.
  • Dress for the occasion: Since you are going to have sex, dress to suit the mood. Make sure you are wearing clothes that are not difficult to take off. You don’t want to spend more time than intended battling with the basics. Do not forget to wear sexy undies. You may decide to go commando depending on the mood. Remember to smell nice, and keep good hygiene.
  • Take it to another level, prepare the toys: If your partner does not have problems with sex toys, you can get them ready too for a more fetching experience. You can use sex toys to play before sex and spice things up.
  • Set the mood: Light scented candles, adjust the room lighting, and play sensual songs. That will help you and your partner relax and put you in the right mood for sex.
  • Foreplay: The best way to start sex is by engaging in foreplay. Foreplay puts you in the mood and helps your body prepare for sex.
  • Get your condoms: You need condoms most especially when you are about to get intimate with someone who isn’t your partner. It is important to practice safe sex to prevent contracting sexually transmitted diseases. And in the case where you are with your partner and not ready for pregnancy, using a condom would suffice if you are not on a birth control plan.


There are no standard steps to have sex. You can set your own rules and still enjoy it. That means, other than the tips above, introduce other pre sex activities if you want.

If you enjoyed reading the pre sex tips above, check out our reviews on sex toys to purchase the best one for you. You will find the ones that suit your preference and budget in the sex toys reviews.

How to get ready for your man?
To start with, freshen up. Men also appreciate hygiene as much as you do. Also, wear something nice and look nice too. Do not look nice when going on dates alone. And most importantly, make sure your room is tidied and comfortable. Who knows? He might stay the night.
What to know before having sex?
Most people who ask this question are about to have sex for the first time. Check out a list of things to know before sex below;
  • There is no standard rule when it comes to sex. You can decide to go this way or several other ways.
  • Sex does not have to be painful. We are not ruling out the possibility that you may feel a little pain.
  • You may not bleed.
  • Practice safe sex to avoid stories that touch.
How to prepare for first-time sex?
  • Explore your sexuality first. You can discover what gives you pleasure first hand by masturbating.
  • Get important sex stuff like lubricants in case.
  • Foreplay with your partner and communicate what gives you pleasure.
  • Get your condoms ready to practice safe sex.
How to prepare your vagina for sex?
You can prepare your vagina for sex by engaging in foreplay. That will help the vagina walls relax while preparing for sex. When you finish with the foreplay, your vagina will be ready for penetration.

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