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How to Prepare for Anal Sex?

How to Prepare for Anal Sex

Anal play sounds like a lot of fun- until the first time you try it. An unprepared butthole will face searing pain as the penis tries to penetrate. Then, what was supposed to be a pleasurable moment will turn into a pain fest. We don’t want that now, do we? That’s why we’re talking about anal sex prep today. This article will dissect what anal sex entails, the best way to prepare for anal sex, and anal sex tips. Stay with me.

What is Anal Sex?

Anal sex is a form of sexual intercourse that involves one inserting his penis or anal toy into the butthole of a sexual partner. In recent times, the subject of anal play has become part of popular culture. Many sex toy companies have taken advantage of this fact to make the transition to anal play easy on newbies. They are making a killing, but also saving our collective asses, literally.

Anal play is just as pleasurable as any sexual activity; it’s not inherently dangerous, but a lack of anal sex preparation can lead to certain levels of discomfort for the receiving party.

How to Prepare for Anal Sex?

Preparing for anal sex involves a whole lot for you and your partner. It may be uncomfortable, especially if you’re a newbie or your partner is all conservative and unwilling to go crazy in bed. We are, however hoping, that at this point, you’ve gotten past the ‘unwilling partner’ stage, and you and your boo are ready to get down and dirty!

Follow our best tips for anal sex preparation, and let us know how it goes later.

  • Educate Yourself: Okay, maybe you randomly heard something about anal play. The concept fascinates you, but you’ve never really done butt sex before. A wise person (and we know you are) would go all out to learn. Be careful; there’s a lot of misinformation flying around on the internet. Learn from credible sources, read the experiences of people involved in anal play, talk to a professional, etc. Educating yourself on anal play will help you have the right expectations at each stage of your journey.
  • Talk About It: Imagine having sex with your partner, and suddenly, you want them to get in your butthole even though there was no prior discussion. How wild! We know that introducing the ‘backdoor sex’ into a conversation can be awkward. But, you just have to. Let your partner know how you feel about anal sex, and get their consent before you try any form of anal play with them. Consent is a human right.
  • Anal Training: Anal training involves preparing your anus over some time for anal sex. Forget the movies; you can’t wake up one day and jump into having your butt fucked. It’s going to hurt like crazy. The best way to prepare for anal sex is to set apart a specific time to ease into anal play. You need an anal training kit (a set of anal toys of different sizes) for this step. Thankfully, we have discussed anal training kits in extensive detail in our sex toy review section. Make sure you go check it out.
  • Fingers First: Before you receive any toy or penis in your butt hole, please try using your fingers first. Start by testing your pinky finger; then, you can move up the size when your body has adjusted. Using your fingers gives you the chance to experiment by yourself, then open up your butthole easily.
  • Enema: You might want to consider an enema before anal play. An enema is a sort of anal cleanse that involves injecting fluid into the bowels through the rectum. This flushes your colon and helps you poop within minutes. It’s not necessary to have an enema before anal sex, but if you need the extra precaution to feel confident on your first anal sex, then go for it.
  • Rimming: Also called analingus, rimming is oral sex for the anus. It involves licking, sucking, kissing- basically pleasuring one’s anus with your mouth. Rimming is extremely pleasurable, and it helps relax the anal muscles and the sphincter.
  • Lube Up: Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. So, go crazy on lubrication. Use a generous amount to lubricate the anus and whatever goes in it (be it a finger/toy/penis).

Why Should You Perform Anal Training?

Anal training is one critical step in anal sex prep. It’s necessary unless you’ve got a high threshold for pain, and even if you do, your first time going anal will hurt like hell. Not only does anal training widen your butthole, but it also teaches your muscles how-to feel-good sensations foreign objects.

The importance of anal training are listed out below:

  • An anal training kit helps the butt adjust to different anal toys over time.
  • It also makes your first anal sex less painful and more pleasurable.
  • It helps you decide whether you’re into butt sex or not.
  • Anal training prepares the anal muscles to receive a penis.

How to Practice Safe Anal Sex?

Regardless of the risks listed above, anal sex can indeed be safe and pleasurable, even for a newbie. First, make sure you practice anal sex hygiene. Ensure that you’re clean from head to toe (clean anus matters) and your toys are also clean.

Next, use lube generously, as this will help you avoid undue friction and tears in your anus. In addition, do not move the toy or penis from the anus to a vagina to prevent a ‘truffle butter' situation- which is also an easy way to spread germs. Have your partner use a condom on his penis or the toy if they/you have multiple sexual partners.

Between you and your partner, establish safe words that you can use when things get uncomfortable.

Anal Sex Positions

Yes, people! Over here, we have all the fancy positions that trigger loud moanings and stuff. Most people believe that the best position for first-time anal sex is doggy. Meh. Doggy is alright, but have you tried collapsed doggy, elevated missionary, or the spoon?

For advanced anal lovers, a leaning cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, or standing doggy position is ideal.


You see, whether you’re new to anal sex or a regular backdoor player, you need adequate preparation to enjoy your anal ‘sexperience.’ And, we have shown you the way to go. In 2010, The Journal of Sexual Medicine carried out a survey which showed that 94% of the women who had anal sex on their most recent had orgasms. Who would ever miss out on such goodness? Stop by our sex toy review section to see the most arousingly affordable anal sex toys for your anal orgasms.

What to do to prepare for anal sex?
When preparing for anal sex, there are different things you need, such as good lubrication, anal toys, a relaxed mind, and an understanding partner. Consider an enema, take a bath, and engage in a generous amount of foreplay. If you’re open to rimming, by all means, have your partner go down on you.
How to prepare for anal sex first time?
The best way to prepare for anal sex on your first time involves lots of anal training with an anal training kit, fingers, and an anal pump. Spend considerable time training your butt hole and muscles before attempting to get into full-blown butt sex.
How to make anal sex feel better?
Foreplay can make anal sex feel better, also a kind of double stimulation should be happening to help you focus on pleasure instead of pain. If you have a vagina, have your partner place a vibrator on your clit, or stimulate your nipples during anal play. In the same vein, men should have their partner thrust slowly, while stimulating other erogenous zones.
How to prepare for anal sex with a sex toy?
Using sex toys such as beginner’s butt plugs, training kits, and tiny bullets, you can adequately train your anus and prepare for anal sex. Introduce these toys into your anal training regimen bit by bit, and watch how your body responds.
How to prepare for and enjoy anal sex?
As earlier stated, there is a set of steps you need to take as you prepare for anal sex. They are; educating yourself, discuss with your partner, try fingers first, invest in an anal training kit, and good lube. Intense foreplay and rimming will make the experience more enjoyable.
How long to prepare for anal sex?
All we can say is that you need time. You can’t just practice anal training for few days and think you’re ready. You need your anus to accommodate the biggest anal toy in your training kit with minimal discomfort before you know you’re ready. Take your time, and pay attention to your body.

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