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How To Milk Prostate?

Self-prostate Milking.

Ever heard of the male G-spot? It is called the P-spot of a man, or rather the prostate gland. And it can be stimulated. Its stimulation (milking) gives birth to an unexplainable, life-changing, toes-curling, milking orgasm sexual pleasure. But it’s much more than that. Some say that there are many health benefits of milking a man.  In this guide, we’ll reach what a prostate is, how to reach it and how to milk it. We’ll also discuss why you should do it and the possible risks involved with male prostate milking.

What is prostate milking?

It is also known as prostate massage because it involves the massaging and caressing of the prostate gland. It is also referred to as milking because the intent is to have the man cum (the “milk”). It is a common practice among male couples and though a few people might find it painful, it is heaven in the hands of a pro. You can either have your partner do it for you, or have it done by an expert you trust. Self-prostate milking is also an option where you massage your prostate yourself. The result of male milking should be to orgasm and ejaculate but there is more to why people drain the prostate gland.

Why should you do it?

There are many benefits of prostate massage. One of which is that it is speculated to improve the health of the prostate gland and prevent prostate cancer. There is also a study that says prostate massage reduces the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis. However, aside from all the science talk, milking massage brings loads of sexual pleasure into the picture. If you haven’t tried it before, you should. There is always a 100% guarantee of a prostate orgasm.

Risks involved

If it is done forcefully or too intensely, it can be extremely painful. That’s why the use of lube is usually prescribed. And since prostate stimulation requires the use of the fingers, long and sharp fingernails can injure the surrounding skin or the rectum. Also, one could get infected if a dirty (or infected) prostate milker is used. The hands too can be infected with the bacteria from the rectum and could cause illness if it is not washed properly.

How to milk the prostate?

Milking a man involves three steps: you have to first find the prostate then reach it with your fingers. Finally, you can begin the ‘milking’. Below are detailed explanations of the three steps

  • Finding it: The prostate gland is a small walnut-sized gland located in between the rectum and the penis of a man. It sits under the bladder and can only be accessed through the rectum (the deeper part of the anus). To find it, you just need to insert your finger through the rectum. Some people try to find it without entering through the anus. A prostate massager device can access the prostate without having to penetrate. This is a safe option for beginners.
  • Reaching it: There are two ways to reach the prostate. With your lubricated index finger, you reach inside the anus and push slightly forward towards the penis. When you feel a slight bulge - you’ve reached it. You don’t need to deep the full length of your finger, halfway insertion would do the job. You can also employ a relevant sex toy to reach your p-spot. Sex toys do not only make things much easier and cleaner, but they also enhance and diversify sex life. Using a sex toy is like signing up for premium sex without stress. Self-prostate massage is all the way easier with a prostate massage device.
  • Milking it: Now that you know where to find it and how to reach it, let’s talk about how you can milk your own prostate.

To massage your prostate, follow the simple guide below.

  • Prep your anus: Before you begin, make sure you clean your anus with an anal douche or enema.
  • Prep your surrounding: You would not want someone walking in on your while your hands are all up in your ass. So, lock the door, keep the lube closed and pick out some sex toys to help heat the moment.
  • Prep your mind: Keep your mind at rest. Though sexual milking is indeed a lot more than ordinary masturbation, you still need to relax before you begin.
  • Choose the position: You’ll need to get in a position that gives you easy access to your rectum. There are so many positions to pick from but the one that guarantees milking orgasm is ‘turtle’ but without a partner. You’ll lie on your side and take the top knee close to your chest.
  • Lubricate: Use your favorite lube to lubricate your rectum and your finger or sex toy immensely.
  • Insert it in: You can either use your finger or a sex toy but again we advise using a sex toy because it is created for such a purpose. It keeps things safe and clean. You can also kink it up by adding other features like a vibrator in there.
  • Find the prostate: We already talked about this. Use your fingers or lube to reach it.
  • Massage the prostate: With a sex toy, you don’t have to worry about massaging. An anal vibrator can reach the prostate and massage it without having to do anything by moaning.
  • Climax: This is where the prostate milking cum is released. And it comes with an intense and bed-gripping orgasm.


A man that hasn’t tried milking sex before is yet to experience what is called a life-changing orgasm. Those who have tried it have not gone back since. But though it is scary, we hope this article has helped to ease your mind toward it. And if you want to have more fun sex, don’t pass by our best sex toy reviews. We have something that’ll suit your taste and of course, budget.

How to find the prostate?
The prostate is located between the penis and the rectum. So, to find it, you have to reach the middle of the two. Go in through your rectum and tilt forward.
What is prostate milking?
Prostate milking is the process of massaging, stimulating, and caressing the prostate gland (the P-spot) to enhance sexual pleasure. The main goal is to orgasm and ejaculate.
Do doctors milk your prostate?
Some professionals specialize in attending to the prostate gland. They might sometimes have to massage the prostate to induce some health benefits. But no, doctors do not milk the prostate for sexual reasons.
How to milk a man?
First, clean the rectum of the man using an anal douche or enema. Then get him to relax his mind in a comfortable position. Wash and lubricate your hands or the sex toy, and insert it through his rectum. Find the prostate and massage.
Does prostate milking prevent cancer?
Some studies hypothesize that prostate massage does prevent cancer of the prostate but this is not 100% certain yet. However, prostate milking does have many health benefits.

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