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How to Have Prostate Orgasm?

Prostate Orgasm

Orgasms! The exhilarating feeling of pure ecstasy that only lasts a few seconds can quickly become an addiction that you can’t get enough of. While there is not much you can do about how long your orgasms last, you can make them better by multiple folds.

Every male can achieve regular orgasms by jacking off or having sex. However, even fewer know of the pleasures that lie beyond the external genitalia. If you’re looking for toe-curling, abdominal spasming satisfaction, you might have to take that search where the sun doesn’t shine. Ps: aim for the butt.

The secret to mind-blowing orgasms often lies much neglected anal area where your prostate resides. If you’re curious about how you can experience profound satisfaction through prostate orgasms, read on as we expose you to a world of consuming sexual pleasure.

What is the prostate and how to find it?

The prostate is an important gland in the male reproductive system. It is responsible for producing prostatic fluid that combines with the sperm to form semen. This super-sensitive gland is located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. It is only the size of a walnut just about 3 inches into the anus. Asides from its all-important role in semen formation, the prostate is one tool that cannot be ignored if you’re aiming for ultimate sexual pleasure. Stimulating this gland can produce extraordinary orgasms that you can only dream of getting with the penis.

What is a prostate orgasm?

Prostate Orgasm is the vigorous sexual satisfaction you get from stimulating the prostate gland or p-spot with a finger, penis, or an alternative sex toy. This feeling of pure ecstasy is unlike anything else you have ever experienced, and it often triggers euphoric muscle contractions as your entire body joins in on the roller coaster ride. Prostate stimulation can deliver this level of consuming orgasm because of the high concentration of nerve endings (almost as much as the clitoris) in that area that often goes untouched.

Best techniques for prostate massage and orgasm

Once you come to terms with the unrivalled potential of the p-spot in delivering powerful orgasms, the next step is to find how you can bring yourself or your partners to experience this extraordinary level of satisfaction. Well, your sex position and technique play a huge role in how fast you can attain this orgasmic pleasure. If you’re having trouble getting a p-spot orgasm despite your best efforts, it may be because you haven’t tried these techniques.


Going on all fours is the perfect way to stimulate your p-spot, especially when your partner is involved. The doggy position offers complete access to your p spot, allowing your partner to stimulate the area with the finger, a penis or a sex toy. Once you get on all fours and arch, have your partner kneel behind and reach into your anus.

Face Down

Lying face down is another great way to reach the sensual p-spot and derive this much-coveted sexual satisfaction. Once your entire body is up against the bed, place one arm by your side while the other explores the anus to bring you this erotic delight. This technique is also an excellent way for your partner to pleasure you anally. Just open up your legs and have them sit beside you as you allow yourself to enjoy the highest level of sexual pleasure.

Legs up

Your back to the bed and legs in the air is another great way to massage your prostate and derive utmost pleasure. Putting your legs up makes it easier to access your anus and massage your prostate internally and externally. It is a very comfortable position and provides unfettered access so your p-spot can get some sweet loving, and it gives you a better chance of reaching climax.

How to achieve prostate orgasm with sex toys?

One of the easiest ways to take yourself on a p-spot pleasure ride is with the help of sex toys. Sex toys are designed to give you utmost sexual pleasure by stimulating sexual areas, and thankfully the p-spot is not left out. Below are sex toys that can be used to achieve prostate orgasms.

Prostate Massager

As the name implies, the prostate massager was designed for the sole purpose of massaging and stimulating the prostate. When used as it ought to, this super sex toy can give you muscle-contracting orgasms that you can only dream of from regular penile sex. The massager is a vibrating sex toy designed with round tips for easy entry into the anus. This magnificent sex device is usually made from silicone or steel and is curved to reach and press against the prostate for intense stimulation. Apart from the vigorous stimulation delivered to your p-spot, some prostate massagers are crafted with an external extension that massages the perineum. The combination of both effects brings you to the most pleasurable climax.


You most likely know what a dildo is. On the off chance that you don’t, it is a spectacular sex toy that facilitates utmost sexual satisfaction. This popular sex toy category may hold the key to a grand p-spot climax for the ages.

Often used as a substitute to the penis, the dildo offers all the delight of a regular phallus and even more. Although regular dildos have all the sauce required for prostate stimulation and massage, dildos were designed to bring you powerful filling sensations and very intense prostate stimulations. Prostate dildos have been finely crafted for exhilaration through prostate stimulation. Instead of irrelevant thrusts into the anus, a prostate dildo will bring you closer to orgasmic bliss with each stroke.

Prostate Plugs

If you desire a P-spot climax, few sex toys will help you achieve this better than the butt plug. While most people use the prostate plug to widen the butt hole, this seemingly small device holds the key to powerful prostate orgasms if you use them right.

When inserted into the anus, this device can easily massage the p-spot, which is only about two to three inches inside. The best part about using a butt plug is that it is very discreet and allows you to enjoy the pleasurable p-spot massages without letting anyone else on your little secret. Also, this tiny sensual device doesn’t get in the way of having sex with your penis. Imagine the pure bliss you’ll get when prostate stimulation combines with the thrill of penile intercourse.

Major steps for prostate orgasm

We understand that prostate massage may seem abstract, especially when you’ve never tried it before. But you’re guaranteed to get the ultimate orgasmic reward for all your efforts if you’re willing to try it out. If at any point you’re lost in your quest for this p spot delight, you can follow the tips below.

  • Use a lot of lube: Like every other kind of anal play, generous lubrication is required for maximum comfort during prostate milking. Apply some lube around the rim and also some to your fingers or sex toy before going in.
  • Try fingers first: If this is your first time trying out any form of anal penetration, it would be best to go in with your finger rather than a sex toy. We know you can’t wait to get on the big boy rides but take your time; it’ll be worth it. Slowly insert a well-lubricated finger to avoid injury. Once you start getting accustomed to the size of the finger, you can graduate to miniature sex toys or portions of the whole penis.
  • Take it slow: If you’re giving your partner a prostate massage, don’t just dive in with the sex toy or your finger and start ramming the walls. Give your partner some time to get used to the foreign body before you proceed to deliver the happy massage that they crave.


Unlike penile orgasms, there’s no limit to the number of orgasms you can get from prostate stimulation. If you’ve been sceptical about opening yourself to this world of pleasure, it's not too late to indulge yourself. The key to ultimate sexual satisfaction lies 3 inches into your butt. If you found this article helpful, you should also look at our best sex toy reviews to find a prostate sex toy that suits your taste.

Where is the male g spot?
The male g spot, also known as the prostate gland, is located about 3 inches into your butt. This area is highly sensitive, and its stimulation can bring about the most intense orgasms in men.
How to have a prostate orgasm?
You can have a prostate orgasm by massaging the p spot or stimulating it with your finger or a sex toy. This highly sensitive area can be stimulated both internally and externally for ultimate pleasure.
How to massage the prostate?
The prostate can be massaged by inserting your fingers into the anus to stimulate the walls of the gland. A prostate massage can be done by yourself or with the help of your partner.
How to make him have a prostate orgasm?
If you’re interested in giving your partner a prostate orgasm, then you should talk to them about it first. Ensure that they are mentally prepared before you begin physical preparations. After that, you are ready to progress to fingers and sex toys to stimulate the prostate.
What is the best toy for prostate orgasm?
Apart from the fingers, which can be used to bring maximum pleasure to your prostate, you can achieve p spot orgasm with toys such as prostate massager, dildos, prostate plugs, etc. These sex toys are specifically designed for anal pleasure purposes.
How to achieve prostate orgasm with a sex toy?
You can achieve prostate orgasm by massaging the prostate with a sex toy. Instead of thrusting roughly into the anus, ensure that you hit the right spot with every touch.

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