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Purple Dildo Effulgence Collection

What is your favorite sex toy? Now don’t mention dildo because it is the headline, but it is one of the best adult toys. Okay, the dildo is not only the most common sex toy, but it is so good that it has so many types, shapes, features, attributes, and colors attached to it. There is the tentacle dildo, vibrating dildo, hollow dildo, ejaculating dildo, and so much more. But we usually pay little attention to the colors. Sadly, colors are also important. Some people prefer one shade to the other. Some love to have a taste of natural-looking colors, and other people might prefer a more fun color. Here in this guide, we would introduce and let you know why you should love the purple dildo. But before we get started, here is a table for the top picks of amazing purple dildos to get you stimulated.

What is a purple dildo?

If you are new to the world of dildos, then we should probably start with that. A dildo is one of the most popular sex toys available to men. It is shaped exactly like a man’s dick and can come in many sizes (long or short, thick or thin, curved or straight). There are so many types of dildo too, both for vaginal stimulation, as well as anal. The cool thing about dildo is that it has been modified to suit all sorts of people with many sexual fetishes and fantasies. Now that you have a basic idea of what a dildo is, a purple dildo is a purple type of dildo. Simple. Nothing strange to it. The color - purple- is one of the many colors (like red) that has a crazy way of turning people on.


Now, since the purple-colored dildo is just a color variation of dildos, you might be wondering how there are many types of it. Well, there are. They are based on the different sizes, shapes, and functions.

  1. No-testicle Dildo: As the name implies, these dildos are made without testicles. This means that you can maneuver them easily compared to other dildos with balls. They are usually made with long shafts to give space or allow for holding during deep penetrations.
  2. Purple dildos With Testicles: These dildos come with an appendage that looks like the shape of a man’s scrotal sac (balls). When used for thrusting during masturbation or partnered sex, the testicles provide a sweet sensation similar to that of a man’s penis’ balls hitting your ass during sex.
  3. Realistic Purple-colored Dildos: Apart from the sweet and sexy effects that the purple color of this dildo can create, the realistic purple dildo is a detailed replication of an erect penis even up to the veins, head, scrotum, and wrinkles. When used, it provides the same kind of sensation that you will get from an erect penis. With this, you can fulfill almost all your sexual fantasies.
  4. Strap-ons: These kinds of dildos are wearable, they come with straps that allow you to wear them around your waist. They are good for lesbians’ sexual play and other sex plays involving two or more persons.
  5. Vibrating purple-colored Dildos: They come with a motor inside them which is responsible for their vibration. Vibrating purple dildos amplifies the muscles in all the parts of the body (inside the vagina or anus) that it comes in contact with due to its vibrating power. The vibration this dildo provides completes your sexual experience and will give you a greater orgasm. Other types include big purple dildos, purple glass dildos, purple suction cup dildos, purple double-sided dildos, and so on. Purple dildos also come in different materials such as silicone, rubber, glass, PVC, etc.

How to choose the best purple dildo?

Choosing the best one for you or your partner is not so difficult. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below:

  1. You need to consider the kind of sex play you want to engage in before buying your dildo. For example, if you have a lesbian partner, you can go with the double-sided.
  2. The material you are choosing should be carefully studied and you should be sure it best suits you. Also, ensure you are not allergic to it.
  3. Go for a good, quality, and long-lasting purple dildo irrespective of the price. These kinds of dildos are sure to serve you well.
  4. Choose a dildo size that you can handle, do not pick one that will be too large for you as it may lead to tears or injuries. Though sometimes we might feel the need to explore. This is not that bad but you should always be careful you do not go beyond bounds.
  5. Purple dildos come with different features, some (most) can come with suction pumps, others with vibrators, while even come with an ejaculating medium. The feature you choose should be one that best meets your need and kink.
  6. Lastly, it all comes down to your individual preference to choose the best purple dildo for you as you know yourself more than anyone else.

How to use?

There is no specific way to use it as long as it involves penetration. But here is a tip: set your body to a convenient position Apply lube on your dildo to reduce friction and for a better and more pleasant feeling, thrust your purple dildo inside you and move it in a to and for movement pattern. Thrust as many times as you wish until you are fully satisfied. Be sure to clean your dildo properly after use and store it in a cool and dry place. Lastly, always make sure you follow the instructions that come with it if there are any.

Pros and cons

There is only a little to no con with using a purple dildo. The only way to get on its bad side is when you use it poorly. Like getting an oversized type. Also, wrong maintenance of your dildo (like not cleaning it well), can lead to infections. Among all these cons, the purple dildo has so many benefits, these includes:

  1. Its color is cool and sexy.
  2. When used properly, it can help make your sexual life better.
  3. The purple color could be your sexual fantasy.
  4. It is not easily noticeable because of its usual color.
  5. It is a more unique type of dildo.


If purple is your favorite color, then you are at the right place. And if it is not, it is definitely worth giving a try. It is easy to use, and easier to clean (depending on the material). And following our guide should help you settle with one that is just for you. If you need more help, head on to our table with top picks to get started right now.

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