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Purple Vibrators

Best Purple Vibrator

Everyone loves a splash of color now and then. But purple? Man, the thought of getting down with a vibrator that screams royalty is the most appealing thing in this world. We do not take much of your time. You seriously need to see our top purple vibrators that will trigger toe-curling orgasms from the depths of your belly in no time.

What are Purple Vibrators?

A purple vibrator is a vibrating sex toy in the color purple. Plain and simple. You don’t come across royal vibrators very often. They are almost as rare as a unicorn. If you are a regular user of dull-colored vibrators, it is time to switch things up.

Purple vibrators are here to give you that twist that will take your sex life to the next level.

Which type to choose?

There are a wide variety of big purple vibrators and small purple vibrators in the market, so how do you intend to pick one for you? It’s simple, go through the types of purple vibrators listed in this section. Don’t worry, thank us later.

  1. Material: When choosing your purple vibe, consider only body-safe materials such as Cyberskin, silicone, aluminum, steel, wood, ABS plastic, and steel. Any vibrator as purple as can be that doesn’t have any of these materials is bad for you. Even latex vibrators can cause allergic reactions in some people.
  2. Shape and Design: Purple vibrators are not limited to a specific shape or design. The same way other vibrators can have a ring, penis, butterfly, egg, bullet, wand, tongue, or rabbit shape, purple vibrators also come in those designs.
  3. Size: As for the size of your purple vibrator, the decision is entirely up to you and your partner. You need a vibe size that encourages you to test your sexual limits without causing you more discomfort than necessary.
  4. Power: All vibrators have motors, even the ones in the color purple. Therefore, purple vibrators are equipped with batteries or USB charging ports that help them function. If you’re looking to avoid extra cost, then get a purple rechargeable vibrator.
  5. Control: You can control a purple vibrator manually, which many people love because you can direct it to a specific location. However, if you want to ride hands-free or touch your partner during sex, a smart vibrator is required. Smart vibrators are controlled via a remote control, app, or advanced technology.
  6. Waterproof: Love some hot shower sex? Then get a waterproof vibrator, so your pleasure doesn’t get restricted because of your location.

How to Pick a Purple Vibrator?

In choosing a personal vibrator, whether purple, black, or blue, you need a set of guidelines that will help you make the best choice. That is precisely what we have outlined in this section.

  • Ask a professional sex therapist for guidance before making any decision.
  • Decide how you want the purple vibrator to improve your sex life.
  • Pick a purple vibrator made with safe materials.
  • Your purple sex toy should be rechargeable to avert the cost of replacing batteries.
  • Get a portable purple small vibrator if you travel frequently.
  • If you enjoy masturbating, your purple vibrator should work hands-free.

Procedure for Use

If you have no idea how to use a purple vibrator and snatch up your orgasms while adequately caring for your vibe, here's how we do it in a few steps.


Instructions are essential; please take time to read the instructions on the description of your selected purple sex toy to avoid making mistakes. Vibrators can transport body fluids, so sharing vibrators is one way to contract an STI. To prevent an unfortunate turn of events, avoid sharing your vibrators with your partner(s) until you receive a clean bill of health. Also, don’t use your purple vibrator while it’s plugged in to avoid ‘shocking orgasms.’


Sex toy hygiene is where most people tune out. We hope you’re not one of those. Cleaning your purple vibrator may be easy or complex; it simply depends on its design. Generally, you need a gentle soap, a clean towel, and warm water to clean your toy. Rinse it out and pat dry with another clean towel. Do not submerge your vibrator in water unless you’re sure it’s waterproof.


After cleaning and drying your vibrator, replace it in its case, and store it in a drawer, box, or pouch specifically made for your sex toys.

Pluses and minuses of Purple Vibrators

  • Purple vibrators heighten sexual anticipation due to their color.
  • They help couples/individuals to ease tension in the bedroom, often functioning as massagers.
  • Purple sex toys improve intensity and intimacy in sex.
  • Smart purple vibrators allow any couple to maintain sexual connection across distances.
  • Purple vibrators with complex designs may be difficult to clean.

As humans, we’re all looking for ways to make our experiences better-- even the sexual ones. If we told you that purple vibrators could improve your sex life, would you doubt it? Our top purple vibrators are both hot enough to create wild imaginations in your head and potent enough to have you moaning sighs of pleasure.

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