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Quarantine Date Ideas

Couple On Your Quarantine Date.

“Netflix n’ Chill” was good for a while until it became cliché. When you get about a lot, it gets a little boring doing the same old things – walks in the park, fancy restaurants, etc., every other weekend. With the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and the need to practice social distancing, a lot more people struggle to keep their indoor dates exciting as they used to be. However, there are a plethora of exciting date activities that can spice up your relationship even in a lockdown.

If you're looking for a way to strengthen the bond with your partner or spend some quality time together virtually, you should stick around because we share exciting quarantine date ideas in this article.

In-Person quarantine date ideas

If you and your partner are quarantined together, it is pretty easy to run out of fun things to do together. What's next after you’ve binge-watched half of Netflix's series? Perhaps, these at-home date ideas are the break from the norm you have been looking for.

  • Recreate your favorite date dish. If you can't dine out at the moment, why don't you just recreate the experience at home? A terrific way to bring back the fun from your previous dinner dates is to create one of your favorite dishes together. The idea behind this gesture is not to make you a super chef overnight. Instead, it allows you to relive an experience that you both enjoyed. If you're not sure where to start, there are a lot of fabulous copycat dish recipes online for you to choose from. The best part about this quarantine date is that it is a win-win for your relationship. If the dish turns out well, you enjoy a fantastic meal in the company of your special person, and if it doesn't, you can both laugh about your terrible mistakes and bond over the experience.
  • Take your date to the car. If you need a date night, and going out is not an option, then you should consider a car date. This idea could be a game-changer for couples with kids. Kids are cute and precious creatures, but let's face it, everyone needs a break now and then from the unorganized chaos they serve. When it comes to car dates, the fun ideas are endless. You can grab takeout and sit in the garage while reminiscing about funny experiences. You could also drive about and look for a perfect spot with a great view and watch the sunset together. Other options are to play a board game or vibe to your favorite playlist together.
  • Couples game night. If you haven't thought about it yet, a game night wouldn't be a bad idea when you are quarantined together. There are so many exciting games that couples can play together. Even if you want some company, you can easily Zoom in with some friends to make it a group thing. In this case, board games and card games are popular options, but if you're both down for a happy ending, you can try out question games like 21 questions and dirty truth or dare where the fun can meet some sexual glee.

Virtual quarantine dates

Even if you're apart from your partner, distance shouldn't be a barrier to spending quality time together. Below are some enjoyable virtual date ideas that will facilitate intimacy with your special person.

  1. Cook together and enjoy a virtual dinner date. If you've been far apart from your partner for long, odds are you haven't enjoyed a dinner date together in a while. Who says you have to meet in person before having a proper dinner date? A virtual dinner date can be enjoyed where you both cook the same food simultaneously and end up eating it together. You can reminisce about all the romantic moments and still have time for all the other mushy stuff like a proper dinner date. Only you don't get to share physical contact.
  2. Go on a virtual museum tour. Although most people enjoy in-person dates because they allow you to share a hug or steal a kiss in between, virtual dates also have their perks. One of these is that you can basically travel anywhere in the world via your device. Seize the lockdown as an opportunity to get some cultural education while you're confined to your home. One moment, you're touring the Great Court in the British Museum to discover ancient mummies, and the next, you're both Musee d'Orsay in Paris admiring famous works from French artists of the 1800s.
  3. Be a nude model for your partner. If your partner is an artist (or not), a romantic virtual date idea can include offering up yourself as a nude model, so you don’t leave much to the imagination. It isn’t a coincidence that one of the greatest love stories of all time featured nude modeling. Cue the Titanic movie. Virtual modeling for your partner is a great way to create a sensation that could even end in a night of romance.

Tips to spice up your virtual date

Make the most of your virtual dates by applying the following tips;

  • Even though it is only a virtual date, you still need to look the part. Set the scene by sliding off your pajamas and putting on an outfit that reflects the date-y mood.
  • Keep the phone or laptop at eye level and maintain eye contact to show your partner that they are top priority and you're down to make the most of the moment.
  • Like a good number of real-life dates that end in sweet love-making, the same can be achieved in your virtual date. Consider getting some from your partner over the phone through mutual masturbation and long-distance sex toys such as remote-controlled vibrators.


When you're limited by distance or lockdown restrictions, your relationship doesn't necessarily have to suffer. These quarantine date night ideas can help you make the most of the moment with your partner. If you found this article helpful, take some time to go through our best sex toy reviews. Here, you'll find something within your budget that suits your taste.

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