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Quickie Sex

Benefits Of Quickie Sex For Couples.

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to sneak in a bit of hooky time between activities, maybe at the restaurant or work? Quickie sex is the answer to that fantasy.

Just as the name suggests, quickie sex is the best if you try to do the deed in a limited time frame. Just because the sex is done speedily, it does not have to be less satisfying.

Quickie sex doesn’t always lead to an orgasm as there isn’t much time for foreplay. The average quickie typically lasts about 5 minutes, and it does not always end in penetrative sex. Oral sex, a good ol’ make-out session – they all count as quickie sex.

A quickie just before you and your partner set off for work or whatever you have to do is a great way to start your day. There is no schedule for having a quickie. Go wild! Be spontaneous!!

Where can you have quickie sex?

You can get a quick one in the shower, the bedroom, or anywhere around the house. You can do it at a friend’s place when you're both alone, in the toilet area of a restaurant, a storeroom in your office building, or even in your office if it is private enough. It can be a fun way to wake your partner up from sleep.

Quickies can be a planned arrangement between partners or an overwhelming, unplanned and random sexual encounter between partners, friends or strangers. It helps when it is planned, though, as the anticipation can ramp up to better sex.

Benefits of quickie sex

Engaging in quickies can be an excellent way to relieve stress and get momentary distractions from work and daily routines.

It also helps build connections between partners, especially when you think back to the memories of the quickie sex and talk about it. They can be the spark that old and new relationships need.

It can boost your confidence and improve your heart condition. Quickies are also an excellent way to increase sex drive.

Tips for having a great quickie sex

  1. Get your mind into it — Free your mind of its worries and other external irritants in the few minutes you have. Give yourself a 5-minute time out to enjoy uninterrupted “sexy time” with your partner.
  2. Lubrication — Having a lube on hand is essential as you or your partner might be unable to get wet on command. A lubricant will eliminate the pressure of getting wet while reducing friction and pain during the act.
  3. Masturbate — If you can, masturbate to better ready yourself before a scheduled quickie time. Masturbation will help you get wet readily and make it possible for you and your partner to get right into the action.
  4. Dress comfortably — It would be simply outrageous to wear a jumpsuit or dungarees when you plan on having a quickie with your partner. If it is a scheduled affair, your go-to outfit should give you quick and easy access to your nether region — for example, skirts and gowns.
  5. Positions — Quickies are about burning fast and bright – leave all the sensual pleasure to the comforts of your bedroom. If you have a favourite position, get straight to it. And if you are looking to spice things up, you can try other positions such as the quick stand, face race, and fast doggy.
  6. Use sex toys — Although orgasms aren’t always the endpoint of quickie sex, using sex toys can lead to increased arousal and, in turn, more intense orgasms. So, if you want to experience orgasm from quickie sex, it is advised to use sex toys.
  7. Get creative — Just like in regular intercourse, quickies don’t have to be boring. Quickie sex should be fun, so get your thinking hat on and get creative about how and where to initiate it. You can initiate it in the shower, to wake up your partner, to get their attention if they’re too busy with work, a few minutes escape from a boring party – the list is endless.
  8. Be a tease — Even when no one writes the “Bureau of Sexual Stuff” or your plans ahead for the sex, you can be spontaneous and initiate it by yourself. You can send teasing and suggestive texts, let your hands linger, or use your legs under the dinner table. It builds up the sexual tension and makes a more pleasurable experience.

Communication is vital in any relationship, and in an interaction where genitals connect, it is even more essential to communicate kinks and desires with your partner. It helps to know their preferences and limits. Even though spontaneous sex can be adrenaline-filled and pleasurable, it is not everybody’s cup of tea.


Quickie sex is fun and adds spice to any sexual relationship. Sometimes, it is planned, and other times, it catches you unaware. However, in all its forms, quickie sex has the potential to be the best sex you ever had.

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