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Realistic Vaginas

If you ever feel lonely at night but you don’t have a girlfriend or your partner is away on a trip, indulge your desires by fucking a realistic pussy toy. Trust us that sometimes these realistic vaginas can sometimes feel even better than the real thing. If you don’t want to be involved in a relationship right now this is the best possible choice for your sexual desires.

7 inch silicone realistic vagina
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What is a realistic vagina?

Pussy masturbators are basically sleeves, pump attachments or even whole lower body realistic replicas with the genitalia. They can only involve the pussy but some can also have an asshole above the vagina for the ultimate realistic sex. This is the best toy for men who don’t like artificial looking masturbators, but rather enjoy the feel and view of natural looking skin. Some women enjoy watching their partner in the motion of making love, but don’t want to open up their bedrooms to third parties. That is why they can use this toy to watch their loved ones plow away and pleasure themselves at the same time.

pump vibrating silicone realistic vagina

Types and main characteristics

These are the most popular sex toys with a realistic pussy and ass:

  • Fleshlights – most fleshlights that are on the market are made of Cyberskin, a special material that most closely resembles human skin. If you want to feel like you are having sex with a real vagina, buy the ones who don’t have a non-organic texture on the inside, but rather the ones who will engulf your penis as a real vagina would.
  • Pocket pussy – pocket pussies are great because you can bring them with you when you are traveling. They resemble real-life pussies and are sometimes made from the molds of your favorite porn stars’ vaginas. So if you have ever fantasized about fucking your favorite porn star, this will enable you to have a more complete fantasy.
  • black masturbator silicone realistic vagina

  • Realistic vagina and ass sets – great if you want to spank the ass while you are fucking away. You can also change holes very quickly and easily so that round up the fantasy.
  • Sex dolls – these are best for people who want to feel that they are thrusting into a real person. Just choose the most attractive sex doll, and you can do with her whatever your heart desires. Or you can close your eyes as you imagine that you are fucking your crush as you feel her whole body underneath you.

masturbator silicone realistic vagina
Choose Realistic Vaginas

How to choose the best realistic vagina?

This depends on what kind of a sensation you want to feel. If you are craving for a real vagina then maybe the vagina and ass set are perfect for you as it is hands-free and you can imagine fucking somebody either missionary or doggy style. Some realistic fake pussy masturbators have a built-in vibrator or have the option of adding them into the vaginas. These don’t feel like real pussies do, but look just the same. If you just want the look and not the feel then maybe they are perfect for your needs. If you enjoy fucking colored ladies, you are in luck because today there are realistic vaginas of all colors.

How to choose the right size?

If you are at home you are free to let your imagination run wild. Don’t shy away from realistic pussies and ass sets or even indulge yourself by buying a full-size realistic sex doll which of course has realistic looking genitalia. The depth of these male masturbators differs, from 3.5 inches up to 9 inches, so choose the depth according to the length of your penis. Some men like a tighter feel than a natural vagina so they should purchase the tightest realistic vagina masturbators. If you have some extra room space, you should maybe consider investing in a sex machine which has an adaptor for a realistic vagina sleeve. This machine will do all the word for you as you enjoy the ultimate sexual gratification. Pocket pussies are great for people who do not exactly know which vagina width would be perfect for them. They can adjust and tease themselves until orgasm with just a tighter grip of their hand. Wider fleshlights are also great for edging and for increasing your stamina, as you can gradually and continually train yourself to hold onto your spunk for a longer period of time.

5 inch black masturbator silicone realistic vagina

Choosing the right material, shape and texture

Besides the different types of sex toys with realistic pussies, you can also choose the color of your realistic pussy and the inside texture. As we have already mentioned, if you have a fetish for darker skin girls, don’t despair, as you can nowadays buy realistic pussies of all skin tones. Some realistic pussy and ass sets also come with the upper part, which of course has soft and voluptuous breasts.

  • Cyberskin – this is a special material which is realistic looking, soft, stretchy and warm, much like a real vagina or ass
  • Silicone or rubber – choose these materials if you want for your sex toys to be less porous so that you can clean them more thoroughly and easily. However, even though they are similar to real skin, they are not a perfect dupe as cyberskin.
  • remote control masturbator silicone realistic vagina Sasha Grey by Doc Johnson

  • Vibrating – if you are ready for your mind to be blown by the intensity of vibrators added inside of the realistic pussies, this is the right sex toy for you.
  • Non-vibrating – great for men who enjoy the feeling of a good old classic realistic pussy. Add lube for a more realistic wet pussy feel.
  • Other machine operated realistic pussies – besides added vibrators, you can also have realistic pussy adaptors which you can attach to penis pumps if you do not like the feel and the look of ordinary penis pumps.

vibrating silicone realistic vagina

How to use a realistic vagina?

Use the most realistic vagina toys as you would a regular vagina or a regular male masturbator sex toy. You should always use water-based lubes for the most authentic fantasy of fucking wet pussy, as well as for a more amplified sensation. For flashlights, sleeves and masturbation cups, just add the lubrication and use your hand, or you can even wedge them between pillows and masturbate away. Realistic vagina and ass sets you can use without using your hands or you can even relish in spanking the realistic ass for a more realistic real-body fantasy. You can use and abuse your most favorite sex toy with a realistic vagina. Of course, you should always clean your realistic fake pussies with antibacterial sex toy cleaning supplies after each use, and you can use a clean cloth to dry them or air-dry them. Some sex toys which are made from realistic skin materials need to be wiped with a renewable powder so that you can get rid of any excess oil from your skin.

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