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Rechargeable Vibrators

The best version of vibrator which will enhance your sexual experiences without having to worry about batteries and replacing them. Smart toys for smart users with cutting edge technology to maintain energy for a longer period of time. Simple recharge it and get back to enjoying fantasy moments.

mini massage wand rechargeable vibrator
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What is a rechargeable vibrator?

Just like any other type of vibrator, this smart sexual toy allows you to recharge the included batteries for an unlimited period of time. You simply place it in the charger and let it regain energy before the next usage. Rechargeable vibrators are highly appreciated because of their longer life span. While the classic vibrators require changing the old batteries with almost every use, the best rechargeable vibrators can go for more than 5 cycles on the same charge.

happy rabbit rechargeable vibrator

Types and main features

There are all sort of rechargeable vibrators available due to the advanced technology and reliability. Unlike the classic ones, running on batteries, these types do not require them. You just plug the toy, charge it and enjoy several cycles on the same charge.

purple usb rechargeable vibrator by Coco de Mer

  • Classic rechargeable vibrators;
  • Double headed;
  • Magic wand;
  • Clitoral;
  • Remote control rechargeable vibrators.

These are the main types of rechargeable vibrators on the market and each comes with different features. Some offer soft stimulation to both the vagina and clit, others are suitable for anal stimulation and so on.

purple usb rechargeable clitoral vibrator by Desire Luxury
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How to choose the best rechargeable vibrator?

When it comes to self stimulation and sexual desires, choosing the best rechargeable vibrator is not a difficult task. First of all you must know your needs and sexual desires, decide whether you need it for yourself or in couple then seek for the best rechargeable vibrator reviews. Following these steps will get you closer to making the best choice and enjoying the best moments. Classic rechargeable vibrators are more suitable for beginners, as long as they are used in smaller sizes while the other types can easily satisfy the needs to any experienced user. Choosing the best one is a matter of taste. Depending on the color, shape and size, you might call on certain type of such toy as the best one while another person might call it rubbish.

black usb rechargeable vibrator

How to choose the right size?

When it comes to the size of your top rated rechargeable vibrator, you must first decide whether you need light stimulation or you love to go full mode with that. Sizes on such toy vary from 3-4 inches and up to 12+ inches. Depending on the type and shape of the toy. The classic ones, the penis shaped rechargeable vibrating toys can offer pleasure up to 13 inches of insertable length while the egg shaped ones or the magic wands require smaller sizes for any type of use. No matter your desires, a big size is not always the best choice, especially if you are a first timer.

purple rechargeable rabbit vibrator

How to choose the right material, shape and texture?

If you love the silky feel and you like inserting soft toys into your intimate parts, a rubber or a silicone vibrator that is rechargeable would be the best choice. Also, plastic rechargeable vibrators, if they are used with lubrication, offer the same smooth and soft feel of the real penis. On the other hand, if you like getting a bit rough in solo or with your partner and also, if you love feeling stiff things in your intimate holes, a stainless steel or a glass vibrator would be enough to do the job. Such toys provide stiff feeling but with a soft touch, perfect for experienced users.

purple remote control rechargeable clitoral and g-spot vibrator

How to use the rechargeable vibrator?

Unlike other versions, both the standard rechargeable vibrator and the waterproof rechargeable vibrator do not require batteries. They come with included batteries, which only have to be charged when a full cycle is consumed. Make sure it’s charged before using it for sexual stimulation and always keep it clean and dry. Use lubricants if required and enjoy its benefits exactly as stated in their instruction manual. Most popular rechargeable vibrators can go up to 5 cycles without needing another charge so carefully read the instructions in order to expand the life of your personal vibrator.

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