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How To Reduce Sex Drive?

Women Sex Drive

So many men and women have raging libidos, way more than their partners can handle. And while it is great to get a partner that matches your sex drive, learning how to lower sex drive is a more lasting solution for a long-term relationship.

This article outlines the best techniques you can apply if you have an overactive sex drive. Stay with us and learn how to have self-control sexually.

What is Sex Drive?

Simply put, sex drive is the human desire to engage in sexual activity. Commonly known as the libido, it is characterized by one’s willingness to participate in sex/erotic activities at any given time.

A low sex drive signifies a minimal desire to engage in sexual activities, while a high sex drive is a constant eagerness/insatiability for sex. Please note that low or high libido is relative. What seems like a regular sex drive to you might be pretty high for another. It’s impossible to categorize libidos without considering personal preferences.

Due to a warped view of sex around the world, raging libidos often get good PR. It’s almost a thing of pride when someone (especially a man) is said to have a high libido. However, only a few people understand how a high sex drive can mar romantic relationships.

This article breaks down in straightforward language how to reduce an overactive sex drive.

Factors that Affect Your Libido

Like all other human features, your sex drive fluctuates. It can go lower or higher, depending on some factors that we’ll review shortly.

  • Age: In your 20s, your hormones are in a prime state, and you have excess energy to expend. However, around age 60, your libido takes a downward spiral. It might be sooner or later for some. Just understand that as you age, your body doesn’t have as much energy as it used to when you were younger, so your sex drive may decrease drastically.
  • Hormonal Fluctuations: If you’re looking for how to stop female arousal, then this is the first place you should look. Females experience hormonal changes way more often than any gender due to their menstrual cycle. It’s common to have an overactive libido during ovulation and a lower libido on dry days. In men, excess testosterone can boost sex drive.
  • Medication: Drugs such as Viagra, Addyi, and Max Performer are popular libido boosters. However, the user may experience withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and insomnia afterward. On the other hand, chemotherapy, antidepressants, and female contraceptives may reduce sexual drive indefinitely.
  • Pregnancy: Women’s sexual drive reacts differently to pregnancy. Yours may plummet or decline during the three trimesters. Even after childbirth, a lactating mother may struggle with Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder, a sexual dysfunction where medical conditions do not cause low libido. Thankfully, the sexual imbalance that occurs during this period is temporary.
  • Stress Levels: According to Jennifer Landa, BodyLogicMD, “stress is the biggest libido killer”. When your mind is preoccupied with anxious thoughts, there’s a high tendency for your sex drive to take a nosedive.
  • Substance Abuse: Consistent use of stimulants will drastically increase your sex drive. Stimulants such as cocaine, weed, meth, etc., may influence people (especially young adults) to engage in compulsive sexual acts and have sex more than necessary.

When is Sex Drive said to be Excess?

For many years, the concept of acceptable sex drive has been a bone of contention. You need to understand that sex drive is a spectrum. Because what A considers an overactive libido, B may deem too low, and vice versa.

Your sex drive is too high if it:

  • Affects your relationship with sexual and non-sexual partners.
  • Disrupts your mental health.
  • Interferes with your work and health.
  • Leaves you feeling insatiable, regardless of how much sex you have.
  • It leads you to act compulsively, thereby making wrong sexual decisions.

If any of the above is the case for you, you might want to learn how to control high sex drive. Look into our easy steps to suppress horniness ASAP!

4 Ways to Reduce Your Sex Drive

  • See Your Doctor. This is the first step to take when you notice any abnormalities in your body. They’ll perform some checks and inform you of the root of the problem. If your current meds make you feel more aroused than usual, your doctor may substitute it for a balanced option.
  • Psychotherapy. A therapist/psychologist can help you unpack all the triggers that led to your hypersexuality and recommend lasting solutions for you.
  • Quit Using Hard Drugs. Besides ramping up your sexual urge to unrealistic levels, stimulants have numerous adverse effects on the mind/body. If you’re addicted to stimulants and can’t quit cold turkey, sign up for rehab and get the help you need.
  • Work On Your Relationships. Most people find the confines of a romantic relationship boring, leading them to crave sex compulsively. If this is your situation, you may want to discuss candidly with your partner(s) and figure out how they can help you balance your overactive libido. Outline what your ideal sex life would be, and see if they’re willing to help you get there.

Can Sex Toys Affect Libido?

Sex toys for women and men are just tools for sexual satisfaction; they have no control over your libido. However, if you feel hypersexual, you can put your toys away for a fixed duration until you get professional help.

Remember that sex toys are a great way to enjoy good sex, regardless of your current sex drive. Check out our sex toy review section to see toys that will make each sexual experience exceptional.

As individuals differ, so do their sex drives differ. However, it is up to you (and your past experiences) to decide what’s a normal, low or high sex drive.

Instead of searching for how to get rid of sex drive totally, it’s better to reduce libido to a level that you’re comfortable with. We hope this article has been of great help to you; look through our web pages for more juicy content on how to improve your sex life.

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