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Remote Control Dildos

When people have long-lasting relationships, sexual life can become routine and monotonous, bringing the same sensations and emotions every time. Face the same problem? You need to add a bit of spice to your sexual experience. Sex toy market offers a huge variety of items and appliances, and one of the most popular articles is remote control dildos for sale. Why choosing this variant, and how it can help?

6 inch pink silicone remote control dildo
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What is Remote Control Dildo?

This is a sex toy made in the shape of penis and used for both solo masturbation and sex between partners. It features a motor that generates vibrations, pulsation, rotation or thrusting and several speeds and modes of work. The best remote control dildos can do wonders: they are capable of vibrating at more than 10 speeds, feature moving head and additional simulators for anal and vaginal penetration.

8 inch blue silicone remote control dildo

Have you even been in your partner’s grip, totally under his or her control? It can be a lot of fun, providing you with an opportunity to surprise, to explore and to satisfy as strongly as never. According to remote control dildo reviews, such device is just what you need to refresh sexual life and discover your partner’s tastes and preferences, making you even more intimate and closer.

8 inch black vibrating silicone remote control dildo

Main Characteristics

The vast majority of remote control dildos online have the following peculiarities:

  • They are produced of skin-friendly, seamless silicone, which makes some models perfect for underwater using. But you can also find hard plastic and metal variations.
  • The length of devices can vary from 5 inches to 12 inches and more.
  • An in-built vibrator works in several modes (from 10 to 50 on average), and the most advanced models feature the options for customization: users can create their own patterns, controlling the speed, frequency and order of pulsation, vibration and other motions.
  • 6 inch black vibrating silicone remote control dildo

  • Remote control can be performed either from a small panel coming in set, or via an application installed on a portable device like a tablet or smartphone. It comes in handy for users who travel a lot and want to create their own patterns.
  • Most models are accumulator operated, and USB-rechargeable.
  • You can purchase remote control dildos of different shapes and colors, including purple, pink, black and other variants.

If you want to try a dildo with remote control, you can find your ideal variant on our partner’s site. Hundreds of different sex toys for reasonable prices – isn’t it what you’ve been searching for?

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How to Use

You and your partner have just purchased a toy, and don’t know how to use remote control dildo? It’s a very convenient item simple in use. Just a few preparations and you will be ready to get mind-blowing pleasure.

First and foremost, install an application on your smartphone, if there is one. You can observe which modes are available, how the gadget is controlled, and read a short guidance. If there is a remote control panel, make sure that batteries are charged, and everything works properly.

6 inch pink rechargeable vibrating silicone remote control dildo

Make romantic atmosphere up. It will greatly change the way you percept experiments and feel your partner. Candles, music, champagne – whatever pleases you and helps to relax.

You may need a bit warming up. Work with your fingers to stimulate clitoris, don’t forget about boodling and preliminary penetration for your love-making process to go smoother and be more satisfying. No matter how long the dildo is, you don’t have to inject it entirely. Take a comfortable position, and push it forwards slowly. You may start without vibration on, and activate a mode when your vagina gets used to the new object inside.

8 inch black realistic rechargeable vibrating silicone remote control dildo

How to Choose

So, you have resolved to buy a remote control dildo, but not sure which model will be perfect for you and your partner? Keep in mind the following aspects:

  1. The more modes and options a model features, the more interesting it is. However, if you want to find a cheap remote control dildo, select simple items with up to ten modes of vibration and battery-operated control panel.
  2. Silicon dildos are smooth and safe, but if you need an item for anal sex, better choose hard plastic models with sight curve and balls or something serving as a restrainer. You need this to avoid losing the object inside rectum.
  3. Order remote control dildos on official sites and stores to make sure that you buy a 100% original product made of skin-friendly materials, properly sealed and protected from moisture.

You may also read some remote control dildo reviews to learn about their drawbacks and merits.

8 inch realistic rechargeable vibrating silicone remote control dildo

Where to Buy Remote Control Dildos?

Our partner’s site offers a wide choice of sex toys. Customers are guaranteed to enjoy low remote control dildo prices, fast delivery and convenient payment types. If you search for an ideal dildo, this store has exactly what you need. Check right now!

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