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How to Give a Rim Job?

Tips On Giving Rim Jobs.

Have you ever had that bad feeling and desire to lick a plate after a good meal, even though everyone at the table is looking at you funny? Well, that's the feeling that a host of partners get now and then during sexual interaction. Women have desirable features, stunning tendencies, and the ability to capture the attention of a lover with remarkable ease. That is why no part of their anatomy is immune to pleasure, and that includes the proverbial rim.

Here, we will be delving into one sexual act that several individuals shy from for various reasons. We will also give you a host of handy tips to guide you in your rim job journey, and hopefully, the leads will come in clutch. It is high time that we dispel all the myths regarding rimming meaning, and the only way to go is to take it a step at a time! So, without further ado, let's dive right into the rim and get to work!

About rim jobs

First, what is a rim job, and why does it sound so similar to an automobile activity? Well, a rim job can be defined as the art of eating out the ass of a romantic partner during sexual intercourse. Rim jobs require a certain level of craft, and a proper rim job can lead to a throbbing orgasm for the “car owner.” Giving a rim job is performing oral sex on a consenting partner, and it is one of the most intimate sexual acts there is.

The term “rim job” hasn't always had a sexual connotation; however, with the rise of the adult film industry in the late 1960–70s, rim job entered the public discourse as an informal term for anilingus. Performing a top-notch rim job is not a given, as it requires practice, poise, and patience to the booth. Furthermore, both partners have to be on the same page, and explicit consent is a must. Speaking of which, I think it's high time we gave you a set of tips to take your rim game to the next level.

Tips on giving rim jobs

We you curious about how you can give the perfect rim job? If so, then you are in the right place. Here are some tips to get you on the right curve.

  1. Express your desire. Communication is one of the main things that move a relationship forward, and giving a rim job is no different. If you find the concept of rim jobs enticing, then you should suggest it to your significant other. The worst thing that can happen is that she will say no, and there is no problem with that. However, we are pretty sure that she will appreciate you communicating your desire rather than sticking your tongue into her ass out of know where. That's super uncool, and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it if the roles were reversed.
  2. Clean up the rim. Good hygiene is quite the turn-on, especially proper when it comes to receiving a rim job. The least you owe your partner before they go down on your rim is to ensure that it is clean, premed, and proper. You can do this by showering and washing your edge with warm water and mild soap. Furthermore, kindly avoid receiving a rim job when you are experiencing gas, constipation, or diarrhea. Rim jobs are sensitive sexual activities; you wouldn't want to ruin the process for you and your partner.
  3. Pick the perfect spot. There's no rush to this process, as you can only achieve the ideal location by practicing now and then. There are several positions you and your partner can try for pleasurable analingus. It all depends on what tickles your (and your partner's) fancy, as well as the space you are working with. However, research has it that the doggy style, missionary position, and the inclined lever, all of which are fascinating propositions. You can try all of the above, and nothing stops you from inventing your signature position. Remember, the only limiting factor is your mind and the safety of the position that you are about to assume.
  4. Use those hands. Those hands you possess aren't for decoration, and no rule states you can't use them while performing a rim job. In as much as you can give your partner a throbbing orgasm with a rim job alone, it won't hurt to put those fingers to work. As such, try teasing your partner's other erogenous zones such as the nipples, clit, vagina, or even by stroking the penis. Multitasking is a great way to go, and we are pretty sure that your partner would appreciate the added effort and skill.
  5. Don't skip on those Sex Toys. Using the hands, tongue, and mouth are more than welcome in the art of giving rim jobs, but that doesn't mean that you should sleep on the use of sex toys to achieve premium rim satisfaction. There are a host of sex toys such as anal beads, butt plugs, and dildos that can improve the experience and eventually result in a throbbing orgasm.
  6. Ask for feedback. Nobody is perfect, and no matter how good you are, there is certainly some room for improvement. Rim jobs aren't as typical as a host of other sexual acts, so it's only fitting that you ask for feedback from your partner. Ensure that you are open with the said partner and put their minds to rest to be completely honest with you. This would do wonders in the long run, as you would likely become a rim great with time if you know what I mean!

Final thoughts

Everyone doesn’t fancy rim jobs under the sun, but their ardent supporters can't get enough of the action. Giving a proper rim job is an acquired taste, and it's not every champion lover that can boast of such a skill. We have shown you the way to go if you look for perfection in the art, and the rest is down to your interpretation. I hope you found this article needful, and it comes in handy in the not-too-distant future. We have a lot more where that came from, and you can check out our website for more awesome content in a similar light!

What is a rim job?
A rim job is an act of eating out a partner from the posterior region. It is a unique way of anal play that involves the tongue and mouth.
Is eating ass safe?
Yes, eating ass is safe as long as the owner of the ass doesn't have any health issues. Also, the said ass must get a good clean-up before the butt licking.
What does a rim job feel like?
A rim job feels like magic, especially when done the right way. Licking ass jobs are pretty similar to head, as they are fuels for throbbing orgasms performed by a skilled individual.
Do girls like rim jobs?
Yes, and No. Yes, because some girls can’t get enough eating ass and go out of their way to receive them. No, because others would prefer other forms of intimacy rather than rimming.
How to make your anus smell good?
You can make your anus smell good by washing it with warm water and soap with a pleasant fragrance. However, ensure that you do not introduce foreign objects to your rim, as that could result in a flat tire.

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