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Lady In Costume For Sex Roleplay

Although sex is undeniably one of the greatest pleasures of life, it is easy to lose the sense of satisfaction you once derived from this act, especially when you’re stuck in the same routine with your partner. Remember when you used to look forward to sex with your partner? But now, it just seems kind of bland because you already know what to expect. Sex with your partner never has to be monotonous. So, why don’t you ignite the spark by introducing creative roleplay ideas? Break out of the norm and experience a new world of shared fantasy with your favorite person.

Sex roleplay

Roleplay allows sexual partners to act out their hidden sensual desires in the bedroom. This sex practice provides you and your partner with an avenue to flirt with your sexual fantasies without introducing a third party into your intimate moments. Coming home to see your partner in t-shirts every day may not seem enticing enough to get you hard, but watch erotic blood rush through your veins when you find her in a naughty schoolgirl costume as her character takes you back to high school. Say adios to boring sex as we introduce you to a new world of fantasy with these roleplay ideas.

Sexual roleplay scenarios

Many people that enjoy fulfilling sex lives agree that the key to Nirvana between the sheets is a sense of adventure and at least two consenting adults. While there are so many more scenarios to consider, we will quickly run through a few of the most popular tropes.

Boss and desperate employee

The epic excitement of roleplaying comes from breaking taboos in this fantasy world and creating new power dynamics. One role that can help you enjoy this is the work-based fantasy. In this make-believe trope, one of you acts out the role of the boss while the other pretends to be an over-eager assistant who is ready to put in “extra work” to save their job or get a promotion. You’ve probably seen this several times in porn, and you can’t deny the sex appeal – it never gets old.

Good cop and bad criminal

If you’re one for power dynamic, manipulation, and roles with handcuffs, this is one for you. Relinquish control to your partner as they take you downtown for questioning for some “bad, bad” things you’ve done. You’re cuffed-up in the make-believe interrogation room, and the sexiest detective comes in to interrogate you. You’re not ready to talk, though, no matter the dirty things they do to you. Another version involves you seducing the cop to buy your way out of prison. You’ll enjoy acting out the role of the criminal who will do anything to avoid jail.

Teacher and student

This classic roleplay idea allows you and your partner to toy with dom/sub scenarios that can go either way. Take the role of a fresh-out-of-college high school teacher who just can’t seem to get the naughty student under control. Or perhaps, go down the lane of the scholarly college professor who has a sexy student seeking from his “vast knowledge.” You’ll surely fancy the idea of managing the flames of desire between you both and ensuring that you don’t get caught.

Doctor and patient

This role might be a little cliche because we’ve often seen it in porn, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to experience it. Your sexy wife comes in as the patient who can’t seem to have a baby with her husband. Rather than go through the stress of several medical tests, show her why a quickie could be a more straightforward solution for everyone, and it will be your little secret. What’s the harm? The doctor probably knows the right spots to hit.

Lady and handyman

The thought of sex with a perfect stranger is a huge turn-on for most people, so why not incorporate it into roleplay? The sexy plumbing guy is invited into your home to fix a leaking pipe, and it leads to an unexpected erotic romp that your partner will never know about. He needs to be rewarded for a job well done, and he probably finds your body more tempting than money at this time. Get him to treat your body like he’s never seen it as you both struggle to control the rage of lust.

Tips for roleplaying

In any roles that you choose, you can only get better with practice and in facilitating environments. However, when you decide to go the roleplaying route, you have to go all the way to enjoy the ultimate experience.

  • Pick a role: Decide the role you want to play beforehand. This allows your partner to prepare because it is difficult to get into character on the spot.
  • Play along even if it feels silly: Don’t worry about feeling silly. If it’s your first time, you’ll probably enjoy a few laughs, but as things get intense and you get more aroused, it will be easier to bring out your naughty side.
  • Use sex toys: Don’t forget to try out sex toys, especially in roles that really require them. Restraint kits, vibrators, and other amazing sex toys can easily help you get in character and unleash an erotic part in your partner that you’ve always wanted to see.


If you weren’t already aware, now you know that there is a lot to try out in the incredible fantasy world of roleplay. It’s not weird to get into it. Bring back the fire that has been missing in your sex life with these fantastic roles. If you found this article helpful, don’t leave without checking out our best sex toy reviews. Here you’ll find everything you need at a budget-friendly price.

How to roleplay?
Before roleplaying with your partner, you need to have discussed it with them beforehand to ensure that you both like the idea. Then you can select a roleplay scenario that incorporates acts that you both find arousing.
What does roleplay mean?
Roleplaying with your partner is a great way to act out your hidden fantasies while sparking life to sex. You both act out the role of imaginary characters, which you find amusing.
How to start roleplay?
Before starting roleplay, ensure that both parties have consented to the act, then you can both work out the characters you want to play and purchase costumes if need be.
How do you roleplay over text?
Roleplaying over text is a great way to spice up the conversation while you’re away from your partner. You might need to discuss it beforehand or mildly introduce it during erotic chats.

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