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How to Have Rough Sex?

Rough Sex

There's more than one way to turn on a lover, and long gone are the archaic days of open sex. Now you no longer have to be content with the missionaries of the bedroom, as you can go harder than ever before. However, you have to ensure that your partner is excellent with the idea and is on the same page as you are. There's nothing more important than consent in a relationship, and lovemaking is just one in the long line of needs for a happy union.

Here, we will be discussing what rough sex is, what it entails, and what makes it so different from orthodox sexual intercourse. Further along the line, we will explain why people partake in rough sex and the pros of such actions. Also, we will give you top-notch tips on how to safely perform rough sex without getting hurt, a restraining order, or a reputation as an insensitive lover. So without further ado, let's get down to business!

About Rough Lovemaking

Rough sex is essentially the process of partaking in sexual acts but purposefully adding a touch of paint to the process. This kind of sex is quite different from orthodox sexual acts and intercourse, as in this case, you might add a couple of objects to the lovemaking. Rough sex is noted for operating on the fine line between pleasure and pain, attraction and distraction, and passion as well as delusion. Rough sex requires three significant elements such as confidence, communication, and consent. First off, it requires trust, as you and your partner must be sure that it will harm none of you during and after the sex. It requires ongoing communication, as the two parties must be on the same wavelength at every point in the thirst. Lastly, it requires consent, as this nature of sex is one of the most unorthodox types around.

Rough sex is a delicate art form, as it toes a fine line, and it is easy to cross the line and come off as totally insensitive. That's why rough sex must be entirely consensual, you must thoroughly look into it, and both partners must be on board. There's nothing sexy about BDSM or BDSM Toys if both parties aren't down for the ride, and you should do rough sex properly to ensure an incredible orgasm.

Why do People Partake in Rough Sex?

Here are the primary reasons why people test the waters of rough sex.

  • The Changing Times: The internet is a global village, social media is the new marketplace, and just about everything is online. As such, it's no surprise that BDSM, rough sex and other similar practices have now developed following significant overtime. You don't have to look further than the Fifty Shades of Grey fanfare to understand just how popular rough sex has become. These changing times have thus given young and older adults the impetus to experiment because why not? There's just about nothing to lose, there's a thrilling orgasm to gain, and there are new love tales to experience. Thanks to the changing times, the rough sex community is having quite a productive time. The best part is that this genre of sex is largely untapped, and there's so much to discover as time goes by.
  • The Thrill of Dominance and Submission: There are so many Christian Greys in the world, just that it's not everyone comfortable enough to admit it. Rough sex is a marvellous way for Doms and Subs to test run their sensibilities and get an orgasm off it. Not everyone can turn on by doing the regular stuff, as some people want you to explore. Thanks to the mainstream, more and more material is being made available to teach people the right way to have rough sex. As such, long gone are the days of unnecessary injuries, rookie mistakes, and common misinterpreted messages. Now fans of dominance and submission are being taught the ropes by experienced pros, readily available the material. The thrill of being dominated is confirmed, the thirst of riding to request is accurate, and thankfully people understand that now. Few things need unravelling, and rough sex is one of those fascinating things.
  • Curiosity and Peer Influence: We will use the word influence rather than pressure because rough sex isn't something that a partner or friend can force you to partake in. A true freak doesn't need much probing before they participate in wild sex, and that's not going to change anytime soon. Also, curiosity is a significant reason people partake in rough sex, as they want to know what it's like. There's only so much that a person can read, watch, or hear about. The next step is to experiment, check whether it's for you, and check out if it turns you (and your partner) on. If it does, then that's a welcome addition to your bedroom and overall sexual experience.

Significant Steps to Achieve Extreme Pleasure with Aggressive Sex

Here's how to properly get the best out of this unique proposition.

Regularly confirm consent

It doesn't matter how frequently you engage in aggressive sex with the said partner; it is essential to ask for consent before getting to work. The reason is that rough sex regularly toes the fine line between pleasure and pain, so it's only proper that you stick to the script. What's more, it isn't unusual for a lover to change their mind midstream about a particular sexual act, so you should also consider that. Consent is a vital part of sexual satisfaction, and going against that can lead to grave consequences.

Gaining consent is essential in every sexual activity, and we aren't only talking about rough sex. However, due to the nature of this activity, it happens to be more critical than an array of others. Always remember to ask for consent before, during, and possibly after to be on the safest terms.

Foster the spirit of communication

Communication goes a long way in improving sexual satisfaction and productivity, which is true in a rough sex scenario. A couple should endeavour to communicate frequently when rough sex is being done, as that would save them from ab array of sticky situations. Such situations include developing pains, weak muscles, second thoughts, and a shaky resolve.

Communication is also a great way to get turned on during the foreplay or sexual act itself. You can whisper sweet and erotic words into the ears of your lover as you are bringing them to the brink of an orgasm. Furthermore, there's so much that words can do, and rough sex could be highly sensual once you utter the right words.

Regular Practice

You can't become a violent sex master in a day, you can become a guru by reading Fifty Shades of Grey, and you indeed can't perfect the task without practising it. That's the simple reality of it all, and you could do yourself (and your partner) a world of good by practising now and then. We must warn you, the first few attempts might not be the best, but they will only get better as time goes by.

Practicing rough sex can be a super fun endeavour, especially when your partner is on the same wavelength as you are. You could also introduce BDSM sex toys into the party, and you'll need some practice with those as well. Some helpful BDSM sex toys include but aren't limited to BDSM spreaders, BDSM whips, chains, handcuffs, and a host of other excellent tools.

It might seem mundane initially, but trust us, it's worth the go!


A lot of work goes into the mastery of rough sex, and we must admit, it isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some of the core elements of this activity might put off the conservatives, and it's not everyone that can withstand the little ting of pain, however, for those that can. This form of sex is a great way to get turned on, get off, and explore the realm of possibilities. Many things go into the perfect rough sex experience, and we have listed them above. However, it's up to you and your partner to master the art, and eventually, you'll have a lot to be glad about.

What is rough sex?
Rough sex is sexual intercourse whereby a couple mixes pain and pleasure to seek sexual satisfaction. That could be done using an array of tools and sex toys that would aid the task.
How to be rough during sex?
You will need to obtain express consent from your partner at various points during sex. You can proceed to spank, gagging, gentle tugging, and a host of BDSM-related activities.
How to choose toys for rough sex?
You should consult with your partner (except when stated otherwise) before making the final choice. Also, ensure that you pick various toys because you never can tell which one would come in handy.
How to safely enjoy rough sex?
Ensure that you communicate clearly with your partner about the things that turn you on and put you off. The rest would follow pretty naturally as time went by.
How to get in the mood for rough sex?
You could get in the mood by partaking in delicate foreplay, talking dirty, and performing a little striptease for your partner. Some couples get in the zone by reading about BDSM-related material, as that prepares them for what's to come.

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