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Safe Sex

Safe Sex Practices for Man and Woman in Bad

As more people take sexual risks these days, having safer sex has become part of the human survival toolkit. Now, there’s a group of people that believe, ‘oh, when you take so many precautions, sex becomes less exciting.’ That’s a big, fat lie right there.

You see, having adequate protection during sex even gives you a lot more freedom to go wild in bed and take your pleasure, knowing you’re covered on every front.

What is the Concept of Safe Sex?

As a general definition, safe sex is any sexual activity that restricts the exchange of blood, semen, and other bodily fluids between partners during intercourse.

However, safe sex may mean different things to different people. Some just want to fuck all day without getting pregnant. Some others just want to steer clear of STIs as much as they can. In there, there’s a group of women who want to be free of STIs and pregnancy. Regardless of the group you fall in today, we will show you that safe sex can be pleasurable. You can think of this article as ‘the ultimate safe sex guide’ if you want. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

Safe Sex Practices

When you hear safe sex practices, what exactly comes to mind? To us, we see precautions or deliberate steps you can take to make every sexual encounter safe and healthy for all parties involved.

There are many ways to make sex safer and more relaxing for you and your partner(s), and we’ll teach you everyone in this section.

  1. Get Tested! Knowing your sexual status is part of self-care and makes for a safer sex experience. The knowing saves you all the stress of wondering if you got infected in your last sex session or not. It relaxes you and makes you more open to giving/receiving pleasure during subsequent sexual encounters. Getting tested is equally essential if you want to have a steady sexual partner or even indulge in a night of wild sex with no condoms between you. Test for HIV, Herpes, Gonorrhea, etc., at a reputable hospital and exchange test results before jumping into bed with them. You’ll have yourself (and us) to thank for this precaution.
  2. Use Barrier Method. STDs are passed from person to person in the course of penetrative or oral sex. Condoms are classic for a reason, as they have repeatedly proven to be the surest bet for safer sex. They provide a physical barrier between a penis and an orifice (vagina, anus) to prevent the exchange of blood, semen, or vaginal fluids. Male condoms have a 98% efficiency in preventing pregnancy and STIs. That’s a pretty high score if you ask us. For female protection, an internal condom or diaphragm works just as well. Use dental dams during oral sex to prevent herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, etc.
  3. Engage in Low-Risk Sexual Activities. Sex without protection is too much of a risk, but there are low-risk sexual activities, no less intense than the others. Some of them are kissing, dry-humping, and external stimulation. You can enjoy any of these without fear of contracting any STIs. There’s also zero risk of pregnancy. Just ensure that your partner doesn’t have any cuts or injuries in/around their mouth while you kiss.
  4. Masturbate. Masturbation is one of the safe sex options you can try whether or not you already have an STD. Best part? It’s with yourself, so you can get intense orgasms and still be safe. To make it more exciting, you and your partner can watch each other masturbate yourselves to orgasm.
  5. Use sex toys. Use sex toys as much as you can for crazier sensations than you ever imagined. Our sex toy reviews offer the best and most intense sex toys to suit your budget and preferences.

Avoid Indiscriminate Sharing of Sex Toys

Believe it or not, sex toys can transmit bacteria from one body part to another. When using a toy on your partner, never take the toy from the anus to the vagina because the anus is a bacteria powerhouse.

Also, don’t share one sex toy unless you’re both using a double-ended dildo for your pleasure. In our sex toy review section, we have vibrators that are great for hetero and homosexual couples. Stay safe and grab all the pleasure you can while at it.

Birth Control

For women who aren’t ready for children, preventing pregnancy is a huge part of safer sex. Popping pills every other day can get old, so you may need an alternative form of birth control, such as an IUD. A permanent birth control method for women is tubal ligation (tying of tubes) and vasectomy for men.

Protected sex is just what it is, safe. And safe is good for everyone. The best way to have sex is with the confidence that you’re entirely protected from STDs and even from pregnancy (if you’re not ready for it).

We truly hope that this article has been helpful to you. If yes, why not check out our sex toy review section for toys that will fulfill your need for safer sex? We can’t wait to have you.

How to practice safe sex?
You can practice safe sex by taking deliberate steps to ensure that you and your partner are completely safe from Sexually Transmissible Infections before and after sex. You can also have safe sex to avoid pregnancy if either of you is not ready for it.
How to have sex and not get pregnant?
Having protected sex without getting pregnant is the dream of many modern women. To practice sex safely, you can use condoms during sex or see your gynecologist for long-term birth control methods.
Is a condom safe?
The male condom has a 98% success rate, which means that only 2 out of 100 people are likely to contract an STI or get pregnant after using a condom. It is one of the safest ways to have sex.
How to have safe sex without a condom?
If you like to feel a dick without barriers, you and your partner must get tested for STIs beforehand to ascertain your health status. Also, avoid having multiple sexual partners to reduce the risks of getting infected.

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