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Scheduled Sex

Sex Schedule For Married Couples.

The idea of planning for sex might sound like a total turn-off but you might be shocked to see just how turned on you would be if you do it right. The thing is, no matter how much two people love each other, things like work, kids, or life altogether can suck out time and energy every day until you both don’t have the time for sex. And if you have been very conversant with our articles, we try to educate people that sex (good sex) is one of the major spices that keep a relationship lasting.

So, the solution for a busy schedule is here – have a sex calendar. Whether you are with or without a partner, scheduling intimacy makes sure that your sex life stays hot and steamy. In this article, we'll show you how to schedule sex the right way without making it boring, awkward, or downright weird.

Benefits of a sex schedule

Before we go into how to schedule sex, let’s take a look at the benefits of scheduled sex over unplanned sex.

  1. It is physical proof that both of you are willing to work for the betterment of your relationship. Not only does this method promote better sex for married couples, but it also helps couples plan new sex ideas.
  2. If you can talk about this, you are most likely able to talk about other things. By communicating a sex schedule amid yourselves, talking about other things would be just as straightforward.
  3. A sex schedule for married couples guarantees quality time together.
  4. As we have mentioned earlier, it allows a couple to plan how to have sex more often as well as how to have better sex. Scheduling intimacy gives you both the chance to prepare before sex, arouse the mind, play with sex toys, and add excitement to your sex life.
  5. It guarantees sex every day in a relationship. With time, when you are used to the sex calendar, you can begin to increase the frequency until you can have sex every day.

How to fix sex dates in a way that’s not weird

We want to let you know that you can use these sex schedule ideas for other things like scheduled masturbation or a fixed time to go out and meet new people. So without further ado, these steps will help you go around scheduled sex successfully.

  1. Talk about it: Before you go ahead to fix a sex schedule, talk to your partner about it first. It’s completely illogical to write 'Sex on Sunday night after dinner' without talking to your partner first about why and how it would be. And if you plan on going solo, think about the whole thing carefully first.
  2. When you both have picked a date, write it in the calendar. It should be visible to both of you so that no one makes the mistake of fixing something else while there’s sex in the plan.
  3. Schedule foreplay too. Don’t let the plan be only about the bed. Plan an outing together, take a shower together, or watch a movie (or porn) together. You can also plan to include sex toys in the fun because they have a special way of turning the heat up to the maximum. With sex toys, you can reach the farthest limit for sexual pleasure and forget that the whole thing was planned. And for those that don’t have a partner, plan how you'll arouse yourself too. You can expect to be tidying up the kitchen at 1:59 pm and immediately begin to cum at 2:00 pm.
  4. Prepare – don’t say it’s already a done deal. Shower, shave, put on makeup, wear that sexy outfit. No one says you can’t begin an hour earlier if the heat is on. One of the most important sex tips for marriage regarding scheduled sex is to make the sexual anticipation spontaneous and crazy-hot.
  5. Don’t forget to remind him/her. And please don’t be boring about it. Instead of “, Sex by 7. Don’t be late”, try a sex chat to arouse his/her mind. Add emojis and maybe a sneak peek picture. A reminder can take the weight off the relationship calendar and turn it into spontaneous sex.
  6. Allow for flexibility. Don’t plan every step like 'after you kiss my neck, then I'll moan' – that’s just a BIG turn-off. Plan the day, the outfit, or the place (we are not talking about the kitchen, tabletop, or garage). But don’t plan the sex. Leave that to the mood.
  7. Finally, don’t feel bad when it doesn’t pull through. You can always reschedule sex. However, make sure that this doesn’t become a regular thing. If not, you'll be back to square one – or even much worse.

How to bring it up at home

Except it’s the two of you reading this, you would need to eventually tell him/her 'hey, let’s have sex on Tuesday.’ If your plan is not to have sex with your favorite vibrator but with another person, here are some of the ways you can bring up the conversation about a sex calendar for marriage.

  • You could first talk about the last you both had sex and then add that you miss it and should probably do it again on (insert the day).
  • You could also talk about how busy you both have been. Then add if you can have sex in (insert the day).
  • Here’s a straightforward one: “Let’s have sex on (insert the day), you down?’

If the original vibe in the relationship is low, try things like this:

  • Mention that it is obvious you two have not been connected lately. Then throw in a suggestion to spend time together on (insert day).
  • Point out that your partner seems too stressed lately then ask how he/she feels about a hookup on (insert the day).

Note that it is not some serious talk. Though it is serious, don’t about it like you want to fix an appointment for orgasm. Be flexible and cheerful. Stay optimistic but don’t be out down if you get a negative answer – simply try again with an upbeat. Also, make sure you fix an exact day/date. Don’t use 'when you are free' or 'sometime soon'.


We hope that you now know how to schedule sex in a way that still feels spontaneous. Take time out to schedule sex for next week and begin your journey towards a better sex life. And if you wish to learn more things like this, read some of our best sex reviews. We have many things that you’ll not only enjoy, but also be able to get for yourself.

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