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Semen Retention

Semen Retention Techniques for You

The topic of semen retention is not often discussed because most people believe it’s pointless. Even you might ask, “What else is the purpose of sex if not ejaculation?” However, semen retention is much more complex than that.

Do we think there are scientific benefits of not ejaculating? Join us as we reveal everything in the article below.

What is semen retention?

Semen retention — also called seminal conservation-- is simply the practice of deliberately avoiding ejaculation. There are many ways to retain semen even while engaged in sexual activities, but the endpoint is that you can’t ejaculate.

Make no mistake about it. Semen retention isn’t the same as the No Fap movement that’s so popular on the internet. ‘No Fap’ is an organization that aims to help people overcome their addiction to porn and masturbation. However, the brand name is now taken to mean ‘no masturbation or ejaculation.’

Why do people practice semen retention?

  • Religious Reasons: Some religious men believe that frequent ejaculation may weaken their spiritual growth and mental health. Thus, they are taught semen retention and the benefits of holding in ejaculation.
  • The Need for Self-Control: If you’re in this category, you probably have an overactive sex drive and are looking to lay off the orgasms for a minute. That’s totally okay! Taking back control of your sex life through a strict semen retention timeline never hurt anyone, least of you.
  • Personal Beliefs: Some people believe that semen retention science may help improve sperm quality, fertility, pleasure during sex, or physical health. Do you belong in this category? Well, whatever your beliefs are, there’s no scientific research indicating that semen retention is harmful to human health. So, if you want to try not ejaculating for 7 days or an indefinite period, that’s up to you.

4 simple semen retention techniques for you!

Regardless of the motive behind your semen retention, it’s always better to go about it the right way. Here are our recommended techniques to help you enjoy all the semen retention benefits.

  1. Abstinence. Abstaining from sexual activity is the easiest way to practice semen retention. When you stay away from persons and things that arouse you, then you won’t have to struggle with holding in ejaculation. If you want to reap the benefits of semen retention without much work, abstinence is the way to go.
  2. Edging. If you have to have sex or masturbate, edging is your second best option for semen retention. Be mindful and slow down when masturbating or during sex, and when you feel like you’re about to come, stop stimulation. Wait about 20 seconds before you continue. That way, you can enjoy the thrill of sex while conserving your sperm.
  3. Dry Orgasm. Do you know it’s possible to orgasm without ejaculation? That’s what we call a dry orgasm. In the words of sexologist Jill McDevitt Ph.D., ‘orgasm and ejaculation are separate biological phenomena; one can occur without the other.’ You can have a dry orgasm by controlling your pelvic floor through kegel exercises, slow, deliberate breathing, etc. For this, you may need to consult with a sex coach for professional guidance.
  4. Use a Cock Ring. Using a cock ring is an option if you want to hold in your ejaculation very briefly. A cock ring, otherwise known as a penis ring, increases blood flow to the penis and helps you maintain an erection. In summary, it prevents premature ejaculation. Sound good to you? Then browse through our review section to find the best cock rings that can help you thrust better and longer!

Pros and cons of semen retention

As you may know, the practice and results from semen retention may differ from man to man. If you’re seriously considering holding in ejaculation, here are the semen retention benefits and risks you need to know.


  • Semen retention can help control an overactive sex drive.
  • It may also improve your sperm quality.
  • There’s a possibility of higher testosterone levels in the body.
  • Semen retention may lead to a more intense orgasm the next time you have sex.
  • It also helps with premature ejaculation.
  • People who embark on semen retention for spiritual reasons may experience a better sense of harmony and healthier emotional bonds.


  • Semen retention may be tough for hypersexual persons.
  • You may experience epididymal hypertension, also known as blue balls.

Apart from semen retention being tough for some persons, seminal conservation has no confirmed adverse effects. As a matter of fact, if you don’t ejaculate, your body breaks down the semen and reabsorbs it into your body. There’s no reason to fret.

We hope you love reading this article and that it helps your journey with semen retention. Don’t forget to visit our sex toy reviews for effective cock rings to help maintain your erection and last longer in bed.

What is semen retention?
Semen retention is the act of intentionally holding in ejaculation. It is also known as seminal conservation, and men may practice this for different reasons, each one of them valid.
Can a man be sexually satisfied without ejaculating?
It all depends on which man it is and the motivation behind semen retention. However profound the practice of seminal conservation may seem, not every man would be satisfied with holding in ejaculation, but your man may be.
What happens if you hold in your sperm?
If you hold in your sperm, you may have blue balls (not literally blue, but just a mild discomfort in the testicles that lasts for a short while). Afterward, your body breaks the semen down and reabsorbs it into your body.
Is semen retention healthy?
So far, semen retention has not been proven to have adverse effects on the male body. As long as you keep everything mild and moderate, you’re definitely on the safe side.
How to have a dry orgasm
You can have a dry orgasm by practicing tantric sex, controlling your pelvic floor muscles, and breathing. You can also experience the same through edging. To fully understand the techniques of a dry orgasm, consult with a sex therapist.

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