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Sensation Play

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There are few activities as versatile as sex, and lately, people are getting more creative with the act. Sex has been in existence for as long as humanity, and without such activity, it would be unlikely that we would be reading this piece. That being said, many people like thinking outside the box in terms of their sexual shenanigans, and they go the extra mile to attain peak satisfaction. One of such activities is sexual play, and as you could guess from the name, it is pretty exciting when done artfully.

Here, we will be introducing you and yours to the world of sensation play, as well as guiding you on the path to self-discovery. Further along the line, we will show you some of the best sensation play products in our store, as well as their uses. There's a lot to cover, yet such little time, so without further ado, let's get down to the art of sensation play!

About sensation play

So, what is sensation play, and what makes it such a big deal in the grand scheme of lovemaking? Well, sensation play is a class of activities meant to impart physical sensations upon a partner instead of mental forms of erotic play such as power exchange or sexual roleplaying. Sensation play requires a high level of trust between partners, there has to be an enabling environment, and the parties must respect the art of consent. It is also worth noting that sensation play can be sensual, where the sensations are generally pleasing and light.

Furthermore, sensation play could be a variation of BDSM, even though several partners do not necessarily go in too deep. This activity involves but isn't limited to silk scarves, feathers, ice, massage oils, and other similar implements. Sensation play consists of a lot of roleplay and passion, and the results are usually worth the effort. Also, no one can claim to be a true master of sensation play, as what tickles the fancy of A might not move an inch with B, so you should regularly update a skill set. That is an activity that can either make or mar the atmosphere in a bedroom, ensuring that you and your partner are on the same page.

Sensation play products to savor

A top-notch sensation play regime wouldn't be complete without products that can aid the act. Here are some of the best sensations play products that you can find on our website.

  • Candles. They said we shouldn't play with fire, but that saying couldn't hold a candle in the art of sensation playing. Sensation play involves thin margins, tiny limits, and there's no way you can savor it without taking risks. One of such risks is introducing candles into the sex room, and it is a risk worth taking. That is because candles necessitate wax play, and wax play involves dripping hot wax onto various body areas and toying with the balance of pain and erotic pleasure. This balance is key to attaining peak satisfaction during sensation play, and such fine lines are beyond important. Also, ensure that your partner is at ease with the process, as wax play is not everyone's cup of tea.
  • Audio Erotica. Everything seems to be on streaming platforms these days, and you can find some resources beneficial to the sensation play task here. Audio erotica does a lot more than visual erotica in the realm of sensation play, as this works wonders on the mind. What's more, you can dictate the flow, interpret the message on your own accord, and savor the immediate aftermath. You can find audio erotica on streaming applications, dedicated platforms, and even on our website. Just remember, don't put too much pressure on yourself, and pay attention to the signs exuded by your partner.
  • Blindfolds. Blindfolds happen to be the first thing that couples test out in the realm of sensation play, so you couldn't have expected that we'd leave it off the list. Blindfolds play a significant role in boosting trust in sensation play, as when blindfolded, you are at the mercy of your partner. That is a tool that builds up a crazy sense of anticipation, promotes a laudable amount of trust, and virtually assures a significant bout of satisfaction. Blindfolds are available in several makes, and you can make your pick on our easy-to-access website.
  • Floggers and Paddles. If you noticed, we have slipped out of the kiddie gloves and gone to a realm of intense satisfaction. Floggers and paddles are tremendous assets for the art of sensation play, and they assure crazy bouts of pleasure. Impact play, which is the practice of striking or being struck repeatedly by a hand or toy, is another way to engage in sensation play. This practice is better done on erotic regions such as the butt, breasts, thighs, nipples, and back. Both partners can be lightly flogged, and it doesn't have to be the divine feminine. Floggers and paddles come in different shapes and sizes, so you should consult with your partner before you make a purchase. Also, make sure that you stop the flogging if either they or you aren't feeling it.
  • Flavored Accessories. You didn't think that we would leave the mouths out of the equation, and if you did, then shame on you. Flavored accessories are a must-have for couples delving into the sensation play realm, and they are known to work a charm. First off, you can make a spread of sensual foods for you and your partner to feed each other or eat off each other's body, incorporating touch as well. Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to toy around with flavored accessories, such as massage oils, dust, condoms, and nipple balms. Like they say, the more, the merrier, and you can't go anywhere without taking risks.

Final Thoughts

Sensation play is a fantastic way of bringing a much-needed spark to a dour bedroom, and the mastery of such would keep your lover coming back for more. There are a host of sensation play products that can help get the job done, and we have told you a thing or two about them. However, the most critical factor in successful sensation play is you (and your partner) and the ability to go the extra mile. Once you can discard all initial reservations, get creative, and leave your comfort zone, then you'll have a blissful time. We hope this article came in clutch, and we are looking forward to you paying a visit to our online store. You won't be disappointed!

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