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How To Have Sensual Sex?

Sensual Activities Together.

Against popular beliefs, men also love to feel connected to their partners during sex. It’s not always only about the jacking and the hammering, and the thumping. It’s also about the way your breathing is in sync with each other while you feel the heat of your bodies. Express love to your partner with sensual sex and let how to do so the right way by reading through the content of this guide.

What is sensual sex?

Sensual intercourse is when two people who are in love with each other express their love by using intentional touch, kisses, caresses, and intercourse. For sex to be sensual, it has to be intentional. It isn’t the wild, rough, crazy sex in most Hollywood movies. Think of it as sex in a spa with steam and slow music. Nothing matters but the two of you and how you make each other feel with every touch. And the good thing about sensual passionate sex is that it is one of the few magic ingredients to sweeten up any romantic relationship especially marriage.

Major steps to better and sensual sex with your partner

We have compiled a list of 10 steps to follow that would lead you and your partner to the world of sensuous lovemaking. If this is exactly what you are craving for - the hottest passionate sex of your life, then check out the list.

  1. Don’t try to know it, feel it. The key to the best sensual sex is to feel it and not to know it. Many people (especially those facing challenges or friction in their relationships) try to look for books teaching them to have better sex. Some people also try to find the science behind the feeling of sensuality. However, being sensual with your partner is not a thing of the brain, it's a feeling that flows from the deepest part of your heart and is expressed through your touch, kiss, caress, and sex.
  2. Masturbate together. But for those who have tried to feel it but seemed to have failed, you can try masturbating together. Masturbating with your lover can help you and your partner do some sensual activities together. Use your fingers or better still, use sex toys. Sex toys can sky-rocket your sex life and help you spice up boring relationships. With sex toys, you can reach multiple orgasms, create fantasies, achieve your fetish, and explore sex together. It’s simple. If you want to start feeling sensual, use sex toys to masturbate together.
  3. Try Tantric and Karezza sex. Tantric sex or karezza is the type of sex that is focused on the connection of lovers’ souls when having sex. It’s not about the orgasm in these sex types, it’s more about how the two of you feel with every kiss, hug, cuddle, touch, and tickle. It is great for lovers because it gives them the chance to explore their bodies, have longer sex, and enjoy the full package of foreplay.
  4. Encourage your lover. This is a must-do for anyone that wants to be a sensual lover. While having sex, make him or her feel like he or she is getting things right. You know how you like to feel during sex, and when your partner hits a major pleasure point, make it known. You can moan, gasp, call his or her name, or whisper something very sexy. But don’t make it sound fake. Remember, it's not about the brain, it’s the result of how you feel.
  5. Surprise works too. The element of surprise cannot be overestimated when it comes to sexy sensual sex. You don’t always have to do it at night when you both are on the bed either about to sleep or waking up. Come back early from work and wear that sexy red lingerie he likes, grooms your hair, and wear makeup. Then wait for him to come in through the driveway. The only side effect to this is that he would give you hot passionate sex that’ll leave your legs shaking for more.
  6. Sex outside of the bed too. Again, it doesn’t have to be about the orgasmic explosion during intercourse. Good sensual sex begins outside of the bed when you buy him a romantic gift, take her out for dinner, cook him his favorite meal, or slap her buttocks while she’s dressing up for work. It also continues when you send him a dirty sneak peek picture or you text him a watery emoji. Tease your lovers' minds and see the result on the bed.
  7. Talk and communicate more. Effective communication is one of the least mentioned sensual sex tips but it carries as much weight as the others previously mentioned. When two people talk about how to have sex, they tend to have better sex. Don’t put a filter on it, explore all the ends of the topics. Talk about sex toys, masturbation, setting the mood, likes and dislikes, fetishes, fantasies, and most of all - clear all negativity. A couple that’s fighting cannot have sensual intercourse.

Explore yourselves: likes and fetishes

Apart from talking about what you want and what you don’t want, another passionate sex tip is to explore your bodies in the act. During foreplay, touch those places she said she likes, and try other places she didn’t mention at all to you and see if she likes them. Your partner might not know how a kiss on the neck might feel so try it and see if she moves accordingly.

  • Try intimate and sensual sex positions: The sex position is one of the main differences between sensual vs sexual sex. Sensual intercourse positions promote eye-gazing, cuddle, slow-paced sex, body-gazing, and intimacy.
  • Set the mood: Finally, you need to set the mood to have sensual sex with your lover. Fix the lights, close the blinds, start the music, light the candles, wear the dress, make the bed, and close the door after her. A romantic can ease the wild side of sex and turn it into steamy, passionate, intimate intercourse.


We hope that we have been able to help you see how to have sensual sex with your lover today. So, if you liked this article and you want to learn more about how to diversify your sex life and light those candles, check through some of our best sex toy reviews. You will find some lovely picks that will fit your need and budget.

What is sensuality?
Sensuality is the process of producing sensual pleasure. This means pleasure out of touch of the sensory nerves through kisses, massages, caress, and intercourse.
Who is a sensual person?
A sensual person is a person that is pleasured by or is driven by sensuality. He or she loves to feel every moment of sex rather than just experience an orgasm.
What is sensual sex?
Sensual sex is achieved when two people who are in love with each other express their love through touch, kisses, caresses, and intercourse. It is sex guided by how the lovers feel.
How to be more sensual?
To be more sensual, you need to prioritize how the sex makes you both feel over the need to cum. Foreplay and intentional touches are the keys to being more sensual.
How to make sex more sensual?
To make sex more sensual, masturbate with your partner, try tantric sex, surprise your lover, communicate what you like and what you don’t like with your partner, and most of all set the mood.

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