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Sex Bucket List

Sex Bucket List For Couples

Everyone has a list of things and sexual ideas they'd love to achieve before meeting their maker, and these things vary from person to person. Few people can boast of having the same targets as time goes by, and there are a lot of sayings that back this up. One such phrase is "twenty friends can't be friends for twenty years," so what makes you think that they'd have the same aspirations? Hence, most people have a unique bucket list that stays true until they cross out the items on the list.

Here, we will showcase a sex bucket list, what it entails, and why it quickly becomes one of the most popular lists. We will be defining what a bucket list is and why it is quickly receiving mainstream attention. Further along the line, we will showcase the perfect sex bucket list artfully curated by our super versatile team. There's quite some information to look into, so without much ado, let's get right to some new things to try in bed!

What is a bucket list?

In the simplest of terms, a bucket list is “a collection of goals, dreams, and aspirations that you would like to accomplish within your lifetime." Making a bucket list keeps track of your goals and takes steps to achieve these goals to maximize the incredible experiences in your life. Keeping bucket lists is a hallmark of an organized individual that has their life in order and doesn't live life on a whim. A good bucket list toes the line between accessible and challenging, as there's nothing better than a challenge.

Bucket lists aren't meant to be impossible to achieve, as that would defeat the purpose of the freaky things to do in bed. The more creative a bucket list is, the more motivated a person would be to achieve it. Also, there's no problem with being unable to perform a couple of the items on your bucket list, as it's never that deep. Bucket lists are like chocolates in a box, they come in different shapes and sizes, and their tastes vary. Here, we will be looking at one of the most unorthodox sexual things to try, the sex bucket list!

The perfect sex bucket list

Is there any such thing as the perfect sex bucket list? Well, look no further as we present sexual fantasy suggestions to you as culled by yours truly.

Make love at the movies

Most people go to the movies to watch box office hits, socialize, and generally have a good time while in the company of like minds. However, the film also happens to be the perfect location to cross out an item from your bucket. This activity in question is the act of making Love and savoring the company of your significant other. Making Love at the movies is an action that needs careful planning, as anything other than that could lead to an aborted mission.

First things first, you'll need to use a cinema that isn't commonly visited or in high demand, as that way you'll be able to limit chances of getting caught. Also, it would be helpful if you carve out a little spot for you and your partner in the darkest area of the room. Next up, stroke your partner, take it nice and slow and take turns looking out to ensure no one is watching. With time you'll master this task, and thankfully you can now cross it off your sexual fantasy ideas list.

Play a drunk game of truth or dare with friends

It isn't a bucket list item for the weak-hearted, as it takes a significant amount of trust and craziness to partake in. The thing is that truth or dare is already one of the craziest games to play, so now imagine playing it while drunk! What you'll need for this are generous amounts of liquor, crazy friends on the deck, and a hyper erotic mind to the booth.

All these factors would make the game more enthralling, and the alcohol would banish any inhibitions left. However, ensure that your partner is on board with this idea before carrying out the complex planning and purchasing required tools.


BDSM is already one of the more popular unorthodox sex methods, and it has been getting a lot of publicity in the past few years. However, many couples are still skeptical about partaking in such shenanigans, and for good reasons. We get the reservations, and it is expected because you are from the outside looking in.

BDSM is an activity that should be high up our sex bucket list, as it is as thrilling as it is terrifying. More so, there's no telling whether you'll love it or hate it after the first trial or two. As such, you should try the beginner's version of BDSM with a consenting partner, and that will give you a clearer picture as regards one of the darkest but more pleasurable forms of sex.

Go on a sex tour

You might think that the food served in your neighborhood kiosk is the best until you try out the one in a different county. That's the same thing when it comes to sex tourism, as you'll only know how exquisite some cultures are after you've had a taste. Sex tours aren't exactly new in the scene, as people have been using such terms for the past decades.

However, you have to understand that sexual tourism has its pros and cons, and you should do your research before visiting a region. Some regions are less restrictive than others, and you shouldn't visit some places for such activities. Also, make sure that you are always protected, and you avoid going raw with a partner you hardly know anything about.

Have a one night stand with a ten out of ten

You never can tell how difficult having a one-night stand is until you pursue the most attractive person in the entire room. What makes this act difficult is that you'll be pitted against every person in the location trying to get the target's acceptance. Also, there's no tested and trusted rule on having a one-night stand with a 10/10, so we won't be able to give you solid tips.

However, this is an action that would give you a lot of joy and some clout on your sex bucket list if you can pull it off. It's not every day you bag a beauty, and it is even more impressive when you can pull it off during a one-nighter. All praises would go to you and your game. As you've done something that a lot of your peers have tried to and failed.

Final thoughts

Creating the perfect bucket list is no mean feat, and curating a proper sex bucket list is even more complex than the former. However, the world is evolving, technology is savvier, and we are here to guide you on an unfamiliar path. Have above are just a few of the fascinating things that should be on your bucket list, but there's a lot more to choose from. Romantic sexual ideas lists are like fuel to a sports car; such a car needs the power to zoom off, just like we need bucket lists to take off. We've done our bit, and now it is up to you to cross your tees and dot the sex ideas. Plus, if you love those pieces, you can check out our website for fascinating content. Here, we'll present you with items that represent value for money, as well as advice that represents time well spent.

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