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Sex Doll Heads

 Sex Doll Head

Get bored making out with the same sex doll for days? It’s the face that often stands out as the primary cause of boredom. But with the widest availability of sex doll heads, you can now have a lot of options to play with. Get a brand new sex doll head as per your preference. Replace the old one with this new head and your doll just got the best makeover you would have expected. The detachable heads are making big waves in the sex doll industry. The demand is higher than one would have thought. You now stand an option to purchase different heads and try them on your doll for a pinch of fresh air. It will also make you a lot more energized while engaging in a sexual encounter. It will be fun, exciting, and a lot more innovative. Make the most of the options available and enjoy intimacy like never before.

If you are looking for the best types of heads as a replacement for your sex doll, follow the table below for more information:

What is a sex doll head?

You all know what a sex doll is. These are realistic dolls used for sexual purposes mostly. Unless you are opting for inflatable blow-up dolls, the other options available come with detachable heads and body parts. Such a concept allows the user to shop for new heads and replace the old ones to give a new appearance to the doll. There are also available hair locks, eyelashes, costumes, ornaments, cosmetics, and special soaps for these dolls. Whatever the head is what that plays a significant role in the process.

Different types

There is a wide range of sex doll heads available these days. Right from animated heads to realistic ones, you will find a lot of options to play with. Have a look:

  • Realistic sex doll head
  • TPE sex doll head
  • Anime sex doll head
  • MILF sex doll head
  • Mini sex doll head
  • Black sex doll head
  • Open mouth sex doll head
  • Asian sex doll head
  • Customized sex doll head
  • Celebrity sex doll head
  • Male sex doll head

These heads are designed with care and precision to ensure the best impact once attached to the doll. The pricing depends on the type of head you opt for. The quality, material used, size, and features all play a crucial role in deciding the price of the head. Fantasizing over a celebrity is common. You can now transform your regular-looking sex doll into a celebrity image with a replacement of the head. Simply bring home a celebrity sex doll head and replace the old one with this newfound addition.

How to purchase a sex doll head?

These days, it is not difficult to get hold of a realistic sex doll head. You will notice a whole lot of options available through the online stores. The online stores are a lot more convenient but that said, you must understand, a genuine store is all that you need. Look carefully, go through the testimonials, focus on the reviews, and ensure that the best options are considered for the process. Quality-wise, you will find different material-made products. The TPE heads are more flexible and best for open-mouth options. You can also opt for silicone heads that assure better longevity.

Using tips

The installation procedure comes with the sex doll head you just purchased. These heads are detachable with special joints for easy attachment. However, you cannot attach a mini head over a realistic life-size sex doll. The joints will simply not fit. On the other hand, it is also not possible to fit a life-size head on a mini-doll. Therefore, when making a purchase, mention the requirement. You must mention the type of doll for which you are making the purchase.

Taking care of the head is equally important. You need to know the guidelines provided by the manufacturer to take care of the sex doll head. In some cases, the head must not be exposed to extreme heat. Also, cleaning the head using specific cleansing lotions is only recommended.


There are different ways to enjoy sex. If you have a sex doll to manage your erotic desires, try incorporating new ways to make the scenario more exciting. The availability of a realistic sex doll head certainly opens a lot of new avenues to try. You can now try new heads on the body of your doll to create new appearances to prevent boredom. Enjoy sex with new female characters now and then with these beautiful realistic heads. Life is cool only if you know the tricks to create it!

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