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How to Have Sex for the First Time?

Rule Of First Sex Experience.

So, it’s your first time, and you’re trying to do it right. If only more people were like you.

As seen in a thousand and one movies, the idea of “losing it can be nerve-wracking.” It is a new experience for, or maybe your partner; it is understandable. However, amid all the intensity and awkwardness, you can actually get a pleasurable and lasting experience. This article will walk you through all you need to know about having sex for the first time.

What you should know about first-time sex?

You may have had some sexual experiences that stopped short of getting to the real thing, or maybe you’ve masturbated alone a few times in the past. However, none of these things come close to sexual penetration. Below are answers to common questions that people ask about first-time sex.

  1. Does having sex change your physical appearance? Well, sex is not a magic pill that automatically triggers changes in your body. Contrary to most assumptions, having a penis inside you or being inside a vagina isn’t going to alter your physical experience. While you might sweat profusely and breathe heavily, leaving your skin flushed, they are pretty normal short-time effects of energy exerted during sex.
  2. Will I bleed? Most females are born with a hymen, which tears or stretches and causes a minor bleed when they have sex for the first time. It is worth noting that bleeding isn’t going to happen to everyone. This is because you may have unconsciously broken your hymen through exercise and other strenuous activities before you have sex for the first time. So the light stain or lack of it is nothing to be worried about.
  3. Will it hurt? You probably expect your first time to hurt because you’ve heard tales from friends and seen it in movies, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The pain during first-time sex is usually caused by friction, which is higher when you’re not sufficiently wet. All the anxiety might make it difficult for the vagina to self-lubricate. Although, engaging in foreplay can make you more relaxed and aroused, helping with the wetness. Another solution is to apply lube to make penetration easier and less painful.
  4. Is it possible to achieve orgasm in my first sex experience? This outcome depends on you and your partner. If your partner is experienced, they may amplify your experience, prioritize your pleasure and make it easier for you to reach orgasm. However, if you are both trying sex for the first time, it might be awkward, and it probably won’t be the most gratifying. But the good thing is that you’ll both get better at it.

Tips for losing virginity

  • Be prepared: The first rule of first-time sex is not to allow anyone to talk you into having sex against your will. It is your decision, and no one should influence it. A little preparation beforehand may be required to ensure that you’re not caught off-guard in any situation. If you can, read books and probably watch educational videos. Porn probably doesn’t count.
  • Ensure it’s with the right partner: If you are with a partner you trust, it will help you feel safer and more open to the experience. Ensure you both are tested prior, and whatever might have negative aftermath should be discussed genuinely. This phase is crucial for your physical and psychological well-being. Knowing you can completely trust your partner keeps you relaxed and make your first sex feel safer.
  • Cozy place: A comfortable place of choice can help get you in the mood as well. Having sex in your comfort zone keeps you relaxed and ready for the pleasure or awkwardness that awaits you.
  • Be Gentle: You have a whole lot of time to make this happen, so why rush? Take your time to explore each other’s bodies and discover what you both find pleasurable. Also, take it slow if you’re the one with the penis penetrating. Instead of thrusting fast from the start, give your partner some time to get comfortable with your genitals.
  • Engaging in foreplay: Engaging in foreplay makes the entire experience enjoyable because it gives your body time to get in the mood. It also helps to reduce anxious feelings that naturally come with first-time sex. Kissing and caressing are things that you can start with before you proceed to oral sex and end with penetration.
  • Avoid acrobatics: It’s your first sex, so there’s no need to impress your partner with skills you picked up from porn. Let it all come naturally and work towards enjoying the full glee of the moment.

Safety tips on first-time sex

Even if it’s only your first time, some major precautions should be taken to ensure safe sex for you and your partner. Sex opens you up to many risks, especially when it is not properly planned or reckless. These are some of the things to watch out for to ensure this experience leaves you with no regrets.


Ensure you use protections to help prevent contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Some common diseases that you can be exposed to during unprotected sex are:

  1. HIV/AIDS;
  2. Syphilis;
  3. Gonorrhea;
  4. Hepatitis B and C among others;

Use contraceptives

Get contraceptives from pharmaceutical stores to prevent unwanted pregnancy. These are like birth control pills that prevent female hormones from releasing eggs and they can be acquired on the doctor’s prescription.


Nervous about your first sex experience? It’s a natural feeling. But adopting the tips in this article will definitely help keep you relaxed and safe. If you found this article helpful, don’t leave without checking our sex toy reviews. We sure have everything that suits your budget and taste.

What does sex feel like?
Sex feels good, especially when it is consensual and properly done. It causes pleasurable sensations both physically and psychologically, and all these positive feelings peak during orgasm.
Does sex hurt?
As pleasurable as sex is, it may come with a fair bit of discomfort, especially when it’s your first time. A good way to reduce the pain is by engaging in foreplay to get your wet enough or you can simply apply lube to reduce the friction.
How long does it hurt after your first time?
Much of this is dependent on your hymen. If you have thick epithelium around your hymen, you might experience more pain. The pain should ideally last for an hour after your first penetration. However, if it lasts more than seven days, you may need to see your physician.
Can you get pregnant if you are a virgin?
While this is unlikely, it is possible. You can get pregnant from any activity that introduces sperm into the vagina.
What to expect for your first time?
An entirely new experience. It might be uncomfortable and awkward at first, but the experience can also be pleasurable if you do it properly.

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