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Sex Furniture

Sex Furniture.

From minimal items like pillows to extreme variants like bondages and contraptions, sex furniture comes in every shape and size. The primary use of sex furniture is to aid in spicing up the sex life by adding a new angle to it. While there are many dungeon-worthy variants available for the fans of BDSM, there are a lot more types from the vanilla furniture category as well. Depending on what you prefer personally, you can choose a certain type to enhance your sexual activity or to live out your fantasy. And don’t be fooled by the term ‘furniture’. No matter whether you live in a small apartment or a huge penthouse, there is a piece of sex furniture that will fit perfectly in your home and let you have the time of your life. Designed in a huge range of discrete, collapsible, and hidden varieties, sex furniture can be anything and do anything that gets your motor running and turn the tables on an otherwise boring act.

Top 10 Best Sex Furniture in 2021

Products Information Price
Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master
Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Position Master
Dimensions: 21" x 14.5" (approx) and supports up to 300lb/21 st
Features: 2 handles for extra support
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Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo
Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo
Dimensions: 34 inches (L) x 24 inches (W) x 12 inches (H)
Allergens: Latex-Free
Angle : 27-degree
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Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair
Sex Position Enhancer Chair
Material: Metal
Allergens: Latex-Free
Length: 21 inches
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Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece)
Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit
Fabric: Faux Fur
Fastening: Velcro
Features: Set
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DOMINIX Deluxe Large Inflatable Wedge, Handcuff and Blindfold Set
Deluxe Inflatable Wedge, Handcuff and Blindfold Set
Dimensions: 24.5 inches (L) x 13 inches (W) x 35 inches (H)
Angle : 27-degree
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Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion
Jaz Motion
Fabric: Velvet
Dimensions: 19 inches (L) x 13 inches (W) x 6 inches (H)
Fastening: Zip
Allergens: Latex-Free
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Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat
Inflatable Ride on Cushion with Realistic Vibrating Dildo
Material: Soft Plastic
Flexibility: Firm
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Waterproof: Splashproof
Vibration speed: Multiple speeds
Power Type: Batteries (not included)
Circumference: 5.25 inches
Insertable Length: 6 inches
Length: 6 inches
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Liberator Sex Position Enhancer
Liberator Sex Position Enhancer
Dimensions: 33 inches (L) x 9.5 inches (H)
Allergens: Latex-Free
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Liberator Talea Spreader Bar Cushion with Cuffs
Talea Spreader Bar Cushion with Cuffs
Fabric: Faux Leather
Fastening: Velcro
Length: 30 inches
Dimensions: 30 inches (L) x 5 inches (D)
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Types of Sex Furniture

If you are new to the world of sex furniture then the varieties out there can confuse in the beginning. While you can work your way up by trying and testing what suits you, your partner, and you need the best, there is no harm in applying a cheat to further your cause in the matter of sex. Knowing the basics about your sex furniture is the first and foremost thing to do along with segregating them based on categories, types, and functions. Let’s look into the top choices that you have.

BDSM furniture for Sex.

Sex Chairs

Much like a normal chair, sex chairs are known for their versatile curves and handles which help in obtaining the ideal position for a powerful thrusting session. The curves and design of these chairs make them look as if they are straight out of a contemporary sculpture show.

Finding the right angle or find something to grab while pounding or being pounded may turn out to be difficult at the beginning with sex chairs but once you understand the structure of the chairs, it takes the game to new heights. There are sections, specially made to support the feet of the partner on top when having chair sex which brings in whole new levels of comfort t and surefootedness to the play.

BDSM Sex Chair.

Sex Swings

As evident, it is a swing you can have sex on. Often suspended from ceilings, walls, or doors, sex swings are designed to make sexual plays that are performed out of bed easier to manage. Not only that it opens an array of options for couples to experiment with positions, but it also brings a superior sense of control for one partner as the other one is strapped mid-air in a swing.

Apart from suspended sex swings, there are other options available for you to choose from which include freestanding sex swings and collapsible sex swings. These variants come with their frame for support and collapsible ones are perfect if you want to keep your sex furniture hidden away from others.

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Sex Swing.

Sex Pillows, Sex Cushions or Sex Wedges

Sex pillows are specially designed to achieve optimum penetration position when having sex on a bed or couch. Each one of these categories has different shapes and sizes which deliver different kinds of benefits to the users. A sex wedge is more like an angled pillow with one end very thin and the other end very thick. Pillows and cushions feature the normal design we are familiar with. The use of all these types is to uplift the buttocks of the partner on the bottom.

Sex Couch

Perfectly capable of blending in with the normal furniture in your house, a sex couch looks like a normal couch with unique curves and shape, the one that almost resembles a bow. Also known as sex chaise, this piece of furniture is one of the ideal places to be if you want a change in the pace from the usual sex on bed thing but want to keep things comfortable. Some sex couches also come with arrangements to use bondage equipment like handcuffs and restraints.

Liberator Sex Wedge.

Queening Stools

This special kind of stools is made to make the process of cunnilingus and rimming easier and more enjoyable. The stool has convenient spaces/holes in the sitting area which exposes the vagina or the anus to the other partner who lies under the stool with their head beneath it. Most queening chairs are made as collapsible models for convenient storage.

Sex Bed

Sex beds are not much different from normal beds. The only additional thing that sex beds have is a sturdy metal frame like we see in canopy beds. This metal frame can be used to install bondage accessories like handcuffs, straps, belts, or ropes. Sex beds are a perfect example of discrete sex furniture as they look nothing like the part and can easily fool someone. Although some variants come with harnesses and other BDSM accessories attached to them. So, depending on your preferences and requirements, you can either choose from the ones with added accessories or from the discrete aisle and use your separate bondage equipment for a kinky sex session.

BDSM Sex Bed.

Bondage Furniture

Simply put, bondage furniture includes the range of pieces that are specially designed for BDSM plays. The category includes everything from bondage boards to the bondage cross and bondage frame table. Bondage furniture contains loops that can be used to tie up a person with ropes and other kinds of restrains. There are spaces or holes, placed conveniently to grant access to genitals, nipples, breast/chest area, and face of the bonded person. Bondage boards are collapsible so they can be stored easily in a small place like a closet.

Bondage Accessories

This category includes small items that can be used for bondage BDSM plays without having to use elaborate bondage furniture. It includes bondage bed sheets and throws. These items are made with fluid-proof material so you can get as messy as you want without having to worry about linen. Seductive colors like red and black are often used to make the sheet to add some appeal to the visual.

Sex Glider or Sex Bench

A type of dungeon furniture, sex glider is like a sex couch, but much more elaborate in its design and making. Sex gliders come in various designs, some are simple benches that are used for spanking, while others are contain integrated sex toys like dildos and vibrators. Sex gliders not just come in handy for an intense BDSM act, they are also a very popular item when flying solo.

Steel Cages or Sex Tables

Submission fantasy admirers find sex table or sex cages to be one of the best kinds of sex furniture out of all the types. This piece looks like a normal coffee table with bars that convert the below portion of the table into a cage. The dominant can lock up submissive into the cage while using the top as a table, the ultimate sense of control and authority.

Bondage Sex Table. Choose Sex Furniture

DIY Sex Furniture

It may seem that sex furniture is a very tricky game, but there are many ways you can create some of your erotic furniture. Let’s have a look at the options that there are:

  • Shower Handle: Bathroom or shower sex can be very slippery and even dangerous if precautions are not taken. Shower handles provide the right kind of support that one needs in the shower when having sex.
  • Canopy Beds: If the frame of the canopy is sturdy enough, you can use your dreamy canopy bed with curtains as a frame for some heavy-duty kinky bondage sex play.
Bondage Furniture.

What Material Should You Get?

Choosing the right type of material is the most important thing when choosing your sex furniture. Look for sturdiness and skin safety above all when choosing material. Wood, stainless steel, and silicone (for sex glider toys) are some of the top options when it comes to sturdiness and skin-safety. PVC is used to make sex furniture accessories like bondage sheets, sex pillows, and wedges while foam is used to construct the softer part of a couch or the sex benches.

Rubber, TPE, and TPR are next in line. While you will find many sex furniture pieces and parts made out of these materials, it is advised to avoid using them if possible. All three of the above-mentioned materials may contain phthalates which are very toxin to the skin and cause skin allergies and Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Master Series Queening Chair Sex Stool.

Taking Care of Your Sex Furniture

Proper cleaning is very important for every kind of sex toy, furniture, or accessory as they come in direct contact with your skin and privates. Since most kinds of sex furniture are designed using wood, metal, and hard plastic, they can be cleaned using a disinfectant and a warm soapy solution. Ensure that you clean material like PVC, rubber, and TPE before and after every use as they tend to become porous and house colonies of bacteria leading to infections.

Sincere upkeep of your furniture will help you increase its lifespan and hence will allow a longer time to help enact your favorite plays and fantasies. Researching the options, determining your preferences by discussing them with your partner, and picking the right material is all you need to choose the best sex furniture for yourself. Once there with the piece that you need, several new worlds of intense sexual pleasure will open for you.
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