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Getting naughty has become more than a mere pastime for couples worldwide; as such, teams are now going the extra mile to achieve an extra thrill. They are now broadening their horizons, thinking out of the box, and getting their hands into some of the most unorthodox sexual acts known to men. One of the most notable additions to the BDSM sex industry is sex handcuffs, and they are already looking like hits. Such cheap sex toys are known to bring the feistiness out of gentle lovers, and they could be masterstrokes when appropriately used. Here, we will discuss what sex handcuffs are, the different types available in the market, how to choose and use the right ones, and some other stuff. There's enough fun to go around, and we must open our eyes and unlock the shackles (see what I did there). However, before we go further, you might want to look at the table below displaying our top and sexy handcuffs.

Top 10 Best Sex Handcuffs in 2022

Products Information Price
Bondage Boutique Temptation Soft Bondage Kit (2 Piece).
Bondage Boutique Temptation Soft Bondage Kit (2 Piece)
Fastening: Velcro
Features: Set
Length: 12.5 inches
Fabric: Neoprene
Check price
Kink by Doc Johnson Silicone Hand Cuffs
Doc Johnson Silicone Hand Cuffs
Material: Silicone
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Fastening: Buckle
Features: Set
Waterproof: Submersible
Check price
Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Anticipation Reversible Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs
Sweet Anticipation Wrist Cuffs
Length: 14 inches
Fastening: Buckle
Features: Vegan-friendly
Check price
Bondage Boutique Soft Leather Handcuffs
Soft Leather Handcuffs
Material: Leather
Length: 12.5 inches
Allergens: Latex-Free
Fastening: Buckle
Check price
Fifty Shades of Grey Play Nice Satin and Lace Wrist Cuffs
Play Nice Wrist Cuffs
Fabric: Satin
Fastening: Clip
Length: 8.5-12.5 inches
Check price
Bondage Boutique Black Rose Faux Fur Lined Wrist Cuffs.
Bondage Boutique Black Rose Faux Fur Lined Wrist Cuffs
Allergens: Latex-Free
Fastening: Buckle
Length: 12 inches
Fabric: Faux Fur
Check price
Fifty Shades of Grey Totally His Soft Handcuffs
Fifty Shades of Grey Handcuffs
Fabric: Polyester
Waterproof: Submersible
Features: Quick-release clips
Check price
Bondage Boutique Glow-in-the-Dark Wrist Cuffs.
Bondage Boutique Wrist Cuffs
Material: Faux Leather
Length: 12.5 inches
Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Fastening: Buckle
Waterproof: Submersible
Check price
Fifty Shades of Grey You. Are. Mine. Metal Handcuffs
Metal Handcuffs
Material: Metal
Length: 10.5 inches
Fastening: Lock and key
Check price
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What are Sex Handcuffs?

Sex handcuffs can be defined as small, strong, and handy chains that you can use to tie your partner to a bed during sexual activities. These cheap sex toys aren't remarkably different from standard handcuffs that you can use to restrain prisoners to prevent them from getting away after they've been arrested. These so-called sex handcuffs should only be used by experts, as they could be pesky tools if not operated properly. Sex handcuffs can be purchased online or via your favorite sex store, as they are pretty standard in this age and time. Such affordable sex toys are pretty versatile, as you can use them on a bed, in a kitchen, in a dining room, in a sitting room, and in a variety of other exciting positions. Just make sure that you do not misplace the key, as that could lead to a highly sticky situation, one that we cannot assure you that your significant other would appreciate.

Golden Sex Handcuffs.

Here are some of the best sex handcuffs to use in the bedroom, kitchen, guest room, and any other place of you and your partner's choice.

Sex Cuffs for Beginners

This is a fascinating prospect, to begin with, and it is advisable for a couple that is just starting out in the world of BDSM. These handcuffs for sex are made from flexible materials that wouldn't necessarily cause damage to the partner's skin, are available in various shapes and sizes, and as such, they are a great way to go on the BDSM journey together. Cuffs for beginners are usually waterproof so you can use them in the bathroom if you desire, just make sure that you don't get too naughty to avoid an unforeseen circumstance. Bondage cuffs for beginners are super sexy and as such, they serve as a great means for foreplay, unorthodox actions, and are renowned for giving throbbing orgasms.

How to Use?

Using sex handcuffs for beginners is pretty easy, and the number one thing to ensure is that there is a remarkable level of trust between both partners. Furthermore, it is important to keep a spare key handy, so as to unlock the bounded partner once the foreplay is over. Sex cuffs for beginners can be used on a male partner, they could be tested on a female partner, and they are also pretty handy for LGBTQ couples. All you need to ensure is that there is requisite consent before such an amazing tool is used, once this is done, then the fun can start in earnest.

Adult Handcuffs for the Reserved

The awesome thing about sex handcuffs is that they could turn a shy lover into a beast in the bed, and it all depends on just how far a lover is ready to go. That's why adult handcuffs for the reserved have proved to be a hit, as there are a lot of conservative lovers in the world looking for a way to express their naughty sides. Usually, BDSM sex handcuffs for the reserved are pretty soft and are made out of synthetic materials that can be wiggled out without using a key. What's more, they are waterproof and are known to be amongst the most flexible sex handcuffs in the market today, they are thus a great way to be introduced to the world of BDSM and sophisticated foreplay.

Furry Sex Handcuffs and Keys.

How to Use?

Since sex handcuffs for the reserved come with either key or without them, you can use them in a variety of ways. First off, you'll have to build a certain level of trust with your reserved partner, as it is pretty clear that he or she isn't as freaky as you are. Once you have built this trust, you can now proceed to bind them in the handcuffs, in such a way that they could wiggle free if they've had enough of your erotic foreplay. This handcuff is one of the best introductions to BDSM, as they will show you how much your partner can take, as well as how much you are willing to dole out.

Advanced Sex Handcuffs

Now we are getting to the juicy part, as we explore advanced sex handcuffs that are meant for couples that have gone on to the intermediary level of BDSM and its elements. Advanced sex handcuffs are a tantalizing prospect for freaky lovers, as these waterproofs, sophisticated, and orgasm assuring tools can be used in a variety of ways. Unlike the first two handcuffs on the list, advanced sex handcuffs come exclusively with a key, and they are pretty similar to the handcuffs that the police use. This is a pretty thrilling prospect, as it is clear that an advanced level of trust is needed before partners begin using such a tool. What's more, they work both on wrists and on ankles, so you'll be sure to bring a different dynamism to the thrust. Plus, they are available in numerous shapes and sizes.

How to Use?

Advanced sex handcuffs aren't for the faint-hearted, as they are amongst the most enthralling BDSM-oriented tools in the market. These tools are simply amazing for foreplay, real sexual acts, and to warm down after an intense night of lovemaking. However, it's important to take it easy as these handcuffs are pretty hard to get out from, so make sure that your spare key is handy. What's more, it's important to stop when your partner is getting nervous, as it's not everyone that can handle the thrill that is derived from using such a passionate tool.

Bondage Metal Sex Handcuffs. Choose Sex Handcuffs

Bedroom Handcuffs

Now it's getting interesting, and you have probably seen these sex handcuffs in movies, erotic video games, and the odd porn flick. Bedroom handcuffs are super sexy, and they are guaranteed to unlock the animal in your lover, so far as you use them properly. I mean, these fluffy handcuffs are certainly not waterproof, as they would be used on a material that is pretty far from water-supportive. As such, it is important that you keep such furry handcuffs from water, as exposing them to water would lead to rust and a possible detrimental effect on the wrist of your lover. Bed handcuffs are great for every sexual orientation, and there's no being left out in the thrill assured by this magnificent tool.

How to Use

Bedroom handcuffs are amongst the most sophisticated of sex handcuffs in the industry, as such, they should be used by only experts, and people with vast experience in BDSM acts. Just slip it under any sized mattress, position the cuffs at the top and bottom of your bed and you are now in business. Bedroom handcuffs are one of the best forms of foreplay that you can partake in, as they serve as a way to make your partner lose all of his or her inhibitions, and become a freak in bed! Furthermore, it is important that you store these cuffs in a cool and dry place, as this would go a long way in ensuring that the fluffy handcuffs have a long and useful lifespan, one that would involve a lot of throbbing orgasms, curled toes, and clenched fists.

Sophisticated Handcuffs for Sex

Sophisticated adult sex handcuffs are typically served for the high and mighty that get off by being bound, gagged, and savored, which is why they hold a pivotal spot on our list. Such sex handcuffs can be readily identified by their exquisite look, variety in shapes and sizes, their versatility in action, and their exorbitant cost prices. They are typically waterproof, meaning that you can use them in any room of your choice, with there being no limitations to how far your horniness can take you and your partner. What's more, they are superb assets for BDSM lovers, as they typically come with complete BDSM kits that should not be used by the faint-hearted. If you are looking for sex bondage cuffs that would take you to the next level of euphoric bliss, then you need not look further than the sophisticated or luxurious handcuffs for sex.

Erotic Fetish Handcuffs.

How to Use?

Sophisticated adult sex handcuffs are amongst the best tools for foreplay and BDSM-related activities. They are a little complex to use, so you might have to watch numerous videos with your partner in order to master the art of using them. Once you are done with watching such tutorial videos and reading the manual, it's now time for you to get to work. You can proceed to bind your partner ever so slightly on your surface of choice, before you then go on to handcuff her hands (and legs), and then you can savor her exquisite skin at your own pace. Sophisticated handcuffs are great when performing oral sex, penetrative sex, and an array of other awesome sex moves. Both partners would be turned on, and you can guess what would happen next!

How to Pick the Best Sex Handcuffs?

Handcuffs for sex come in different shapes and sizes, so it's only proper that you make a definite choice before purchasing. Here are three things to look at when making such a purchase.

  • Size. Ensure that the cheap sex toys for couples you are purchasing are a perfect size, as there's nothing worse than buying a size too small, which could cause lacerations on your partner's wrist. You must take your partner's measurements before going shopping for good cheap adult toys, as this is a potentially pivotal aspect of your daily or nightly sex routine.
  • Cost. Sex handcuffs are available at different costs, and there is a cost for everyone, with your pocket being a significant determinant of your final choice. You must carry between fifty to a hundred dollars when you go out to shop for a proper pair of sex handcuffs because you never can tell with relatively inexpensive sex toys. It's better to be safe rather than sorry.
  • Partner's taste, Remember, you are purchasing this tool in the first place to satisfy your partner sexually. So, it's super important that you carry them in the purchase process to not spring a surprise on the said partner. Ensure that they are a significant part of the purchase process for such cheap men's sex toys, as two heads are way better than one.
Passion Sex Handcuffs for Couples.

Pros and Cons

Sex handcuffs have their merits and demerits, and here are some of the major ones.

Pros of Handcuffs for Sex

  1. They are a great way to build trust in a relationship.
  2. They bring a different dimension to love-making.
  3. They are known to create lasting memories and unforgettable feelings.
  4. Sex handcuffs can be used both in the bedroom for causal lovemaking and for erotic BDSM.
  5. Since they are made in vibrant colors and designs, they add a colorful spice to your sexual life.
  6. They help to intensify the feeling during sex and erotic stimulation since movement is restricted.
  7. They are easy to use, clean, and carry around.


  1. They can hurt skin tissue or cut the blood circulation if you push the cuffs too hard.
  2. They are amongst the costliest sex toys in circulation today.
  3. They might not be beginner-friendly.
  4. You may not be able to purchase a handcuff sex toy for someone else without verifying his or her wrist size and preference.


Sex handcuffs are a tempting prospect for a couple looking to bring a different dimension to love-making, and they are known to significantly up the ante. These are fascinating prospects for partners trying to get an extra dimension to love-making and build a high level of trust with each other. However, it is essential to purchase top-notch ones, read the instructions correctly, and stay clear from any silly business, as this isn't something to be done with fun. Make sure that you have a spare key stored somewhere, and make sure that your partner is perfectly calm with the experience before you proceed. We have given you all the tips needed; it's now time to fulfill your sexual fantasies in conjunction with your significant other's.

Choose and order Sex Handcuffs
How to use handcuffs during sex?
First off, ask your partner if it is something they would like to do, and then show them how to get the job done. Do it nice and slowly at first to ensure that you both get the hang of this new addition to your love-making endeavors.
What are the best handcuffs for sex?
We have listed five of the best sex handcuffs in the industry, and each of them is a great option to dig into. However, we advise that you use the rogue padded leather wrist cuffs for rookie couples, as these are pretty good, to begin with.
How to unlock sex handcuffs?
Unlocking sex handcuffs isn't that big of a deal, as all you need are a pair of keys and a little skill. It isn't an arduous task, but you should stay clear from daft moves that can put your partner in jeopardy.
How to integrate handcuffs into sex?
You should do it in a careful manner and in a way that your partner would be comfortable with the thought of trying it out. There shouldn't be any pressure, and eventually, it could become a fun part of your love-making routine.
Handcuffs or rope, which is better for sex?
It depends on you and your partner, as either of them could be a fantastic way to get off and explore the nooks and crannies of your partner's beautiful skin. Make sure that you stay clear from the cheap stuff, as that could end up causing much more harm than good.
What are sex handcuffs used for?
Commonly referred to as BDSM sex toys, they are used to chain a partner (usually the submissive one) to a piece of sex furniture for restricted movement. Best for role-play sexual activity, sex handcuffs are made to be attractive and tender on the skin.
How do I choose the right handcuffs for me?
To pick the best handcuffs, check that your hands can fit without being too tight or too loose. See if the colors appeal to you as well. Since there are tons of designs and colors, you don’t have to be limited in your pick.
Are handcuffs safe?
Handcuffs are very safe if they are used the right way. As long as they are your size, it wouldn’t stop blood flow nor hurt when you use them. If the materials are also body-safe, you should feel very comfortable using them.
What kind of handcuffs should I buy?
You should buy handcuffs that fit your size. They should also appeal to you and contain only body-safe materials, that you are not allergic to. Most of all, sex handcuffs should fit within your budget.

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