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How to Have Sex in Public?

Public Sex Idea In A Car

One of the most common types of fetishes is the public sex kink. If you love the idea of having sex outside, you probably belong to one of the two groups of people with the public sex fetish.

Classification of the public sex fetish

  • Agoraphiles: They’d love to have sex in public places but care about being seen by others while doing it.
  • Exhibitionists: The thought of getting caught excites them, and they prefer others seeing them while doing it.

Regardless of which category you fall in, nobody wants to be charged for bad public conduct, or suffer the consequences of being caught having sex in public places. That does not mean you shouldn’t explore ways to satisfy your sexual desires and spice up your sex life. There are people doing it in public, so you can have sex in public and get away with it.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best public places to have discreet sex. We also have several other tips to avoid being caught while at it. Enjoy the ride!


Public places to have sex without getting caught

Ever thought about having sex anywhere but inside a room? Well, here are some carefully selected places to hook up without getting caught;

  • In a car. Having sex in a car is no doubt one of the legendary ways of doing it in public without getting an annoying torch to your face. Be it in your car or some parked truck. Of course, no one is suggesting you park in the middle of the traffic and start humping. To avoid being caught, it is best to stop your car at a place you are less likely to be disturbed. Some of the best places to have car sex are in a parking lot that is not occupied or a quiet road. Make sure to use the backseat to stay hidden and have more space to do your thing.
  • At a less busy park. There is no harm in having a quickie at a park. All you need to do is find some quiet area in the park where you can do it with your partner. Just make sure you both have on clothes that can easily adjust in case an intruder appears. A short gown with no panties can be a good choice if you ask me. With the right cloth choice, you can easily unzip and insert, and eject, and zip. You might want to hold a small scarf if you plan on rolling in the hay. That will help prevent bites from creepy crawlies while in business.
  • At the beach. Sex on the beach at night has to be one of the kinkiest public sex ideas. Just get a blanket and maybe a bottle of wine to spice things up, find a quiet place along the beach, and everything is perfect! If you choose your location carefully, you won’t have to worry much about intruders. The beach is one of the most underrated places to have discreet public sex without getting caught. Even if you hear a whistle, it might just be the wind teasing you.
  • Public bathroom. The public bathrooms have to be the locations with the highest sex records out of all the public places to have sex. You can do a whole lot more than take a piss on the toilet seat in less than 2 minutes. Make sure you pick a stall with a lock to avoid getting interrupted by anyone. To make this work, have your lady straddle and ride you while you sit on the toilet seat. The public bathroom is not a place to have passionate, slow sex. You have to be quick! Don’t worry, quick is hot too. And try not to break anything while at it.
  • In the woods. Wooded places are usually almost deserted. Save for picnic lovers and a couple of adventurers. You can hardly be caught by anyone if you choose a secluded spot. It is one of the few places to have sex during the day. You don’t need much; have your lady hold a tree and do it from behind. Keep it down because the place is sparsely wooded, and your voices can be carried far by that effect. You don’t want to strip here either. That will help you quickly cover up in seconds in case someone decides to bring dessert.

Tips to have sex in public

  • Make sure your partner is totally into it. It takes two to tango.
  • Do not strip! That is a hack to buffer any form of interference while having public sex. You can easily adjust your clothes and mind your business until the person goes away. You do not want to be caught with your pants down!
  • Enjoy yourselves while making love in public but keep your eyes open. You do not want to be unaware of a third party.
  • Avoid busy places to prevent being reported or caught by the law. Public sex is still illegal.
  • Carry a blanket along for cover-up or to lay on it.
  • Keep it down when having public sex. You do not want to deliberately call people to watch the show.


Did you enjoy reading how to have sex in public? If you want to get sex in public, you should already have the perfect location in mind with the list we have supplied above. About getting caught? You don’t have to worry about it too much if you have read the public sex tips we listed above.

Don’t forget to explore other ways to spice up your sex life. For that, you can consider introducing sex toys instead of the usual sex routine. It won’t hurt to try a vibrating pant or a butt plug, you know. How to get sex toys? Check out our reviews on sex toys to aid you in choosing the perfect one that suits your preference and budget with ease.

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